Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Stella: Have you ever thought about being a surrogate mother? Today I told my best friend, Betty Lou, that I would volunteer for this position if so needed. She is having many woes and troubles over getting pg, and even though I told her to be patient, I still thought I'd help ease her mind by offering my services to her. Hah. Was it in the Gender class that we talked about surrogate mothers? Maybe it was another one of my Sociology courses, but we did a whole study on surrogacy. There was one case that was particularly interesting in which there was a donor sperm, donor egg and a surrogate. The "adoptive" parents that contracted to have this baby ended up getting divorced and the "adoptive" father was trying to get out of having to pay child support for this child since it was not his sperm, but a donor's sperm. It was a huge ordeal with 5 different people involved in "making" this child (and even the surrogate mother went to court to try to get custody of the child,) but in the end, the court decided that the couple that arranged for this conception to take place was...  in fact, the child's parents! And of course, the man had to pay child support. Well, there's a bit of trivia for you my dear, and now your thoughts...?

Loki: That was gender class... and I remember that story well. I also remember the one about the little boy who liked to dress as a girl and play with dolls. He was a rather odd little thing. I also remember the transgender show about the girl who turned into a boy, and he was a mean man but still had a rather high voice. That class was weird, but totally entertaining. I used to be a tad worried that because I understood (or learned) about transgender people or herms that I would birth one. It had me a little nervous... if you had to make the decision to either raise a girl or a boy. It always seems like the parents make the wrong choice. Hmm.... I have no idea what I am blabbering about now. I don't think I could be a surragate. I made Stella clarify to Betty Lou that she would not donate an egg...  That she would only house the baby with the couple's donations. I think it is wonderful that people do donate eggs and sperm so that people who can't have babies have that option. However, would you donate your eggs anonymously? There is a movie out about some lesbian couple who had used a sperm donor and then the kids went and found the "dad". How odd that would be. Can you imagine knowing that you were created by a random sperm donation?

Stella: Hahhaha. Aw, Hermie!!!! No, I would never donate an egg! Did you really need to ask that question? The thought of it alone makes me think of a chicken. Then that would be MY child, and I would want it! I have often thought that if I am still single at age 35 then I am going to ask Bella's father for a sperm donation so I could have another child and at least they would have the same genetic makeup. Is that a strange thing to think about? I mean, that was really the only thing he was good for... haha. Anywho, haven't you seen all those news shows about the doctors who have like 38 children? They would make sperm donations to make money to pay off all of their student loans for med school. So crazy. And then the women would eat that up .. Thinking that their children will be smart because the sperm came from a DOCTOR! People are just freakin crazy. I do have another question too. What should you do if one of your friends is trying to get pregnant and you are totally against them procreating?! I am having a hard time being enthusiastic about such a thing.

Loki: I have never had a friend who was trying to procreate that I didn't think would make a good mother. Actually, I do not have a lot of friends that have children to begin with. I have no advice although I have been in several weddings that I did not agree with and that was hard enough. I just kept my mouth shut and did what I was supposed to do... (and then held their hand after the divorce was finalized.) But anyway, speaking of donations... Would you give me a kidney if I needed one? You know, if you donate a kidney you can never drink another alcoholic drink again. Not that you are a real boozer, but you could not frequent the Stallion ever again without being tempted to partake. Even though I occassionally like to be a boozer, I would give you a kidney if you needed one... And if I was the only match. What else can you donate and still live? A lung? Would you give me an eyeball? Let's say I went blind in both eyes... Would you at least give one eye to me... then we could both see.. ?? I bet you wouldn't.

Stella: You're right. I don't think I could give up an eyeball for you. Sorry. But I would maybe give up a kidney because I probably wouldn't miss it. Although yes, I'm sure the local bar would miss my yearly visit and my whopping tab of $7. The place just might even go out of business if I decided to do that. But an eyeball? That I would miss. I would also not like to part with a lung. I hear those are good for breathing.. and living. And all of this pressure of giving up my vital organs coming from the girl who starts a blog and then titles it: "I should finish this when I'm sober." hahah. I quickly click on the page to read what I think will be a very entertaining rant... But unfortunately, you still only talked about what your baby ate that day and then every other minute detail about how you spent your entire day. (That is how you spell it by the way. Not minoot.) It was such a disappointment. I definitely would have posted that one without your consent.

What would you be willing to give a loved one?


  1. One of the reasons I didn't go to college is because I didn't want to waste my time in ridiculous classes like "Gender Class". I am firmly against egg and sperm anonymous donation. I think it's stupid and gross and makes life complicated for everyone involved. A little to much of "Trying to play God". I understand taking sperm from a husband and having it medically implanted into the wife because she doesn't have a sticky uterine wall or whatever. That makes sense. But to just donate your reproductive "materials" to make a buck or even to "help" others have babies I believe is WRONG!!! The world would be much better off leaving fertility to God. If man and wife couples can't get pregnant it is heartbreaking. But there are a lot of kids out there who need good homes that weren't genetically engineered. As for gay and lesbian couples wanting to use surrogates or having transplants, I find that to be laughable and a completely different rant altogether so I won't even start. Things would be much simpler if people would stick to God's plan. Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Steve. Ew. I never will get the gays and lesbos. Why would you want something you already have?? Boring. Lol. Okay I've said enough. Good bye!

  2. I would give a kidney to any family/friend that needed it. I don't know what else I could donate. I would give one of my children/grandchildren anything I could; eye, lung, uterus. (hahaha....I don't think my kids could use one of those! I don't have one anymore anyway!)

  3. I am all for medical technologies to a point, but there also needs to be moral standards involved. The great thing is that a married couple in my town could not have a baby together and adoption was not an affordable option. Then she heard of Snowflakes in CA. This is where there are frozen embryos unused but saved for other couples. So they "adopted" (paid for?) the embryos and they were planted in my friend--like 3 at a time. The first set did not work out (miscarry). But the second set resulted in a son. And a few years later, twin brothers. So now they have a family. Just letting you know of other options.. but I'm sure it's hard to wait patiently when you're trying to get pregnant. Continue to offer support and prayers for your friend.

  4. I loved taking Sociology of Gender.... One of my favorite college courses in fact next to Youth, Rebellion & Rock-n-Roll.

  5. I could and would give a kidney but there would go any pm drinks..couldn't give up my eyes as I love seeing too much. I hate to be one who judges others who can't get pregnant but really adoption is out there..(I do know the couple who was so upset they couldn't get pg in Smalltown's town (town? city? village? neighborhood?) but don't like the idea of a random sperm or egg of someone you'll never know. And selling them is horrible! I agree most with Curls, God wrote rules about all that and I'm sure He wants us to follow them. And always good to pray for those who struggle in that area. Does anyone wonder what God's plan for that couple is? According to the Old Testament they recognized it was God who got the women pregnant. He must have His reasons.