Monday, September 26, 2011

LIfe Change

Loki: I'm anxious. I feel a big change a comin' in my life. Yes, it is that time to leave my child in the hands of others again. I do realize how blessed I am in that I have family who will help me watch my child for free while I go and work for a living. There is no way I would work if I had to leave my kid at daycare. Nothing against those that use is just not for me and my family. I don't think that it would even end up being worth it as day care costs an arm and a leg. Anyway, I am extremely grateful for the time I did get to stay at home with my boogie bear. Perhaps in the future this is where I will be again...watching my grandchildren. Yikes! Let's not go there! This is getting a little sentimental. Heck I do not even have the job yet. Perhaps I am getting ahead of myself. I have done this once before you know....thought I had a job and I didn't.

Good news! I got the job. It was easy peasy and I wasn't nervous about anything. Well ,that's how interviews are when they don't really even interview you and just explain a job to you that you think you would like to have. Of course, you aren't sure what the heck they are talking about when they use abbreviations and terms that you are not familiar with. I am sure this is how all people feel when they interview for a job in a new field. I will be working with Stella's best friend. She is my boss. I forgot her "blog" name. I think this has caused Stella a little stress, but I think all will be well. I am starting to get a little sad just thinking about getting back to being a working gal plus mommy. I will sure miss my bundle of joy and I just might cry all weekend thinking about having to leave her on Monday. Hopefully, I will enjoy my job and therefore, it won't feel like torture being without my offspring. I do think that it will be easier to leave her this time around only because I know she is having fun. Everyone that watches her loves her just as much as me (well close anyway) and she will be well taken care of. Anyway, I am really excited to have Big T off of my back about getting a job. That is going to be so great. I told him he will have to find a new hobby.

Stella should tell you what she thinks of such things. Ive only heard "be polite and positive" 500 times in the last 3 days. I swear she must think I am going to go in there and start yelling at people. Does she think I am going back to the BROKERAGE?

Stella: Yes, I am quite nervous because I don't think I've ever really seen you be nice & friendly to anyone... I'm not trying to be mean. It's just that we dealt with cranky stupid old men and you were never very nice to them... Even I was probably a little hateful at times. Hard to believe, I know. Anyhow, my bff is Betty Lou. They are all about trying to have a positive welcoming atmosphere at their office so that is why I am encouraging you to be positive. I am also quite nervous that I might starting hating you both. That's just me being honest. I don't like being left out and I don't want to share my best friend. I told Loki that Betty Lou is NOT the Cougar and I would not share her like Bess & Choc Chip do. She's MINE. But who knows how it will go. I'm sure they will have other things to talk about besides me..  Probably not much but I imagine that you can come up with something. (Joking.) But then I will forever be hearing about all the funny stuff that was said or that happened at work and guess who will get grumpy fast? ME. I'll be stuck working with artsy fartsy Dumplings at my job and they'll be off laughing and having a good time. I'm in a bad mood tonight so I don't know why I'm on here trying to blog. Plus I have to work tomorrow too. You know, me. The one who got a job before you. And no matter how grouchy I am, I have to go in and smile and cheese it up and play nice. It's exhausting. 9 hours of happiness. But, if I do say so myself, I pull it off nicely. You should follow my example.

Loki: Well, I shall surely try. Gee... I'm capable of being nice and positive. You came in at a wrong time and I was too focused on getting the work done than being cheerful to grumpy old men. I am pretty sure that grumpy old men will not be coming into a chiropractic office to gripe at me. You have got me thinking I am an old hag who is incapable of being polite. Blah. I did learn that you are quite capable of being fake. I think that is my problem. My attitude and thoughts are written all of my face. I need to learn to hide them and hold things in. I am sure Betty Lou and I will have some inside stories that you will not be privy to, but I doubt you will want to hear about them and I seriously doubt we will all be hanging out and leaving you out of it. After your disastrous birthday this year I do not foresee me and Betty Lou and you ever hanging out in a social environment. I am pretty sure you have decided to never hang out with me socially again. We do not have to discuss this again. I am just trying to reassure you that this will be okay. I think I am more nervous about going to work for someone I know rather than a complete stranger. I mean my boss knows things about me that no boss should know. I am sure she is just as nervous as I am...because I know her too.

Stella: Yes, I haven't thought about this. You were always quite mean to me and I'm sure she knows the story about how you grabbed the back of my head and slammed it over and over into the car steering wheel before. hahah. She could hold this over you for sure... In fact, this is the reason I agreed for her to hire you. So that she could secretly torture you and repay you for all the years of cruelty against your dear sister. Haha. I was just suddenly reminded of another friend traitor... Eyes of Blue. That's right. She switched from Curls to Saucy.... Now granted, Curls is/was too busy being in love with the Golden Boy (or was it Man? He's old. It should be Man.) and left poor Eyes out in the cold. And Saucy was kind enough to take her in and love her and feed her lasagna and pot roasts. But even as Curls I would not be too happy with this. Unless I had some beloved man to fawn after...

Loki: Well, maybe you do...maybe you do.

Good Monday to you all! What change would you like to make in your life?


  1. hahahaha Loki, maybe you do. thats right Stella! pretty sure Betty Lou will be out in the cold! Well, she's married to so i guess it would equal out lol. Eyes of blue wasn't a traitor haha she took me in, the poor pethatic mommy laying on the living room floor every night of the week staring at her screaming baby lol this post was funny

  2. Be careful who you call old, Stella.. I am pretty sure Tall Coach is the same AGE as Golden boy/man!!!! ha/ha! :) And Loki. you will make a GREAT cheerful addition at Betty Lou's workplace.... and yes, more time with Baby Blue for me! :)

  3. Ahhaha So Funny Saucy! I never thought of it that way... No offense to Eyes of Blue, who I wish I could just call Blue but since that name is already taken I guess I have to type the whole thing out.

  4. Haha! LOVE this! Saucy does make a pretty amazing lasagna and roast! ;) Congrats on the new job, Loki! So jealous--it sounds perfect!