Friday, December 10, 2010

Party On

Loki: Please party on without me. This is my thought. I wish I could go to a party or event and just show up instead of being in charge of the decor.. or the food... or have some part of planning. I like the improptu parties better, such as our Eclipse party. That was easy and fun. Well, maybe we should ask Stella, since she is the one who did most of it. If you can't tell, I just got a call about one of my friend's graduation party. I was actually contemplating whether or not I even was going to show up... and thinking of an excuse to not go. Can't I just take the graduate out by herself? She is my one friend, so I have to make some sort of effort. I figured that I could stop by the party for a brief period and then leave. Besides, I don't exactly know what kind of "party" this is... It is during the day, but there is going to be a keg there. So, can I bring my baby? I never know when I am 'that woman' dragging her kid along because I have a sick fascination with being with her 24/7, and this ruins the atmosphere for everyone else because there is a baby there. But I don't want to part with her... It's going to kill me when she goes to school~! haha. Anyway, now I have to be in charge of decor! Thankfully because we have put on so many parties in the past, I have tons of decor that is already made that will fit this occassion... But the girl that I am planning this with still wants to go shopping and get even more stuff.

Not to mention, I always get asked about the cake. You know, because I have a wonderfully talented sister who does cakes....The thing they don't know is that it is pulling teeth trying to get her to make one anymore! I know that when I ask her to do a cake for me, she really doesn't want to do it. If I talk her into at all, then she is only doing it for me. You would think that I would run out of reasons to need a cake... That or figure out how to just make them myself. I even promise to be her little assistant when she is making one exclusively for my benefit... which is pretty degrading to me, as she has no problem bossing me around like a red headed step child.

Stella: I enjoyed reading this. Perhaps you should just carry on. I don't know what to say except do not bring your baby to a keg party. By the way, does graduating college after 10 years really warrant a party? I do not do anything degrading to you in the kitchen when you try to assist me. You say you want to help so I tell you to do the only things that you could do that would also be beneficial to me. Maybe if you knew simple things about baking, (such as you use powdered sugar to make frosting- a new discovery of Loki's who has never baked before in her life,) then I could give you other chores or things to do. But since you haven't the slightest idea of how to do anything that requires skill or knowledge about cakes/baking, I have to ask you to clean up, wipe things down or put things away. Plus, if you weren't there to do those things then I would have to do them myself as well. You don't quite realize how much work it is.. how big of a mess you make & have to clean up... and the extensive amount of time involved. I'm worn out just thinking about it, which means "no." I do not want to make an ugly yellow, blue & silver graduation cake for you. Go to the Walmart bakery and just pay $20. If I am going to spend all that time slaving away it has to be for someone I love or at least an interesting idea that appeals to me. The same thing applies to decorating, which is not as time-consuming, but a lot of thought goes into it. I think I get way less stressed at doing decor as I enjoy making things & don't have to do it all in one setting (like when trying to finish a cake by a specific time.) The Eclipse party was certainly very easy & not stressful at all- just gathering things that said 'Twilight' to me from around the house & using what others already had. (Spent maybe $3 on some paper streamers and that's about it!) Now Bella's birthday party is a whole other story...  And once again, I'm not going to put a lot of thought into doing something for someone I don't even know or like...  I don't think this is rude or mean of me. There is no rule that says I have to do things for everyone just because I have the talent to do them. But if I do happen to like you, there are creative & good things ahead!

Loki: But you do know my graduating friend, AND you like her! We laugh about her together as she is rather silly. It took me 6 years to graduate as well, and I got a dinner out of it. That was all I wanted too...maybe if she was becoming a Dr. then it'd be more special, but this is sort of her birthday too... Since it falls a few days away and she has always had big birthday parties...(You know like you do in junior high/ high school.) Well maybe not you...or I ,for that matter. Let me re-phrase that again. She has parties like I did in college. There, that is better. You attended my birthday party at that creepy apartment I lived in. (Please let's not say anything else about that party...I was referencing it to show you that my friend likes to invite every friend and relative she has to her birthday parties...still at age 27.)

Back to the don't have to make it if you don't want to. Obviously. I was just volunteering to help you. If I could, I would make the cake... roll out all the fondant and then let you create. Or I would just learn to do it myself. However, I am pretty sure my creativity only consists of drawing hearts and that would not be a very original cake.

Stella: Yes, I had to share my graduation with my younger brother & we only did a dinner as well. But that's okay. Not to mention, our father wasn't even proud of our degrees. But in all honesty, neither am I. It took a lot of time and work.. And was way more difficult to finish after having a baby. (Think about going back to school right now Loki. I'm pretty sure you used to gripe at me for telling you it was hard to go to school & have a baby, but you never understood.) Anyway.. of course, I graduated with honors for having such brillant grades & doing such marvelous work. But still, I don't feel the need to use or do anything with my degree. Lack of ambition in life? Perhaps. Maybe it's just contentment. By the way, I wish I could elaborate on this party of yours. It is not a good memory for me.

Loki: Nothing having to do with me and ages 18-19 are good years or memories for anyone. I am proud of my college degree...and I would be more proud if I could find a job that would allow me to use it. You know so that I made more money than my husband, who has no schooling at all. I think it is crap that I suffered through college and he did not... yet he makes more than me (way more so now as I dont get paid very much to rock a baby to sleep). I wish I wouldve just went to a 2 year tech school and got certified in something specific...  Speaking of rocking a baby...Baby Blue is fighting sleep once more. I must get her out and rock. I would also like to mention that I have to start over yet again on training her to not get up in the middle of the night to nurse.(I allowed it for a week when she was sick...)  She practically yelled at me last night from 2am-3am. Sheesh. Yes yes I know this has nothing to do with party planning but I cannot help that this motherhood seeps into everything. I would like to mention that the girl that roped me into helping with this party wanted me to come and help set up the day before. THE DAY BEFORE. I told her no. There is no need to decorate with a few paper balls and table cloths the day before. She is obviously an ameteur.

What are you an ameteur at?


  1. ..."Well, I ain't never been the Barbie doll type. No, I can't swig that sweet Champagne, I'd rather drink beer all night. In a tavern or in a honky tonk or on a four-wheel drive tailgate. I've got posters on my wall of Skynyrd, Kid and Strait. Some people look down on me, but I don't give a rip. I'll stand barefooted in my own front yard with a baby on my hip!..."
    Yeah, I'd say skip the keg party w/ lil' Blue.
    Party on Garth!!!

  2. Well, because I love Loki and Stella I suggest Stella makes the cake...Loki cleans up as she goes..then make the fondant and ooh and ahhh and clean up again. Voila! Cake is done. However if Megan isn't in the mood for doing so for your friend you aren't obligated. Making cakes are for fun and satisfaction or money. I guess a keg party isn't the place for a baby, but Baby Blue won't know what is going on...although Bella would so never take a 3 or 4 year old to such a party. And can you even drink while nursing? I try to please everyone too much so I wouldn't be able to say now. I admire Stella for knowing her limits. Now as the amateur question, anything beyond reading and typing on the computer I'm an amateur in. And figuring out my cell phone with all it can do is beyond me too. But I can make cakes and fudge/buttercream frosting and pies...but not fondant or exotic themes as Stella can do. I will also say I'm very proud of my grandchildren who suffered through school while working and working/being a Mom. Very hard and something I had no motivation for either. If it hadn't been for my mother who insisted on me going to college I would have trained for a beautician. I'm sure after Lokie's friend spent 10 years to get a degree she wants to celebrate. It'd be hard for me to turn down a friend's request. Really I'm a pushover. Hope you can figure out what to do. My sister used to plead with me to do things and she always won. And she was older too. Stella is more secure than I was I guess. Takes a lot of self confidence to tell a sister you don't want to help her out. So that's all I have to say.