Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fun Run Done

Stella: Everyone keeps asking me if I had fun running the half marathon with Choc Chip last weekend. I don't quite know how to answer this. Fun is definitely not the word I would use. It was painful... miserable... Did you see how it was pouring freezing rain all day? I I didn't think I was ever going to regain the function of my hands and my right leg was so sore the next day I had to drag it around behind me like an old man. But it's kinda like having a baby. Was it fun giving birth? No. But after awhile you forget how much pain you were in and you think that maybe you would like to do it again. That's how I feel about running.

Loki: Yes,I never understood that question either...Like really? Was it fun running? I think you get a euphoric feeling after running and you feel proud of your accomplishment (no matter how far you might go) but it's not FUN. Big T pointed out that it is because of the endorphins that are released from working out....and then you get addicted to them. So you must continue. You know Stella... you should continue. I am still working on my running venture. I got a little discouraged after I spent a solid month (stop the presses...a whole month!) But for real, after like a month and a half and I felt like I had actually gained weight rather than lost it. Yes, doing a half marathon is the goal for me, but the real goal is that I would be skinny. She is in here somewhere...the skinny girl I mean. I guess I will have to go on Batman's plan (he lost like 20 plus pounds recently by eating only 1000 calories a day plus exercise.) So I will once again starve starting tomorrow.

Stella: There is a skinny girl who lives inside of me too. But I can usually shut her up with a few cookies. haha. Sadly that is not a Stella original. I think there is actually a sign that says that at Hobby Lobby. But I like it. I also like to quote Legally Blonde when people talk about endorphins. "Exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins make people happy. Happy people don't kill their husbands..." I have actually decided to try out Batman's app that he uses to count his calories and exercise. Mostly because if I have to record it down somewhere I won't want to put down bad things. (Hence, watching what you put in.) Plus even the Biggest Loser is ALL ABOUT their food journal. I can see how it could be a little addicting... Recording each and everything you eat and do. I was dreaming about it last night in fact. (Not a lot of other interesting things going on in my life.) You should try it. It's called 'Lose it.' You can do it as an app on your phone (for people whose phones aren't 5 years old like me) or just online. We already did Bob's killer kettle bell workout for an hour today. And when I say killer, I mean that my legs were shaking so hard I couldn't finish a few of the exercises. Shame, shame. And Bess was over there on her knees doing her push ups, which makes me SO MAD. I figured I would give her today as a freebie, but tomorrow she better pick it up!

Loki: I am so glad you just put what that app is called on here because I just texted Batman for the name of it. I want to record it all down too. I have done that before...kept up with a food journal, but you quit writing it down once you start eating badly. Well, that and I didn't have something that added the calories for you and deducted the exercise out too. I had a good 3.5 mile run this morning, but it wasn't early enough and was already getting HOT so it pretty much killed me. I need to invest in some Bob DVD's as well so I can get the extra exercising in. I have decided to use the family "vacation" as a motivator. I guess everyone is staying in a resort in Texas after a wedding that everyone is going to. Wow. What a convoluted sentence that was. I don't even know if I will be going, but in the chance that I do, I want to be able to wear a bathing suit in public. Big T says I can go without him (he will be busy with the firework stand at the time) as long as I can get time off of work. Hahah. You know, the job that I will have by then.

Stella: Even Saucy purchased all of Bob's dvds. Oh, dear Saucy. You are in for a beating. But I sure do love Bob. If I ever make it out to Los Angeles I am going to visit L.A. Crunch & take Bob's spinning class. Haha. And yes, now is about the time you have to start running early in the morning or late at night. Anyway, I counted calories for one day and decided that it was stupid. I've never been one to calorie count. If you are eating healthy foods you should eat as much as you want. Batman must be starving every second of the day. I'm just going to track how much I'm doing and leave it at that. Oh, this is so boring. But even Choc Chip has some new bootcamp training she is doing these days so I guess everyone is doing something!

Happy Birthday to The Cougar!


  1. I didn't get a birthday shout out on the banter! haha its okay though all is forgiven, yes i am WAITING every second of the day for my beloved dvds to arrive.....still nothing. STUPID SLOW MAIL! but can't wait because i too have a skinny girl inside me....i seem to like the fat one better seeing as i spend more time as her.

  2. Oh, Thank you for the Happy Birthday! It has been a wonderful one I must say!!! No diet for me today.... HA HA HA...or tomorrow ...or yesterday. Oh, but I need to do so!!!

  3. Poor Sauce. We did forget your bday shout out. But you make it into several blog convos so you should feel special. I loved your comment though.. "I seem to like the fat one better." hahah. Me too...