Monday, August 8, 2011

Check Yes or No

Saucy : I would just like to start by saying, I am by no means searching for a man. But even if I WERE searching, I would NOT find one haha. Oklahoma is going through a little rough patch in the selection of eligible bachelors. The only one I can find that is even SINGLE now a days is Forney….and well….let’s not go there……But other than him they are all taken. Even the weird, unattractive, pervey, jerks got a significant other. I would like to think I am close to normal, not painful to look at, very classy, and super nice……and ….yup! I’m single!
Eyes of Blue: Saucy…I know you can’t stand sweet ol’ Forney, but we LOVE him!!! He may be a little socially incompetent, awkward, strange, and a total goober but he totally likes you AND little meatball! He just doesn’t know how to talk to us female beings. He’ll grow out of it too. You know he loves Wil since he asks about him every time we run into him. Take the other day for example when I ran into him at homeland….

Saucy : Forney Forney Forney……….UGH! My mother has a total cougar crush on the poor kid, and her and I have both agreed that if dear Gma Modern were in her 20’s she would be all over him! Hehehe. I just can’t see what everybody else sees, BECAUSE YES! He is socially incompetent. PERFECT description… And awkward.

He asks to come over to my house… I say, yes. He comes over. He sits on the couch and stares at me. Ok….uh…would you like me to do a flip?? And so I try and initiate worthy small talk, and he smiles, awkwardly looks from side to side….then mumbles something irrelevant and sits back in silence once again.

Eyes of Blue was just telling me a couple of days ago she saw Forney at Homeland and since he ALWAYS asks about me , he asked “how’s saucy and meatball, has meatball learned any new tricks lately?”. Eyes of Blue, Choc Chip, and I were overcome with laughter at this statement. Once when he was over we showed him that every time I pull on meatball’s cheeks (don’t ask, cheap amusement) , he will stick his tongue out. So poor little Forney assumed we treat him like a dog. Does he know any new tricks?? What do you want him to do?? Shake, roll over, and speak??! As far as I am concerned you all can date Forney if you like him so much, I’ll pass!

Eyes of Blue: But Saucy…he’s so funny! He just needs some growing up…he’s not used to talking to sweet, pretty girls, that’s all. I think you should be flattered. At least he's not stocker-ish and just out-right strange like the boys I had chasing me in high school. I wore a sign on me that said, don't come within 10 feet or else but somehow the weirdos were immune to my repellent. There was a time a wrestler left a carnation with a little note for me in the office saying,“Something beautiful for someone beautiful, signed your secret admirer”. And in keyboarding, I sat by this guy who always wanted to talk and hang out, but I would always kindly say no thanks. He eventually handed me typed up love note and at the bottom of it, he asked me on a date and to circle yes or no....

Saucy : I don’t believe I had any of those creepies pursuing me, although I assure you I would be quite embarrassed. Immune to your repellent that is funny hahaha….If Forney ever rights me a note that sais check yes or no…which I totally see him doing by the way, I will not only not date him, but I will block him on my facebook, block his number, and never to speak to him again. HMPH!

Eyes of Blue: Good thing silly Forney hasn't pulled any of those humorous stunts on you! That would have topped it all. But you know what... there is nothing wrong with being single right now. After all, we must follow cookie's great advice... "we don't need a boy...we need a man!!!" And if that fails...well... we'll be cat ladies together!

Will you go out with me?


  1. Mothers always want the ones we don't... ha/ha... :) (well, except in Curls life, it sorta worked that way.. that WAS the EXCEPTION, not the rule)...Patience little one... remember Saucy, you are ONLY 20!!!!!! God's timing is perfect, so in the meantime, be the best mommy you can be until God calls you to be something more. The same thing I would tell my own Stella.... :)

  2. And I am the RULE, NOT the exception...since curls obviously got to be the exception. I love he's just not that into you. is that where you got that from?? hehe....I will work on patience then =(

  3. Ha ha!! The weirdo sword picture is hilarious. So fitting! ;)

  4. I wish I had some stupid Forney sitting around staring at me. I'd be happy to teach him some new tricks. That's not supposed to sound dirty. Just that I'm lonely and bossy.

  5. Guess I did marry a Forney but didn't date any in high school either. And my sweetie was 4 years older than me, working a full time job and going to night school. But he didn't talk much however, I could and did make up for it. Why is it when you 'fall in love' with a quiet guy you think it's wonderful and have the idea that he is talking to you? After 10 years or so he's the best husband you could ask for but can't explain his feelings. Does it really matter? Not so much now as God showed me to focus on the good qualities and look to others for the communication connection. Stay strong Saucy and Eyes of Blue, and Stella. When the right guy comes along you will know. And remember God brings the girl to the guy! Another lesson I learned. For goodness sake why else did I leave N.Y. and move to OK? I would never have dated my sweetie in N.Y. And no, I would not fall over all over Forney now either. He's just cute.