Thursday, August 4, 2011

Veggie Tales

Loki: Oh, where is my hairbrush? Oh, where is my hair brush? Oh where, oh where, oh where, is brush? Do you remember this song from a veggie tales movie? I think I watched it when I was a kid...or when my brother was a baby. Either way. I probably haven't actually heard the song in some 15 years or so and for some reason it is stuck in my head right now. (I did just read a veggie tales book...but I always think of that song.) What reason or lesson that song was teaching is beyond me or why my mushed brain has decided to hang on to this musical gem is beyond me as well. I know you will probably not approve of said topic, but I had nothing else to discuss... unless you want to talk about my breastfeeding again. I am pretty sure the breastfeeding word in itself will illicit some groans from the peanut gallery. I haven't stopped  I am still "trying" without much success.

Stella: I've always despised Veggie Tales. Let's teach children Bible stories using vegetables. It's retarded. Although I'm sure the producers don't think so as they are probably now loaded and unfortunately, I haven't come up with a way to make tons of money from a lame idea so who am I?  As a parent you have to learn to deal with these kinds of idiotic things. For example, 20 years ago parents were forced to sit through episodes of Barney. Something I don't think I could physically do so I do applaud all parents who sacrificed their sanity for their child's entertainment... The worst thing my daughter loves to watch is My Little Pony & Strawberry Shortcake, which have some of the lamest songs/story lines imaginable. I feel I should be rewarded with a huge medal for surviving these.

Loki: Ahh I wrote this post so long ago and you never responded. So let me just say that yes my child is no longer breastfeeding, hallelujuah! She stopped before she hit 16 moths so I went just as long as Stella. Congrats to me because I was seriously going to stop long before that. I think getting fired saved that. I would not have been able to keep up with the pumping schedule much longer. It was a rough go for awhile...the exploding breasts and Blue trying profusely to get up my shirt. (hahah. This is just funny to me now.) She no longer tries and for that I am thankful. She did stick her little head down there the other day and pretend like she was gonna latch on (we were in the bath...sorry if TMI) and then looked up and laughed. She was just letting me know she remembered. That will go away, she won't remember. Even though Bella told me the other day she remembered nursing on her mum. Anyway, yes you sacrifice your own entertainment for your child's...I even found Big T intently watching Phineas and Ferb while Blue was off playing on her own. Right now I have the luxury of watching whatever I want and Blue will still cuddle and watch with me. Why we watched some of Alice and Wonderland (Johnny Depp version) today. I know she will reach an age when I will have to start monitoring what is on the screen because she will not be able to watch True Blood or Sex and the City with me anymore. Say what age is that? My mother would tell me I shouldn't be watching those shows either but even shows on ABC Family are all about sex. It does give me the excuse to watch all the Disney movies I adored growing up (and watching Shirley Temple with my niece)...but if I remember correctly it's the repeat showings that get annoying.

Stella: That was WAY too much information!!! EW. Definitely too much. I don't know how I'm supposed to carry on with this post with that mental image in my head. Concentrate.... Concentrate... We weren't allowed to watch a lot of things when we were younger. The Simpsons & Roseanne are the two shows I remember... Although, even now as an adult I don't find that I would ever want to watch those shows. They say even in the womb the baby can pick up on the mood & feel of the voices around them- so even just watching violence & yelling on tv can disturb a baby in vitro. Now how much of that really affects them... I don't know. But even with monitoring shows there are things kids pick up on that you won't notice until later. For example, one day Bella said damn out of nowhere and when asked where she heard that word she said "The Cake Boss." So now there is no more Cake Boss on tv even though I'm pretty sure she probably just heard it at random. Even some Disney shows and too evil for me. I don't allow The Little Mermaid or Sleeping Beauty. I certainly feel like my mother saying these things. Oh, the times they are a changin'...

Loki: Stella- You are turning into our mother.

Have you turned into your mother?


  1. Guard their little eyes and ears as long as you can! Soon a day is coming and the evil world will be all around them. They go off to school....then college...It won't be long and you no longer can shelter them! And yes, my cup runneth over with joy when BOTH of you turn into ME! :) ha/ha

  2. Hm....I don't think that I have turned into my mother.......well, I take that back certain things I have. However, I think I am more like Gma Modern. Except for the artist part =(

  3. Haha Bella saying that was the best thing that ever happened to me. No more forced watching of cake boss :)

  4. he trying to change from the man child?