Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Flower Power

Loki: So my husband has found him some minions. He has found a couple who will listen to any idea he has and then try to turn it into a business. We all know about my husband and his 'great' ideas. We have already gone over the multitude of ideas... however he has now started to put some in action. The main thing was doing a firework stand. (I have been hearing about fireworks since August....right after last years season) and so we are set up to have a stand or two in July. Hip Hip. Well since this was not going to happen for another 11 months other projects have already started to appear. The other couple we are in business with has a hook up to this piece of property which apparently is a "great location"....I however do not see what is so great about it. Anyway so someone mentioned how we should sell flowers there... Flowers you say? Well one weekend there was a whisper about selling flowers and the next weekend they have run off and got a retail license and whatever other license you have to have in order to sell flowers. The point of all this rambling is that I was forced to go out there and "work" the stand yesterday for 4 hours and again today for another 3. When I say work, I really mean just hanging out amongst some flowers and trying to keep my one year old from eating them. We did not sell one stupid plant. I even had sweet Baby Blue waving at cars as they drove by. People of course smiled and waved at the cutie patootie, but they still didn't turn in to buy some flower pots. This was obviously not a very clever idea. Big T was very excited because he proclaimed to me after opening for the first 3 hours that they had sold half the inventory... but he neglected to say that there was really only 2 buyers and one of them was his aunt. (She bought like 12 hanging plants). Anyway, now the left over plants are going to have to come and sit in my backyard during the week and I will have to keep them alive until next weekend when I will have to go out and beg for money on the side of the road again. (That's what I feel like) I am just hoping he doesnt put another order in so that we will have even more plants to surround us... because lets face one bought them. I am just wondering how many weekends he plans to do this before calling quits.

I think these people would sell anything if it made them some money. I just think they love Big T and think he is the smartest fellar they have met. He on the other hand is starting to think they are dumb and doesn't want to continue doing business with them. They are the least professional people you will meet and every time I am around them I want to scream.. Only because they treat their kids like dogs... basically keeping them chained up in a play pen or just feeding them scraps. Never wiping their faces and letting them scream at their feet. Its like she has something against holding her children. Anyway I am bracing myself for the next scheme to come our way. I am sure we will be growing pumpkins to sell there in October....and maybe I should start making the tutu's again and putting them out there to sell. I bet they would do better than flowers.

Stella: Did you guys sell all of those flowers or do you just have a big beautiful garden now? Ah, Big T's ideas. They never cease to amaze me. You probably do look like a bunch of paupers sitting out there with your bushels of bushes. Maybe you could teach Blue a little dance like Shirley Temple used to do and you hold out a hat and ask for donations? Hahahah. This is the funniest thing I have said all day.

Loki: Yes, I am sure if you teach my child to do a jig then Big T would have an idea to turn a profit. The wheel is never ending. I guess at least he is motivated...and I like this better than the alternative. Why if he wasn't motivated we would be living on the streets by now, what with my lack of unemployment. Anyway, no, we haven't sold very many flowers...but I don't think he is done yet. My MIL has decided to buy all the excess plants because she wants them, but also because this was her idea and I think she feels bad for the bad idea.

Stella: I bought Bella six Shirley Temple dvds recently that we have been watching so I can relive my childhood. She's always ends up poor in them or without a mother or father. "Oh my goodness!" "Does she get enough to eat & everythin'??" "Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah" "One and two and three and..." "Don't say 'ain't' ...Say 'isn't'" Okay, enough of that. I like the idea of having minions. I just read your first line again and found the idea very appealing... I'm actually so caught up on this that I haven't the slightest idea what else to write about.

What song should Blue learn to perform?

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  1. teach her shirley temple! haha heck throw bella in there too and together the both of them, you will make big bucks haha