Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Cake Eater

Loki: Why am I so tired today? Yes, Stella. I started the post with a question as usual. It is only 9:30 and I am about to fall asleep like an old grandpa in my recliner and start snoring. I am usually always tired at the end of a fun-filled day...But tonight, I feel worn out! I had help watching the babe today since we were at Nana's. Blue was busy playing with the bazillion toys most of the day, and then later she just followed Bella around and tried to mimic her making high pitched screams at one another for fun. The only thing unusual  about today was that I made a cake. Yes, I myself made a cake for my darling husband who is turning 30. It is going to be a surprise even though he does not like cake. But there should be a celebration even if I have to shove it down his throat! Anyway, back to the cake. I, of course, have watched Stella many times make her wonderous cakes and have assisted on many occasions. (But as she said, mostly I just clean up.) But today I was solo.  Err...with some help from Nana and of course, Stella screaming in the background "Oh my gosh!" before swiftly taking over whatever I was doing.

Stella: Aha! What a revelation you must be having learning that I was right all along. Making a cake is a TON of work. Who knew it took hours upon hours to make/frost/decorate one simple little cake and then even longer to clean it all up? So what's wrong? You didn't like standing on your feet all day working? I do feel bad that Loki tried to bribe me with truffles & a magazine and I didn't even help her that much. But she said she wanted the cake to look like she made it herself so I didn't want to interfere. (Except when I heard Nana trying to tell her how to make fondant all wrong!) So I wrapped up the candy and put it under the tree for Bella from Aunt Loki. I did enjoy the magazine and found a gorgeous ad of this farmer man named Joshua modeling jeans and tore it off to tack up on my wall. Yes, that's how desperate I have become. Sometimes at night I will talk to him like he's real.

Loki: Oh my gosh! You are insane. Please dont start decorating your room like a young teenage girl in love with the Hansons. You can get a little obsessed. Fun fact: Stella decorated her room with a collage of boys when she was in high school...even the ceiling. I was just trying to cheer you up as I knew coming over there on Wednesday that Verucka(? i dont know how to spell that name) was visiting that day and I was trying to make her go away. I said that I wanted to decorate the cake...and I was hoping some of your skills rubbed off on me and Big T would be impressed. I did not say I wished the cake to look like a 3rd grader did it. Big T was mighty pleased and he said it was a lot better than he could do (how's that for a compliment)...and that he will even eat a piece since I made it. It better be as good as yours. Im sorry I dont know of any hot young single men for you to salivate over. Maybe you should try a dating website... I mean you said you were desperate. Or you could just wait until your 10 year reunion and maybe the nerd in high school turned out to be the best looking older man?! Isn't that what mom always said? That the dorks were always better looking after 10 years and that the popular good looking ones always end up like losers? Perhaps there is a feller who always had a crush on you...but was too chicken to speak to you back then, Now he has a brilliant job and makes tons of money and he is going to ride in a limo to the reunion and sweep you off your feet! Im saying reunion because I just got invited to mine. Im old. It isnt until July..I told Big T that if I were pregnant we wouldnt have to go. Hows that for bribery.

Stella: Actually I was just joking about the picture. I don't think hanging random men on my wall would be a good thing for Bella to see. I have a fever today. So does my little one. But just so you know, I made a real honest effort to come up with something to write about.

Loki: Well thanks for the effort. We are sickly today as well. We came home from my nephews birthday party at Chuckee Cheese.. I fed Baby Blue some food from the salad bar...you know eggs, ham, olives, and bits of pizza (along with her normal baby food). We got home and poor Blue vomited all over Big T. She continued to upchuck for the rest of the night every 20 minutes. I realize that Bella recently got sick in the middle of the night... but Blue got sick EVERY 20 minutes until about 4 am. She slept in our bed last night...a first since she has been 3 months old. She tosses and turns like a maniac. Every time she moved she would wake up to cough and throw up. I would have just enough time to heave her over my shoulder so she could vomit all over me...and off the side of the bed onto a clump of towels. I changed about 3 times before giving up... her in just a diaper and me in just some underwear. She would puke and then pass out again the poor baby. I would soothe her and she would be all feverish and clammy... when she felt normal again I would lay her in between us and I would once again try to drift off to sleep. I would get about 5 minutes until this whole process began again. I got up at about 2am to do some research because I didnt know if it was okay for her to be puking so much so often. Apparently it is.  Yowzer. Not to worry...she woke up fresh and happy at 5:30. Big T got up with her this time and let me sleep in a bit. I have no idea how but he slept straight through most of the night... only to wake up once to hand me a towel so I could wipe off some puke that was dripping down both our bellies. I dont know if it was just a bug or something not settling in Baby Blue's tummy but whatever it was, it is hopefully over. We are both running some small fevers today and I feel like I am sick, although I think that is just from lack of sleep. Blue is now taking a 3rd nap today. Stella just texted me that terrorists are now poisoning salad bars. I doubt the salad bar at Chuckee Cheese is a big target but who knows. 

Why target salad bars?


  1. I can't read this right now and it is making me crazy! I just don't have time! My boys and daughter in law and grandbabies and step daughter and sons girlfriend and dad are all coming over in an hour for Christmas dinner and gifts! :o) I'll read later...

  2. OK...so now I've read it. I can say that as of late, I DO have a life (I've been very busy w/ family, friends and such for a couple of months now) but I still want to read what you two have to say daily! I'm sorry you're both feverish and your little ones too. I hopw it is nothing that hangs on. Tis the season to NOT be sick! Well, that is all.... I'm off to continue my so called life. OH! Stella, I noticed how you addressed my Christmas card! LOL... my 'cub' and I both cracked up!