Saturday, January 22, 2011

Something! Anything?

Loki: I think I need to get a job just so that I have something else to talk about other than my baby. I think I have become one of those annoying people who only can talk about their children. I also have a way to redirect the conversation back to something Blue did that was so cute. Seriously, I hear it coming out of my mouth, and I cannot stop it. I need to get a hobby. Even my conversations with my husband is lacking. I mean, I have to resort to asking about his new "big idea" and actually seem interested. Otherwise, we will have to go back to smiling like two fools at the world's cutest baby. I am sure she will not always be so cute and adorable but right now I just watch. See what I mean? I can't stop. I am writing this post about NOT talking about my baby anymore... about how boring I have actually become and I still want to stop and tell you a story about her. Obviously the readers are not dying to hear of the cute thing she did... I mean everyone has their own babies to gawk at. Gawk...what a word. Let's say it's like hawk but's GAWK. I seriously hope I am spelling this right, otherwise I will forever get made fun of for my lack of brains. Well, what an attempt I am having at interesting topic to blog about... maybe we should just post another one of Batman's stories.

Stella: Same song, second verse... Baby voice makes it worse. Fried Ham! Fried Ham! Cheese & Bologna! After that we'll have some pickles and pretzels... Then we'll have some more Fried Ham! Fried Ham! Fried Ham!

I do feel that this is your default topic. How many times have you written about your baby & how that's all you talk about and how you need to get out of the house? Too many times to count, (although we probably do not publish half of them as they become very redundant and mundane.) Why don't you try talking about a tv show you watched or a movie? Or even a book? Surely you do something other than stare at your child all day. Why don't you post a recipe next time? Take some pictures as you cook (a step-by-step tutorial) and then publish that. For example, here is a picture of my super healthy lunch from today. It's a turkey wrap which includes: multi-grain flat bread (only 100 cal and 2.5 g fat,) turkey, lettuce, sprouts, avocado, tomato and a wee bit of low fat mayo. Hungry? mmm. So good. Or let's try to think of a hobby for you.

Loki: Oh yes because me making a lovely dinner for 2 has to be more entertaining than my baby. I dont think so. We just got out of the shower....bleh I am stopping myself. So for lunch today we are having a grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of soup. First, you turn on the stove and dump the can of soup of your choice into a pot. Then place on the stove on medium high. Cook until soup is simmering... Then eat. Now as for the grilled cheese... Take 2 peices of bread (or 3 in my case since Baby Blue only needs a half.) Place cheese in the middle. Butter the outside (or if you are dieting you don't need to butter the bread at all.) Place on skillet on medium high heat and cook for about 4 minutes on each side. Take off once the bread is toasted. Viola! You have a quick, easy lunch. Now tell me you didn't fall asleep just then.

Stella: I'm still awake and you, my friend, are RETARDED. So I will try to come up with another suggestion to make your life more interesting. How about you try to incorporate this phrase into your conversation with Big T tonight: "Guess what?! I am not a robot." That is what I would like for you to say. But when you say it, you will have to be a little angry about something. You can't just throw it out there in a happy-go-lucky tone. He needs to do something that is pushing you or antagonizing you and you should respond with "Guess what? I am not a robot" using a real serious voice. This will make me happy and be very entertaining. Then you can get on here & tell us about how it went. Also, you should actually dance like a robot just for fun to see if Big T notices. It would be optimal if you did this before you said the phrase that I have bestowed upon you although if it doesn't work out in that order, it will be okay. Now when you are doing your robotic moves, you should do it where Big T can/will see you, but you should act like you did not want him to see. So you have to pretend you were having this spontaneous moment and he caught you. There! Report back.

Loki: Thanks for the assignment. I don't really need any help with stupid things to yell at my husband. I tend to come up with those things all on my own. He will push me or antagonize me soon enough and then I will report back afterI scream "Guess what? I am not a robot"at him. However, I was able to do the robot dance, and when he caught me, he said, "Are you dying?"  No joke. Apparently my dancing skills have not improved... Err.. my robot is not very good. Maybe I need to "break it down" on the Kinect. (This is where the dance is slowed down into slow motion speed so that you can learn how to do the stupid dance moves such as the one called "Swagga Hand.") Okay, Big T has left for the gym now. The babe is in bed and I just whacked myself in the teeth with this laptop. Seriously, I thought I knocked out my front tooth. These are the things I do even when no one is around to laugh at me. Don't ask me how I am still alive.

What is your hobby?


  1. Yay!! The banter is back! And I laughed my head off!! Thank you Stella and Loki!! Fried ham is one of my favorites! Cookie performs it sometimes for Saucy and I like only she knows how. With her own original "Who would ever guess I'm 45?" flair. It is quite a treat. I also recommend 'Whistle Daughter Whistle' seeing as you both have lovely daughters...I'm certain neither me or Saucy will have the opportunity to yodel that one to our babies since they are sure to be boys..And NO I'm not expecting a little meatball of my own Beard Boy! (cuz I know you read this and are always asking me!)

  2. I have taught Bella Whistle Daughter Whistle! It's not quite as funny as when you and your mom do it together, but still cute :)

    Please have a little meatball soon. I know the rest of your fam is even more anxious now!

  3. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! I laughed out loud and my man had to come ask me what is so funny! I just looked at him and said, "I am not a robot!". Guess that was enough info for him, cause he walked away! MAN!!! I want that turkey wrap! Oh it looks DELICIOUS!!!!!

  4. I sypathize with Lokie being home with Baby Blue as if you are spending all your time at home what else is there except soaps to watch..I use to play cards with my neighbors and after second child was born I even joined a bowling league. My friend came and got me as I didn't even drive then. But now for hobbies...I'd have to say mine is baking and making a mess in the kitchen. I actually used to color with my kids when they were young. I'd almost forgotten "fried ham, fried ham" what a nice memory. Yeah, that turkey wrap looked I'll be sure to fix it this week. Thanks for the Photo Stella!

  5. See, Loki! The recipe/picture was a HIT :) haha.

    Oh and 10 cool points to the Cougar for saying "I am not a robot!" hahah. I LOVE IT!