Monday, April 25, 2011

Movie Time

Loki: I just finished watching "Country Strong." Can I just say that I am still crying? Does crying make a good movie? I hate movies that have crappy endings. I mean, yes, it was a good movie...I enjoyed it. I liked the music... I really  liked that guy and his sexy voice.  I understand that not all movies can end in rainbows and sunshine, but does it have to end in glum? I hate when I watch an entire to movie to be upset at the ending. I am not just talking about Country Strong. I've watched movies before where the whole movie was a build up to some sort of happy ending...only to just be cut off and the end. I hate when you sit there and stare at the screen saying 'is that it?" is that an ending?

Stella: What a depressing movie. Betty Lou and I go to the movies at least once a month and unfortunately, we wasted $7 on that movie. Talk about going home in a bad mood. I don't like movies that you cry at. People will say, "Oh, I love that movie! It will make you cry!" So I think, "No thanks! I don't want to watch it anymore." I just don't enjoy watching other people's troubles and sorrows as you do Loki. We went and saw "Soul Surfer" last week... Now that was a positive message flick! Before that I think we saw "Beastly"... Which was quite silly and not worth $7 either, but we were much happier leaving than when we watched "Country Strong." (Vanessa Hudgens is just freakin annoying no matter what she's doing.) Next on the list for us is "Water for Elephants."

Loki: I didn't know that you went and saw "Soul Surfer." I haven't been out to the movies since Eclipse came out...and that was like in November. I am due for another movie trip, and you better be taking me to see "Water for Elephants!" Even if my pretend boyfriend were not playing in it, I would still want to watch...I hear it is rather good. Big T will not take me I am sure...not that I will even ask because he will just accuse me of wanting to ogle at Rob the entire time.. which is partly true. Anyway, some movies that make you cry are still good, but my water works button has been on sensitivity mode so anything can make me cry. "My Sister's Keeper" is another one that just makes you cry through the whole thing. Ummm... not good. I like a good romantic comedy...that's my favorite genre. I am not really into scary movies either. Big T makes me watch one every now and then but I just think they are sadistic and most of the time extremely unrealistic.

Stella: I guess you forgot I was such a movie buff. Not really. It's just something Betty Lou & I have been doing recently, which gives her husband a break from going to see all these chic flicks. I guess we are all going to read the book, Water for Elephants, before we go see the movie... Although Saucy already posted on facebook that she went and saw it and that "It was the best movie ever!!!" haha. But who knows. She was in love with the Justin Bieber movie too. Well, we can wait. Give us something to look forward to doing I guess. Today on our run, Running Wife was telling Choc Chip that if she saw Rob on the street somewhere, she would NOT even look his way twice. I had to agree with this assessment. He looks/dresses like a homeless person. Half of the time it appears he hasn't even showered in days. I do not think you would be attracted to such a skinny, pale, disheveled man if you saw him in real person. That's all I'm going to say on that. I watched "Love & Other Drugs" the other night too. Is that the correct name? It almost qualifed as soft-core porn. Or maybe it did. It was a little disturbing. I think Anne Hathaway would play my best friend in a movie about my life, (although maybe her life would probably be more interesting to watch a movie of and then who would play me as her best friend?) and it was like watching her get it on for 2 hours. Shiver. Weird. Do not recommend. Especially do not recommend for first dates or family movie night. I would really only recommend it for those who are into soft-core porn. Which I hope that eliminates most of you as well. My mother finds this last paragraph to be disturbing for me to be talking about. But I didn't make the movie! Hello! I'm just warning others. I can't help it that I love Anne Hathaway (in less revealing roles like Princess Diaries!!) and decided to rent it for $1 at the Redbox. Oh Bess. She even gets weirded out if the restaurant scene from "When Harry Met Sally" is on. "I'll have what she's having..."

Loki: Oh my goodness... please do not bash Rob. I love Rob. I am attracted to Rob, and I would totally go for him in real life. For real, I find myself drawn to that sort of man. Also, he is goofy and I like his humor, and he can SING. He can play guitar. He is self-deprecating, which is oddly a turn-on. No, he doesn't dress like he is worth a million bucks, but I like that too. He hasn't been sucked into the dumb hollywood drama. This is also why Johnny Depp is sexy. Just saying. Okay, so I had to stick up for my beloved. I am totally excited to see his new I think he looks more like a real man that a weird teenage vampire. I am jealous that Saucy (and I am assuming Curls and Cookie) have already seen that movie. I look forward to oogling at him for 2 plus hours in the dark. Talk about soft-core porn. haha... Just kidding. Anyway, I didn't think Love & other Drugs was that bad. I mean I wouldn't be volunteering to watch it with my father or mother, but I have seen more raunchy sex scenes. I guess that isn't something I should admit too...but like you said, I didn't make those movies.

Ever been uncomfortable watching something with your parents? On a first date? We must hear about it.


  1. Welcome back friends! It's great to hear from you two. I still haven't seen the last Twilight movie. I want to, but just haven't yet. Water for Elephants looks like it will be excellent! I am going to buy it and read it on my trip next week. least read on the plane. My cub already asked me if I planned on reading the entire time. in, please don't read the entire time. My sister once recommended a movie when she was home visiting so we rented it and Oh. My. Cow. My dad was watching as well as my mom and I thought I'd DIE!!! Can't recall the name, but I do recall how embarrassed I was to be sitting in the same room with all of them!

  2. Okay Stella, I am allowed to like the justing beiber movie, i am still under 20. And......I want so badly to talk about Water for Elephants but I wont cus i don't wanna ruin it for anyone. but i will say it made rob wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy more attractive to me. okay thats all. I feel awkward watching any affection in movies with Dad haha but I can watch anything at all with Mom.

  3. So I had this really great comment concocted. But when I asked my loving husband if it was appropriate he wouldn't ALLOW me to post it.

  4. WHAT?! Why do you have to listen to him? Tell him I have clearance to hear such comments.

  5. I wanna know the comment............ tell us