Saturday, April 16, 2011


Hello??! I am wondering where my "Happy Birthday" post is? Why did I not get a special post on the blog about my birth? Am I not as important as Loki? Am I being punished for not writing on the blog for 2 weeks? Or is it that as the oldest child Loki just thinks her birth is superior to mine?! I demand to know... Sure, I only wrote one line and put up a lousy photo for Loki's birthday, but it's the thought that counts, right?! At least I said something! It is unfair that I did not receive birthday wishes from our thousands of fans (Or cards, roses, and chocolates...) I refuse to write until the love returns.



  1. Yes I am punishing you for not posting with me for the last two weeks. I actually thought about saying happy birthday on here...but then it wouldve been your post, then mine. I just didn't think the readers needed to see 2 happy birthday posts. Sorry. I will remember this next year. Happy Birthday Stella!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STELLA! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! I HOPE YOUR BIRTHDAY WAS WONDERFUL! I did buy you chocolates but I didn't get out that way and they were in my car and it was a hot day and they melted...and I also had roses for you but they wilted in the heat too! And, I DID mail you a card. Did you not get it? That irritates me! My mailman isn't very good. He is always loosing my mail!!!!!

  3. I came over and ate your cake =)

  4. I love you dearly daughter dear... Happy 27th Birthday! 3 good years left... ENJOY every minute of them. :)