Monday, October 10, 2011

Working Woman

Loki: "Green Family Chiropractic...I mean Back and Body Works... previously Serenity Day Spa. This is Loki speaking..."
So I suppose it is my turn to tell you all about my new job. Let's say that I am pretty much loving it. I am the "office manager" of a chiropractic/massage office. Yes, that's right. There are two different businesses where I work, which means I have a total of 4 bosses. Can I also just mention that I am the only employee on the chiropractic side and one of three on the massage side? Making me the only office girl. It has been a workout for my brain as I am learning a whole new world. Line 1- Chiro.. Line 2- Massage.  I have to check patients in and out, file their insurance, track claims, book appointments on like 4 different schedules, and try to figure out what each one pays based on their benefits.... and I fold laundry. I also have to decode what it means when Dr. Betty Lou says her diagnosis is 728.85 and the case is Lumbago or Cervicagia, and that she performed a 98941. (can I also mention that Mr Dr. Betty Lou calls the perfomed a SM3 or TA). It's all quite confusing I tell you. I am sure I felt the same way when I had to learn the life insurance business. It will become second nature to me some day. Okay, so that is basically my duties. They have also been without an office manager for a month so a lot of the mundane things have been piling up so I got to take care of all of that. I also walked in and saw a desk with stuff piled up so high on it that looked it reminded me of Shaky's, or Smokey's or the Alcoholic's (or whatever we used to call those people from our previous job although I guess only Stella will get this reference...) but let me just say it was bad. I told them that Stella would have a fit if she saw that desk. Although I may not be very organized at home, I am at work. This drove me crazy for about a week...I had to refrain myself from throwing things away and shoving piles at people and demand that they tell me what I can do with it. The desk now is better...not totally to my liking but you can actually see it now.

Now to the fun part... let me tell you about these people I work with. I noticed an odd thing happening... a lot of the time their normal voices would transform into baby talk. Not talking about babies but talking LIKE each other. There are no babies in sight when this happens and it happens all the time. The main offenders...37 and 47 year old women. I pointed this out to Betty Lou (who is not a baby talker) and she started laughing so hard she snorted. It just confuses me and if I start talking like that...shoot me. One of the girls (or woman) is very proud of herself. As in she thinks she is HOT STUFF. She always finds a way to lift up her shirt (I guess to adjust her scrubs) and expose her midsection. I just don't get it. She wears really tight shirts as well and we are in the process of ordering more shirts and she has already declared she needs a smaller size. Sheesh. There is another girl (who is not my boss) and she is a character. There is really no way for me to describe her...she talks weird, says weird things, complains when she is busy, complains when she isn't, and just has a very odd personality. She is one of those fugly girls that looks like she is 40 but is really only 20. Okay that wasn't nice but I just had to, like Stella's the truth.

I really do like Betty Lou (well duh) and her mister mister. They are really my bosses...which if I think about it too much it could be weird and maybe degrading...but I don't feel like that. There is professional Betty Lou and KG and then they get on the IM and become children. Especially KG (this is not a good name for him, we shall make a better one later.) They left early one afternoon and as I am sitting at the desk a Microsoft Word blank document pops up and says "Hi Loki....I'm watching you....bahahha." It was like a freaky scary movie.. Apparently, he can remote access my computer. It freaked me out.  

That is all I have for I have only been working 2 weeks. I have missed Blue very much but it has been different this time around. She has been home with her daddy so I haven't had to start hauling her around everywhere. (She scratched poor T's eye so bad he couldnt see correctly and had to go on short term leave at work.) He will be resuming work next week so I will have to drive her out to momma mia's house a few times a week...which isn't so bad since I work right there! I know she is playing and having fun and after about 3 days she gave me a kiss and said bye bye as I left in the morning. Which is great and a little sad since at first she would cling on to me for dear life and look at T and tell him bye...she wanted to go with mommy. I love the weekends again. I also love that I can dress business casual OR wear scrubs. I have yet to build up my scrub collection yet, but soon I will get some t-shirts with the company name and I can wear those with scrub pants taking all of the "what am I going to wear" out of the morning rush. I also don't have to go in until 9, which gives me a little buffer to work out, get ready, and cuddle a bit before heading off on a days work. I have enjoyed having T at home because the roles have swapped and now I get to come home to a clean house and cooked meal. (Although that was really only the case the first week....and every other day after that.) Things will change this coming week and I will have to start planning meals and being the typical working  mom... that's life I suppose.

That's a wrap! Keep trying with those comments everyone! We don't know why they haven't been working, but we miss them!


  1. They have always worked for me! haha....i think jobs that you get to wear scrubs are THE BEST! you can get some pretty cute ones! i liked this post, keeps my day entertaining!

  2. I don't know if this will work but I shall try. I am glad you are liking your job Loki. It makes a big difference when you actually enjoy your job and the people you work with. You and Curls will have to talk about all your chiropractic language since you both work for them. I have never been to a chiropractor before, but just maybe I shall....

  3. Yippeeeee, it worked

  4. test...this hasn't worked in a LONG time...but I'll try once again......

  5. it worked! it worked!!! I'm so happy!! I'm really glad you're enjoying your work Loki! I just love reading the blog!!! ....and posting a comment.