Friday, January 21, 2011

Work it Out

 Loki: You may be wondering where all the new blogs are. Or maybe you have gotten on with your life and this silly "sister banter" is no longer entertaining. I would like to inform you all that poor Stella is insane. She has been teetering on the edge for quite some time but she has now fallen over. Let's all take a minute to remember the old Stella... you know the one who would bake whatever her hearts desire... one who could not pass up a sweet. The one who would gladly hang out when all it involved was watching silly TV and chatting about whatever and whoever. Those days are long gone. I am afraid she has overtaken Nana Bess as well. What am I talking about you ask? Bob, Jillian, Pilates, Dance, Treadmill or Hill....every single day. She is obsessed. The entirety of her day and Bess' has to do with working out... and working out. I think we should stage an intervention. Sure it is healthy and good to work out... and every day isn't even the problem, its the amount of working out that they are doing. I go over about once a week.. Anyway I am put to work the minute I walk in the door. First...we run up the hill. Its what 2 miles?  It is a good little jog...then we must do a Biggest Loser DVD workout... which is rotated every day between Bob the sadist and Jillian the soother. This usually is a 45 minuted workout...followed by a pilates workout. They have done this particular pilates DVD so many times in fact that they do not even turn it on anymore. Stella leads the way... as the moves and the instructions have been memorized. Here I am trying to keep up... with Stella yelling in my ear that I am not doing a particular move "CORRECT" .."You are doing it wrong... do this, no like this," she says. Ugh. Now you know why I only venture out there once a week. You should also know that I just had a 20 minute phone conversation with Nana Bess which mainly consisted of her telling me about her work out schedule for the day. Yes well thanks for calling and waking me up from my nap to relay about how you hope it is warm enough to run up the hill today rather than walk on the treadmill...and how today is a Jillian day so it is much easier than a Bob day. (Which yes Jillian is easier than Bob--but must I have to know which day it is before I decide to come visit?)

Stella: Oh if you weren't so busy stuffing yourself with hamburgers then you would probably enjoy participating! Loki is completely jealous of our workout routines. She only wishes she had a personal trainer living with her. I do not think we are going overboard; she only wants to do a minimal amount of work and be done with it. You should see her attempt pilates! It is a RIOT! I can't get through it without falling over with laughter at her attempts at doing a V sit, a T stand, cobra stretch and even the 100! (Bahaha. Exercising jokes!) Plus, we have all known from the beginning that with me the pendulum swings one way or the other. I can't help it if it has swung to the wrong side for Loki. And the lack of blogs is due to the lack of ideas, not the lack of energy or time I have! I have plenty of energy!! Come on over & we can box (as you forgot to mention that I like to do a lot of punching/boxing routines as well.) P.S. Bob is really sadistic, but I am a huge fan of his.

Loki: Yes, yes, I ate a hamburger... Call the dietitian now; I may have a stroke. I work out hard too... but it does not have to be 5 hours to be effective.. That's all I am saying. Yes, I am extremely jealous that I do not have a work-out buddy. It also irritates me that I live so far away because if I did not...then I am sure I would come over and participate every day. I had to tell you about my cheeseburger intake so that I would stop. I felt a binge coming on. I hate food. Well, I really love food. I'm going to go watch the "I used to be fat" show now and get motivated.

Stella: It was not just A hamburger. It was SEVERAL hamburgers!!!! Notice the plural 's' used. Today little Bess was gone at work so I had to recruit the Computer Man to come join. It was a miracle that he left his chair and got up from the computer.. It was another miracle that he survived the 45 minutes of our intense boot camp. I am pretty sure at one point he did stop moving altogether..  Another time he said he felt light-headed... and then he thought he might vomit. Maybe I am a little sadistic too because I just laughed and laughed and if I were someones REAL trainer I would have probably yelled at them. (But I can't really yell at my out-of-shape dad. I can, however, correct my mother & sister's poor form when they are not doing the exercises right. It's all about mind/muscle connection!) Anyway, working out is really the only way to stay warm in our house today. It is freezing in here! I am typing in gloves if that says anything!

Loki: Why is it so cold there? Bess said she went to work today just so she would be warm (and get out of the Bob workout today.) I would be glad to see the ole man do the boot camp. Maybe he can join us tomorrow...which yes, will be the first day I work out this week. It just hasn't been a good work out week for me...obviously. Some reason my motivation is intertwined with yours...It's like we are polar opposites and can never be on the same page. Quit with the hamburgers...I didn't even tell you about the sweets I ate.

Stella: It is the next day, and although this was ready to post yesterday I just wanted to add on that Loki did quit eating burgers long enough to show up for our morning work out today. And while we were doing pilates, Bess and I glanced over at Loki to make sure she was still participating and there was Baby Blue. Nursing on her mother while her mother was sprawled out on the floor trying to lift her legs in the air simultaneously. I have never seen a more disturbing sight than this.

What is the weirdest thing you have done while working out?


  1. oh my! that was a hoot!!! I can only imagine what Loki and Blue looked like! I love it!!! And...NO! I haven't moved on, leaving the banter behind. I have checked it daily! I was so excited to see a new post! :o) well...until my eyes fixed on the "little person" in green. What IS he looking at??????? Yikes!

  2. I haven't lifted weights since HIGHSCHOOL, when in off season, we had to go over to the boys weight room and LIFT! ugh. It was terrible and I was no good at it and I hated it. Now, here I am 30 years later at the mercy of my own flesh and blood! (oh, and BOB from Biggest Loser). I will have the best looking shoulders and arms for a 48 year old BESS EVER! haha... Serciously, it is little obessive but I just obey and go along for the ride thinking this HAS to be good for me ultimately and it is easier to go along with Stella then agasint her. (btw, I have only lost 3 lbs in 3 weeks!...but I can do push ups now without moaning and groaning! :)

  3. Loki also forgot to mention that we like to quote our trainers...

    For example, here are some of our favorites:
    "Are you ready? You bet you are!"

    "Blast it out! DUH!"

    "If I look back there and you aren't sweating, I'm gonna be So MAD!"


  4. And I thought doing Wii was hard! Just trying to get a higher score. I'm actually competing with Gma Mod and "Penny" as I made two Wii persons. It took me over a dozen trys to get within my old score of 31 on the skiing game. yes, it is just a game..if Bob or Jillian yelled at me I would just quit. I don't know what motivates me, but not being yelled at. Encouraging words and a smile..maybe that's what Loki needs to particiapte. I did some boxing moves and they told me i "didn't even break a sweat" how do they know? Anyway, my mother told me ladies don't sweat! And everyone knows what my mother said was right, as she said she was never wrong! Lokie, I love hamburgers too! And grilled cheese sandwiches, and fries and when I stayed at home, how do you diet anyway? I can't. But do envy Nana Bess for having her own personal trainer. That's the only thing that would work for me. Hang in there as long as you can. Gosh, I never did any exercise until my 40's and it was doing aerobics at church? I bet Nana Bess remembers. She even brought you, Loki!