Monday, May 2, 2011


Stella: It is a bit sad to me that we haven't discussed The Man Child in quite some time. In fact, I think we are overdue for a little-brother-bashing. I wrote down a few quick ideas of things to discuss. To begin, I would like to express how TMC desperately needs love and affection each and every day. "Mommy, fill my love cup," he cries to our mother like a wee-little pup. "Sister, hold me!" he begs. Then he will jump in whoever is closest and snuggle up on their lap like a newborn babe. I'm surprised that a man of his stature and size can even fit into a cuddle position, but he does. Then he will caress his chin covered in Man Child hair against your neck. I find it extremely creepy and immediately begin wailing for someone to rescue me from such torture. Most often I can get him off by screaming about him needing to get a girlfriend or by trying to yank out any of his hair that is within my reach at the moment. Most of the time Bella has to come rescue me by trying to pull him off of me, which inevitably leads into a fight between the 5 year old Man Child and the 4 year old. Which leads me to subject number 2, Bella & TMC's unusual relationship.

Loki: I don't know that TMC really needs his love cup filled by you. I think he probably just curls up on you to illicit a reaction out of you. If I were your younger brother, I, too, might find joy in making you scream and holler. I used to say I didn't understand how one argues with a 4 year old, but I have lately found myself on the end of a few arguments with Bella. I think it is because Bella believes she is an adult herself. She also might believe herself to be the younger sister. So I guess her instinct or duty is to annoy/argue with your older siblings. Maybe she is treating TMC the way he treats you. I don't know. I just went all counselor on you when really I wasn't trying to dissect the reasons TMC and Bella can't get along. She also called herself 'Aunt Bella' to Baby Blue. I don't know where that came from, but she is getting the family tree confused. Not that this is on topic, but I would like to continue to volunteer in her church classroom because at least she likes me there. Okay, we were supposed to be talking about TMC and not Bella. I find a lot of things odd and off with TMC. However, anytime I voice any type of opinion about what he is doing, he becomes very sensitive and turns 5 at the same time. "I know you are, but what am I?" I try to stay out of his personal life altogether. Although I am interested in any girl that finds him appealing as a mate. Speaking of, our family must be really hard to bring significant others around. I mean no one ever brings any one home. Or ever did.

Stella: I wonder why! It's a mad house in this place half the time. You never know if Dad is going to be dancing around acting like he's on drugs or sitting on the computer, staring and ignoring you. Then you have Mom, who will tell 101 million stories with 201 tiny, insignificant details to complete strangers. Then of course, there is me, who is either in a good mood or a bad mood; it's hit and miss there. And Bella, always charming and fun to be around. Unless she's in a bad mood... oh dear. And last but not least, the PEST himself, The Man Child. No. I will not be introducing anyone to this family for a long time. There I go again, speaking as if I might have a future mate myself. Anyhow, I can't help it that Bella finds you to be less superior than her. She has to learn that she is a child, not an adult. This is a hard concept for her to grasp. TMC and Bella have quite an unusual relationship though. When they are alone together, she just loves him. And even when he spend the week with Batman, she missed him dearly and would run and sit in his lap and hug on him whenever she saw him. There are other times sweet Bella Pie will bark at him, "TMC!" He'll snap back, "WHAT?!" And she'll say, "I love you." haha. It's too funny. Or she'll say, "You're the best uncle EVER!" Except when Batman is around and then she likes to be ornery and make TMC get all huffy and puffy. The same way she does with you. I think if you guys had some "alone" time you would get along better. But whenever you are here, Blue is here too distracting everyone and taking all the attention off of her... It's quite tragic for a four year old. Even I have trouble with it sometimes. ha.

P.S. Tell everyone what the girl said to you in Sunday School this time. (Thank goodness there was no breathing on my face. That was the weirdest thing ever.)

Loki: Well, that is totally off subject, but who says that we have to stay on topic? Not me. So Stella and I were once again in the 4 year old classroom and lo and behold our arch nemesis (aka...the lady that doesn't like us) was "sick". She has yet to work with us after the first time... which was perfectly okay for Stella and I. So there we were...the 2 young moms ! (haha) and the kids knew it. They were trying to run us down...the little heathens. We had multiple people pop in on us to make sure we could keep them under control. I must say I felt I spent the entire time saying "No, don't do that... Please come sit down... No, you don't have to go to the bathroom...Put your shoes back on!" Anyway, in a rare quiet time a little one decided to hop up in my lap. She was playing with my necklace and asked, "Where did you get this?" I said, " Oh, my husband got it for me."She said, "No...this!" I look down and she is pointing at a tiny red dot on my chest... you know those weird little red dots that you get. I was like, "uhhh.....I got that from not wearing better wear your suncreen!" Sheesh. Something always gets pointed out to me when I am around those kids. They do not have a filter that is for sure.

Chime in on TMC or... What is something funny a child said to you? 


  1. One time Amelia told me that I was wearing to much make up....i was like....."oh =(" hahaha i just got dissed by a three year old! hm....i want to chime in on the man child too...let's see.....Well...I can't jump in on this bashing thing because he bought me my the band perry cd...and he took me to buffalo wild wings and bought me delicious chicken, and even bought my movie to just go with it....I don't know if this is his kind kind heart,...or pity for me. either way its SUPER nice and i looooooooooove it! hahaha

  2. When my daughter was 5, she told me that my boobies pointed to the ground ... my granddaughter asked me why my legs are big ... when I was pregnant with my 4th baby, a child in the grocery store asked me why I carried a basketball under my shirt ... ah, kids. Aren't they adorable?!? As far as TMC, he used to love to stand by me to show people how much taller he was than I was. Considering that I'm many inches shorter than his mom, I can see that it was quite an accomplishment to be taller than an adult (even if she was freakishly short!).

  3. TMC is my sweet wittle baby boy and always will be! As far as his love cup being filled, he has always been a hugger and I see nothing wrong with that. He will be an AWESOME husband and daddy one day with LOTS of love to show and share. Gush gush....
    oh, and kids seem to tell me all the time that my teeth are crooked. THanks, kid for stating the obvious and making me feel ugly. Oh well... keeps me humble, I guess.

  4. Aw Nane Bessie i like your teeth you are pretty!