Thursday, September 8, 2011


Loki: So what is the deal? We said we were going to start blogging again and we lasted all of a week. How sad. It's not because we don't want to blog but I think it is sometimes hard for us to come up with a topic. A purpose if you will. I have been relying on Stella (since she is the one with the new job) to come up with some topics and she did quite well for a while but really its just not the same as when we worked in the same place. I've tried to start many blogs but they just end up being me rambling about my kid or my husband and I am pretty sure you all have heard enough of our crazy antics. Speaking of... did you know that Big T has a meeting with downtown OKC next week....he is putting in a bid to do the downtown Christmas lights. I'm so proud. He really knows how to network and talk a little crap since he has no idea how to do such a big job. You can't say the man is not motivated or optomistic. Well anyway there I go again rambling about my life. I was going to suggest that we talk about random my love for diet coke or your obsession with Sonic. How I have to put like 5 tablespoons of creamer in my coffee.  Side Story: When I worked at that dreaded place one of the girls that I liked (she ended up quitting) taught me how to make coffee. I mean I drank coffee before but never every morning. Anyway she told me how I could make it really good. I watched her dump like the whole can of creamer (the powder kind) in her cup until it formed a blob on top...I sat there with a gapping mouth because that seemed a little excessive. She continued to do the same with the sugar. She said TRY IT. I did and of course it was WONDERFUL. It tastes like a cappachino (I just realized that our spell check isn't working because who knows how to spell cappachino...I think Stella has done this to make me look stupid). Anyway that is why I now put too much stuff in my coffee. Okay stella..Go.

I also just wanted to let everyone know that I am sitting at my kitchen table and across from me is a super cute curly headed baby and she is playing in her oatmeal. Yes I noticed awhile ago but it is keeping her entertained. Now however it is smeared all over the table, chair, floor, and not to mention..her.. Please don't judge me.

Stella: Why is is my job to write all of these blogs? I am a super-duper-busy person these days! I don't have time for such trivial matters. I get up early to work out 2 hours before I have to go wake up my little sleeping babe, get her ready for school, fight with her about what she is being forced to wear, take her to school, come home and get ready for work, go back to the school to pick up the dumpling, who has long forgotten about her clothing/shoe/headband-woes, bring her back home, eat lunch, go to work, work with girls who don't talk to me, come home to eat dinner, get the girl ready for bed, bath, stories, brushing teeth, prayer book, and finally going to bed. I don't even have time to watch any t.v. I am exhuasted at 8 p.m. and ready to go to sleep myself so GOODNIGHT! Where am I supposed to schedule in "write silly blogs with your sister?" Hmmm.

With that being said, you are the Queen of Random Thinking. When I think of your brain, I imagine a big cluttery mess that I just want to pick up and organize. Get things filed where they belong! Give you some order, some rhyme & reason to all those senseless thoughts! Instead I will teach you something new to take away from today's blog. A cappachino is a frothy beverage. You make it with steamed milk & espresso. After steaming the milk to the correct temp, you move the can around in the steaming wand to create bubbles and a nice frothy top. A latte consists of the exact same thing, only you don't make any froth. (I'm sure Saucy remembers these wonderful lessons from her previous work at P-Bread as well.) Now I am not sure what 7-11 serves that they are calling a cappachino. It is really just a flavored latte. What you are drinking is just coffee with way too much cream & sugar.

Loki: Don't think about my brain or how to change it. I am just fine the way I am. Blue just grabbed the remote and changed the channel... I guess she didn't want to watch whatever movie I had playing and instead we are now watching a marathon of the top 100 videos. I know that everyone makes videos but I never see them. I am quite pleased she picked this channel because now we can dance together. We have a lot of dance parties and she is a dancer. She likes to mimick my moves which would be way cuter if I had some moves to begin with. I guess she will have to stick to the hip shaking and head banging. Perhaps Belle can come over and do the booty shake. Do you think it is odd that it is nearly 11 am and I am still in my PJs? I have washed my face, brushed my teeth, put contacts in, and made pancakes...but that is the extent of my morning. It is starting to look like a lazy day.

Stella: What a sloth. Go put on your broomskirt at least. So I've got to explain this booty dance you are referring to. Belle got out of the bath one night and was drying off while we were all sitting there glued to the tv. Now every now and then she likes to do things just to horrify her uncle, TMC. Which I always think is very great & amusing... So while everyone is busy trying to concentrate on the silly reality show that I'm sure we were watching at the time, Bella just turns around and starts shaking her bottom in front of TMC while singing "Do the booty shake..." Now keep in mind she is stark naked and her bottom is as white as can be (from her swim suit/tan line.) It was pretty funny as TMC sat there with a look of disgust on his face & began to scream "Put some clothes on!!!!" This only made her more pleased with her performance and so now we all very often get to see the Booty dance. (P.S. She is usually clothed.)

Loki: P.S.- Don't google booty shaking and look at the images. It is not pretty.

What is your random thought for the day?


  1. ha ha ha....the booty dance!!! Kid's are so funny...if you laugh at them they will do whatever it was that made you laugh every chance they get!! I LOVE diet coke too!! coke from Sonic is the BEST!

  2. Diet Cherry Limeaide with cream please.. is my favorite sonic drink now. I also enjoy the strawberry Diet coke. Yum. Stella is obessed with Sonic. If it is happy hour and we are out and about, it is a given! Sometimes she will even leave the house and drive ALL THE WAY TO TOWN to fetch her a sonic drink during happy hour. It is what makes her most happy, I think! ha/ha... (and when Stella is happy, this whole house is happy. How does that work anyway?) Bella is adorable shaking her booty and Blue is adorable with oatmeal all over her, just saying.

  3. I'm sure I've mentioned this before. I deliberately chose to put only sugar in my coffee when I was 14 because that is how my Dad drank his coffee. My mother put both cream and sugar in hers, and I distinctly did not want to be like her. I've drunk my coffe ever since. Loki reminds me of thoughts are all scrambled and I never can finish what I start as I get distracted...especially so when I had kids...and I also put my mascara on every day, whether I went anywhere or not. Thank goodness Mr Mechanic has never wanted me to change..but perhaps he knows it's a losing battle..if I get my feelings hurt in the process. So he's learned not to make any comments that could get him in trouble..or the silent treatment. Now that is how Stella is like me. Kinda funny to have similar traits show up in granddaughters as well as daughters. I find that amaziing. And comforting.