Friday, December 24, 2010

Deep Thoughts

And now... deep thoughts by Loki...

After reading Saucy and Curls' banter it got me thinking about the physical traits we want to change. I am sure everyone wants to change something and we are forever insecure about something. We have blogged about this before I am sure...but it makes me nervous raising a daughter. How can I not pass on my insecurities or expose her to such negativity in the first place? I think I have been pretty secure about my looks (doesnt mean I love them all the time) but I know that binging and purging or never eating is the answer. I dont self-loathe. I havent ever been to that point..although I can totally relate to how some girls get sucked into it.(Actually I do remember in the 7th grade skipping lunches and trying to "lose" weight. ...It didnt last long though, thankfully)  Girls and young girls at that (okay I certainly sound my age now) are constantly bombarded with images of "perfection" and the constant need to be thin or pretty to be worthy. When really your self worth should not come from how you look. I have watched countless cosmetic surgery shows and the latest "Bridalplasty" which I have mentioned before... but it just amazes me that we can say "okay God I dont like what you gave me...I am going to change it".  I am not saying I disagree with it, and I certainly find those shows entertaining... but almost in the "I can't believe what I am seeing". Okay this blog took off in a totally different direction than I thought. I was going to say if money was no option what plastic surgery would you partake in? Also why do I find "Intervention" so fascinating when they have a bulimic or anorexic girl on there? Are you looking forward to the new show about weird addictions? I am. There is a girl who eats toilet paper and another who likes to eat laundry detergent (wouldnt that be poisoneous though?). They also showed an older gal sucking on her thumb and some other girl who can only sleep with her blow dryer on in bed with her. It's like a snuggly bear only its a blow dryer! Sometimes I think I should rip the TV off the wall and just live life without the TV. I think I may watch too much of it. In fact maybe I should get rid of all modern technology. We can have dinner by candlelight... that I prepared in an iron pot above the fire, We can then retail our day and tell stories while roasting marshmellows on the said fire. We shall go to bed early because how many stories can you really tell each other. It gets dark pretty early so I would guess we would be in bed by 8:00pm. Now that would be crazy.

Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Yes, Loki...those were indeed "Deep Thoughts". Hummm....guess I would have liposuction. I haven't seen any of the shows you mentioned, but I did see the preview of the Strange Addictions. That chick sleeps w/ her hair dryer turned on!!! NOT SAFE! She's slept with it since she was 8! And the laundry detergent? I just don't get that one at all!! I actually tried toilet paper. Just to see what it feels like on my tongue. It was odd. I didn't swallow it. It absorbed the saliva right out of my mouth and it was all dry. No, there isn't much chance I'll be addicted to toilet paper. I'm sure the weird addictions stem from much deeper issues. Crazy!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  2. hahahaha I thought about trying the toilet paper!!! But I havent yet. I will wait until I hear what that girl thinks. By the way... that was supposed to be a subject to banter with but apparently Stella decided not to banter with me. If I wouldve known it was a solo "christmas" piece I wouldve put some more thoughts in it..