Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Christmas in September?

Loki: Christmas lights are the only suitable topic in this household these days. It's September you say? It is still 100 plus degrees outside but Streetside Limited is on the prowl. Streetside is the name of my husband's business... errr OUR business. Who would think but downtown OKC is already planning their Christmas activities. T has already had 2 business meetings and is currently crunching the numbers to produce a bid. I don't know how but it is looking like Streetside, in only its 2nd year of business, will be putting up Christmas Lights for half of downtown. They do not have the job yet but it is looking pretty promising. If you can believe it the problem we are having now is what to actually bid a job....they are afraid they are under-bidding. There is such a thing as under bidding. You wouldnt buy a carseat for $3 without wondering what was wrong with it. This is the problem all business' have...what are they willing to pay? What are they expecting to spend? The picture above is the Automobile Alley in Oklahoma City...this is what T will be doing. This is called a curtain. I was literally picturing curtains...which in my mind sounded impossible and I didn't know how the boy was going to pull it off. I think this looks simpler...still complicated though. Anyway I better learn how to hang some lights so I can help....or I guess get a job so I don't have to!

Stella: When I read your title "Christmas in September" I thought you were referring to young Bella's birthday. Mwhahah .Last year it was truly the event of the year. But this year, I am afraid, the Belle has other plans. In fact, she insisted on not having a birthday party at all. I had thrown out a few suggestions to her... Tangled (just think I could build a tower cake, make hazelnut soup, decorate with the kingdom flags.. I even purchased 5 paper lanterns to set off at the Big T Firework stand. Which we will still use of course!) and she talked about doing a Rock Concert Party (thanks to my father's influence in her life, my daughter thinks it's perfectly wonderful to have loud, rock concerts in the house where you blast the music & run around like wild banshees.) But when it came down to the grind of picking what we were going to do, Bella said she wanted an "Adult Party Only." She had decided she wanted only our family + Choc Chip, Saucy & Meatball. It's a very exclusive event this year. And Baby Blue & Meatball are the only two children allowed to come, she said. A few weeks later, she came up with the notion that she wants a plain lemon cake & only yellow decorations. So we went to Target & bought the standard streamers/balloons party decor, all in yellow, and guess what? I spent 10 BUCKS! 10 WHOLE freakin dollars! hahah. It was great! So that is the plan for the party this year even though she's turning 5, which is a HUGE deal! We'll still do lots of other things to celebrate. She wants to get her ears peirced on her actual bday and then just go have a "girl's shopping day." Yes, I did just say she was only turning 5 but sometimes I do think it is more like 25. We'll probably do lunch wherever she wants & maybe Texas Roadhouse that night since I know she'll insist on eating a steak. haha

Loki: Wow Stella. What a great job of totally ignoring the first paragraph. Not even mentioning my dear husband who is about to get the biggest job he has ever had concerning Christmas lights.I know, I know.. you hate talking about his big plans. In fact, I would presume that it is on your top 5 things you hate to listen to....right next to the story about you and kindergarden. I won't even spill the story because it is very odd that it has become a tramatic story for you. Not experience because you don't even remember it- but story. Who knew that story telling could be damaging. Remember when Batman woke up in the middle of the night and peed on TMC's head thinking it was a toilet? Do you think TMC or Batman remember this happening? Anyway I am excited about Belle's "Adult" party. I just hope that she in the following years she wants a birthday party. She has the rest of her adult hood to do the adult shopping. I am glad that I she is going to pick her out her present this year though as the last several years your suggestions have been total FAIL. I think that one year I was a hero... she loved my gift the most (only because you told me what to get her) ...but she must have only been 1 or maybe 2. I think from then on it didn't matter what I bought her...she wasn't going to like it. We have an odd relationship...your child and me.

Stella: You're right. I hate to hear about Big T's ideas almost more than anything. It'd at least be number 2 or 3 on the list. Right up there with Nana always yammering about the land development anytime we drive anywhere. (It has become a serious problem for her.) It's nothing personal against you. I just want a man who is content in life. NO BIG IDEAS. I'm putting it down on my list. "Do you like your current job? Would you happy to work there FOREVER? Do you have any notions of having your own side businesses in the future? Do you always want bigger and better?" The first two should be 'yes' & the last two 'no.' If not, he's disqualified. Anyhow, Nana and I decided that at some point during this last year she just decided she was going to be an adult and was no longer a child. Pretty sad. But of course, she is still a child. She just thinks she's an adult... ?!?!

Loki: Nana or Bella?! Motivation is not a bad quality to have. I hope when you come over to my big new house with my big swimming pool you will not be jealous. I will tell you that motivation and determination bought such things. You do know that all of this is so that he can make enough money to spend more time with his kid. I told him he better get on it since his child is already one and half....she won't stay little for long...and soon she will be wanting an "adult" party and only want girl shopping days.  (he did tell me that if I found a job making the same amount that he did --plus his side business' that I could have another kid or two) What a jerk.
What motivates you?


  1. That's awesome Loki!!!! I saw those 'curtain' lights last year downtown and they are SO pretty!!!!! Bella is five?? Geeeezzzzzz....crazy! I saw pics of her party and they were cute and it looked like everyone was having a lot of fun. My step-daughter has that American Girl doll... Kanani (or how ever you spell it).

  2. Ah Loki. How nice to have a husband with motivation and willingness to work. I certainly don't have it either..and am perfectly ok that Mr Mechanic has both. He seems to know before he even wakes up how many things he will accomplish before the day is over. My children were always my biggest motivation..pleasing them actually..or my friends. I didn't learn until I was 50 that this was not how life was supposed to be. Seeking everyone else's approval. But that is how I was raised...seeking approval from my parents but never feeling like I make it. I would hope that I didn't pass that on to my kids though since their Dad thinks I spoiled all of them and gave into them too much. But we did have a happy family. That is what really counts. My mother would be so proud of Big T...she would rave and rave. Maybe that is why we marry opposites.