Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Hello everyone! Please enjoy a riveting convo between Stella and Loki. It should bring back some fond memories for some of you.

Stella: I will think you are the best sister ever and not a best friend stealer if you bring me a McD's $1 large diet soda and some tylenol or med on your way home.

Stella: Have you been hoisting my hair clips also? Im missing 3

Loki: Ummm...NO

L: I just got your dt soda plea when I turned on my phone. Sorry for not bring you a soda and I am not a best friend stealer.

S: Oh so you only take jewelry without asking.

L: No you hooch. I wore your necklace today...that's it. You said you never wear it. I meant to take it off when I got Blue but I forgot. Apologies. I will give it to you tomorrow.

S: Yeah you can keep it.

L: What?! Why are you giving me grief then? Do you work tomorrow?

S; No off until Monday. And because I am missing 3 clips.

L: Promise I haven't touched your clips. Do you have a good curling iron?

S; Mom might. I haven't curled my hair since the 9th grade.

L: Oh so not cool? I was going to try and be pretty tomorrow night.

S:  No people still curl their hair. Hah just not my puff ball.

L: OH well ok. I bought a shirt at Kohl's. Reminds me of your target shirt (the one Saucy and I have too) not the style but the coloring.

S: Oh cool. Fabulous.

L: I want to be just like you.

S: Who doesn't?

L: So true

S: Watching water for elephants. I liked the book much better.

L: I re read and re watched. Book is better but I liked the movie.

L: Do you know that I can still squeeze milk out of my boob? Well only droplets but still when does THAT go away?
S: Ewwwwww

S: Um I am pretty sure I never had that problem.

S: Please tell me you wrote that on a blog. haha

L: What you never had milk come out? You did breastfeed just as long as I did. So I seriously was wondering when that went away.
 S: No although I am sure I never tried to see. I do not frequently squeeze my own nipples.

L: I'm hating my boobs right now. None of my bras are fit... I keep thinking they will deflate some or go down since they aren't filling up with food but NOPE>

S: Or did Big T discover that? Ah ha ha SICK!!!

L: haha well I was just checking. I don't check every day or anything. Gah.

L: Ewwwww

L: Now you are disturbing me.

S: Yep. They are disguisting. Mine are too. Now they're even tinier since I've been running. I just need 7 grand to get em fixed.

L: Try Now

S: No way

S:: It's been 4 years.

S: I swear they didn't

L: I haven't heard you complain about that. I hadn't noticed. I think big boobs can make you look bigger anyway. Just do it.

L: Give em a little tug

L: If you do get fakers do I get to see them?

L: that sounded pervy...its not though.

S: Ha yes. I will even let you squeeze em yourself. ha

S: No I am going to bed Gross-O

L: Well ok then. Me too and I dont want to talk about boobs anymore.

L: See you tomorrow. Have sweet dreams of Rob.

L: and boobs.

Tell me what you dream of?


  1. ha ha ha.....I laughed out loud!! thanks! ...until I saw the pic at the end.....G.R.O.S.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. this is amusing....maybe the blog should just turn into texting convos of you two..... i dont have that milk problem....although i only breastfed 6 months....failure! but like stella,....its not like a TRY and squeeze my nipples. hold on.......DUDE, there is a little liquid in thurr....WEIRD hahahahaha

  3. You know in the old days or should I say "In the day" when moms wanted to quit nursing they wrapped a tight cloth around their boobs to dry them up? And only movie actresses got their boobs bigger. this culture is sick if we have to pay thousands to keep up with what 'they say' makes us look better. Seems our character should count more. Of course I'm so much older than you guys I have to say that. Nursing babies do a number on your boobs sorry to say. But at least I have 5 beautiful children and spouses and wonderful grandchildren and great grand kids. Worth it I say.

  4. Go Gma modern!!!! You are the best role model EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you and I couldn't agree with you more. Along with all my little stretch marks. I relish everyone of them because they brought me my 3 precious wonderful children. And boobs, well I do suppose I might get a little lift if it wasn't so pricey!! ba ha ha!

  5. you girls crack me up!!! i felt like i was reading something that i shouldn't have someone's diary. now, i feel a little guilty. also....a little grossed out that i know such personal things about your breasts.