Thursday, May 26, 2011


Loki: My ten year reunion is coming up this summer. Yikes! Nothing can make you feel so old as a reunion...from high school. I haven't decided if I am attending or not. I really have no desire to go and see these people with whom I went to school with 10 years ago. If I wanted to talk to any of them...all I have to do is look them up on facebook. I didn't have any major crushes or obsessions with anyone that I am dying to see how they turned out... nor am I interested in hearing people brag about their accomplishments. I don't really care to see who they married, who married each other or their offspring. I guess if facebook wasn't around you might want to see some of this stuff but now that we do...I have already searched out or better yet been exposed to all of those things whether I cared or not. Unless you have a group of friends that you still hang with, I don't see the point in going. I have a few friends that I am still in touch with and it would be an excuse to hang out and have fun that night... However, one of them is a social butterfly and will not stand by my side at all times. I would be forced to make awkward conversations with all these people I do not care about. I am pretty sure we have talked about this before, but I have to make my mind up fast and I just don't know. My friend told me I should go because it is just something you are supposed to do. I guess in her life manual it states that you must keep in touch with people of your past. Maybe if I hire Stella to be my personal trainer and whip me into shape.... as in my prom dress shape, then maybe I would go. I think that is a dream that will never come true.

Stella: No. Do not go. I have no desire to relive the trauma I had to endure that is known as highschool. My best friend was quesioning me on whether or not I would attend with her next year and the answer was easy. I'll go if I'm married, have a job and live somewhere else. In other words, I will not go while I'm single, unemployed and living at home. So no. I'm not going. And yes, we've talked about this before.

Loki: I don't know why high school was so traumatic for you. Were you over-looked, bullied, or picked on there? I guess you are not a social butterfly like myself so maybe you didn't dig it. I liked high school for the most part. I dream all the time about playing sports. I know I know. That was my life back then I suppose. I liked high school though. Yes there were dumb parts and things that I am glad that I do not have to live or deal with anymore. . I don't want to go back to high school though. Its just part of my past and I choose not to re-live it. I also don't want people coming up to me claiming that they knew me or hugging me and not having a clue who they are. (Mom told me this happened to her at her reunion). I think the only people who are excited to go to a reunion is if they have been successful in life thus far. I am not saying you are not successful but as in the world's view as successful... job, money, kids, husband... yadda yadda. I'm happy for those that are happy. I'm happy for those that have found their way or "true calling". I'm pretty happy with my life too but I feel no need to go and make sure the people that I went to school with 10 years ago know about it.

Stella: Here is a fellow high-school lover to comment on this subject. Please welcome Nana Bess back to the blog.

Bess: Ah...High School. Yes, I loved High School. I had 3 very best friends who I loved seeing and hanging out with every day. We wrote notes, went to all sporting events and lived basketball. (Well, at least 3 of us did.) Basketball was also a wonderful time for me too.  I loved all my teammates and we had fun while being toutured to run and improve our game. (We did win STATE twice my Jr. and Sr. year... sorry I had to throw that in.. ha/ha)...  I was an "okay" student (As Bs and maybe a C here and there.) I didn't rebell or get in any trouble I regret.  Life was good and simple.  My biggest worry was what to wear, if I would see "foxy Computer man".. (ha/ha)... and would Coach Pigg yell at me that day or make us throw up running. I think why I loved being in high school so much was because of my friends. Friends make the difference for me, always!

Now, reunions. The 10 year is all about how sucessfull you are, or how thin you still are, or what have you become. The guys look way older and the girls pretty much the same. EXCEPT the one who have gained weight....  ha/ha.. Well, yes.. many do and everyone will talk about that.  "Did you see so and so?" "Oh my, she has gained..." or "Wow.. you look the same as you did in highschool!" (Well, it has only been 10 years.. how different CAN you look?) Yes, strangers you went to high school with and only knew their names or faces come up and hug you like you were best friends. That was really weird, talking to someone like that for literally the first time. I hated it. I didn't really enjoy the 10 year. I felt like I was in high school again and just trying to "measure up" to everyone else and their amazing lives. I was married, had 4 kids (TMC was only 3 months old) and that was my main "bragging" that I did. "Well, this is what I have accomplished, I have 4 children and am still married to Mr. Foxy." Silly, right? However, I did win the "award for having the most kids".  Ah.. such a proud moment.  :)

On to the 20th year. This one was better.  I actually WAS glad to see faces from the past. And NO one asked "What do you do now?" No one really cared how much money anyone had or where they were living.  It was just you are here..  good to SEE you alive! ha/ha... No, really it was fun and I didn't feel like I was in high school anymore. I enjoyed visiting and seeing all these people who were now grown ups like me!  The bonus was seeing some of my orginal 3 buds, who had moved away and came into town for the event. 

Ah.. now this summer sadly is my 30th HS reunion. And since having facebook, I have seen many of these faces and have knowledge to their lives now. I am really fighting the desire to NOT go. Of course, I will go.  My Best Friend is going and is insisting I go too. (I think my 2 other HS buds are coming too.) So that will be fun just seeing this SMALL group of gals again. I am actually considering telling the Mr. Foxy he will not have to come with me either. (Wow.. Am I that grown up now, that I don't need my security blanket, husband?) I went with him to his like 33rd last summer.  It was crazy in that since he graduated 4 years ahead of me and I never knew any of his classmates, and I STILL FELT like I was in the 7th grade!  I wished I hadn't gone but let him go alone. Most of his classmates were there solo.. but good ole Foxy had his wife by his side and I just felt OUT of place.  I told him I would not be going again to any others.  He has my permission to go alone and have fun.  I am sure that this summer at my 30th, my big brag will be, "I have 2 beautitful grand daughters!".. Now, not everyone is impressed with this but for me, this is who I am.  NANA BESS!!!! :)

Stella: I felt like throwing up a little each time you said "Foxy." I just wanted to throw that out there. Any additional thoughts to ramble about ole Loki girl?

Loki: No.

Stella: Gee, you don't have to yell.

Loki: Ive just heard her reunion stories over and over. It isn't her fault I just had nothing else to comment...except maybe I should go and claim that I invented post its.


  1. So....I did the 10 year and 20 year and pretty much agree with Nana Bess. Although when I went to my 20 year I was disappointed at all the peeps I hung out with in school. They all seemed so shallow and I didn't connect with any of them. I ended up sitting by my hubby talking to him at 10. So I said " Ya know, we can leave now" and we did. I swore I would never go to another again and I meant it. No desire to ever see any people from there again.

  2. ha ha ...Choc Chip...thats funny. Well, I totally agree w/ Bess too.
    10 yr. how much $, blah, blah, blah...
    20 yr. hey, what's up? Same ole, same ole for me....and, you???
    30 yr. 'gee, my eyes are getting worse and worse. I need reading glasses. What about you?
    Doubt I'll go to any others! Perhaps it is that we now have facebook. Thanks for posting. I've been checking in daily...

  3. My high school classes were too large to have reunions. So I am thankful cause I wasn't close friends with anyone in H.S. No did they live close to me. I would have been more interested in seeing some of the guys I was friends with but only two girls I was close to..and that was my 5th year of high school. I'd much rather spend quality time with one or two friends than with a whole room of people I didn't really know. Of course Mr Mechanic goes to all his class or school reunions..most of the school were related and he was one of 13 that graduated. I find some girl or guy that is the other spouse and usually enjoy the lunch and afternoon chit chat. More fun when his immediate cousins are there. Loki..I wouldn't go. had a great class of girls and guys so go! Plus some close friends you wouldn't get to see otherwise. Choc Chip, I can't see why you'd want to go either. I agree with you. Have a nice dinner date with your hubby instead.