Thursday, August 18, 2011

Who are you?

Saucy: I am a mushy, mopey mommy. As I wake in the morning, I stumble out of bed at the urging of my dear little boy’s whimpers in the room next door. I swoop him up and return right back to my bed, shove my nipple into his ravenous mouth, and close my eyes for a feeble attempt for just 5 more minutes of my precious sleep. Meatball won’t here of more sleep, and poops to let me know I am required to get out of bed or smell the horrendous odor in my dreams. Ah, the day has begun. I go lay him down for a little bit of play time….or for 2 minutes until he realizes I have left; and as I groggily walk to the bathroom I take one look in the mirror, glancing myself over, up and down, I notice my chipmunk like cheeks storing up nonexistent food in them covered in red dots that I haven’t seen for a couple years, my boobs are trying to reach for my knees to say hello, there is mush hanging off what most people take pride in calling “abs”. OH and don’t forget the lovely looking claw marks all down my stomach and the insides of my thighs. It looks like I got attacked by an angry kitty. I proceed to play on my laptop (aka facebook) for a while to notice bio dad’s oh so classy status updates of hooters’ girls, clubbing, and how in love he is with his gf, and my absolute personal favorite, “living the life of a father”. The weekend comes around and I dream of $500 shopping sprees, western dancing, dinner and a movie at warren, when all of a sudden the reality of unemployment strikes me across my oily ole’ face! So instead I go to wally world and do some grocery shopping and get to admire all the wonderful little children with their mommies and daddies, and think to myself “oh im so glad MY son gets to have a daddy like that too” ……………………okay, I’m done.
Eyes of Blue: I am a whiney, wimpy workaholic. WAA WAA WAA. Every morning is like groundhog day. I jump out of bed in a panic because I am conditioned to snooze my 3 alarms for 30 minutes until I realize I somehow turned them off in my sleep and now have less than 45 minutes to shower, get ready, make my lunch, and leave. When will I ever learn to wake up like a normal person? That may sound like plenty of time...but I beg to differ since I stare at my disaster zone closet for an unmentionable amount of time with absolutely nothing to wear. Let me just say that you DO NOT want to see me like this. I hate finding clothing. I need someone to please be my personal shopper and to have all my outfits in order by day so all I have to do is put it on and go. By the time I give up and put something ugly on, I’m in an awful mood and speed to work in a rage. Welp, I made it to work in one piece and it’s time to begin my day. I make a huge pot of coffee and check my email. If my to-do pile didn’t triple in size over the weekend like it usually does, I check my facebook newsfeed to see it clogged with lake pictures and amazing summer plans. That must be the life. After I gulp down two cups of coffee, I'm ready to conquer the day. The phone rings off the hook the entire day with crazy people wanting more information about a house they don’t know what the address is. I think it's a bit unfortunate that you have to smoke to get a break around here these days. The realtors I work with can be entertaining, but are extremely needy and like to use me as their own personal complaint department every time they come in. I rather enjoy it usually. It makes the day go by faster and it's much better than being stuck alone in a hole... aka cubical.



  1. I wake up before the sun and am greeted by my sweet precious Stella who encourages me to exercise and together we go walk/run 2 miles, come in, work out and then eat our breakfast and start the day. I then get my cup of coffee and try to get a QT in before Bella wakes up. When she does, she comes to my lap and I get to immediately hold her and lavish her cheeks with kisses. There is NOTHING like holding your grandchild first thing in the morning and getting all that lovin time! (I am so blessed to have them live here with me!). THEn, today, I GET to go to work. I get to actually put on nicer clothes than my usual cut off and T-shirt and go to an office where although I only work 3 hours a week, my boss appreicates me and tells me all the time how I "lift his load". It is a ministry afterall too. I don't make much, but all my money goes right into our savings so we have money to spend on Christmas gifts and vacations. Then I come home to BOTH my daugthers (and grand daughters) and we eat lunch (that my wonderful husband had brought home (Chinese!) and then go out to the pool to soak up some of the last of the summer rays. God is soo good! I wish you two could have my life........ ah..maybe in about 20 years you can.. hang on girls! It gets better! :)

  2. gezzz Bess, you make me jealous!!! I guess I need to 'get a life'... It's almost 2pm and I've only accomplished watering my garden, picking okra, one load of laundry (it's still in the dryer) and checked my facebook and email (which I NEVER get anything!!)
    Saucy and Eyes of both crack me up.

  3. Ohhh Saucy! Is it really all that bad?? You are beautiful! Who ever feels attractive first thing in the morning anyway?? At least you didn't experience the holocaust or have an epileptic seizure in the shower where in your unconscious state you knock the faucet to a scalding temperature that melts your skin away leaving you horrendously disfigured for the rest of your life. So what if you don't get to line dance on the weekends...Boo stinkin hoo. And Eyes of Blue, you are a good witness at that looney company you work for. You are probably the only bright spot in there miserable lives. Now both of you go watch Pollyanna! As for meeee....I'll let you know how the cruise goes! HEH HEH HEH!!!

  4. Curls-- hahaha "go watch Pollyanna" Let's play the glad game.

    You two must have been having a really good day when you wrote this. :) It happens. I would have to say that I used to be both. I too hit the snooze way too many times and do negotiating to myself about what time I could get out of bed and still make it to work realitivly on time. (this is the worst time to try and talk to myself...I am usually still dreaming) I would often make it out the door with a wet head and no make up on. ( I would throw my hair in a pony and do my makeup at my desk)Having a child of course changed all of that. There is no negotiating....the baby woke up way before I needed to be, and add an extra 40 minutes to nurse and get her ready it was a wonder I ever made it out the door when she didn't wake me up early. Well that was then... I havent had to wake up and dread the rest of my day in a long time. I am quite thankful for that. I have no complaining to do now... and although I am not rushing out the door I usually still end up with my hair in a pony and no make up on. :)

  5. Curls, I am so glad that i have your support and love in this difficult time of my life. GEEZ. easy for you to say missy taking vacations every other weekend. Nana Bessie, your crack me up haha....Loki....I hate that stupid game and they try and make me play it all the time! I recently have invented the hate game and mother actually plays sometimes!