Friday, August 5, 2011

Dress to Impress

Loki: Sometimes you say things that just baffle why you get mad when I come over to the house and go run and then...oh my gosh, take 10 minutes to shower!!!

Stella: No. It's not that I care about you taking a shower. It's that you use all my stuff while you are in there! And then you get out and put on my make-up and accuse me of stealing your mascara. Uh, no. I bought that myself. In fact, I find it quite humorous that when you get out of the shower you put on your broom skirt and lace shirt. You guys should see her laying around the house in this get-up. Even Bess laughs at her. She tells us that the broom skirt is "comfortable" and that she just likes to wear it. But it's awful. Which makes it H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S. I actually enjoy her wearing it because then I always have something to smile about.

Loki: I really have no idea what the big deal is with this skirt. It's comfortable and it's in style.. It's beachy. I was just trying to find something else besides shorts to wear. I got a little tired of wearing my work out clothes all day every day. I was used to dressing up and looking presentable every day and then I find myself feeling odd with make up on now. I wear pajamas all day long and find nothing wrong with it. At one point I thought maybe I should get dressed so I look presentable for my husband when he comes home but then he would come home and say, "Why are you wearing that? Where are you going?"

Stella: He dresses pretty wacko himself. He's got these sheer, white, beach pants that he likes to wear. Probably because not only are they see-through and "breezy," they look like pajama's. And even though they are completely see through, he still wears navy britches underneath them. Rumor has it, he wore them to the firework stand in an effort to boost sales. HAHAHA.

Loki: He bought those pants in Jamaica. I think he saw some dude wearing them and thought to himself that he would look pretty good and beachy in them too. They were like $40 I think. Pretty expensive pajama pants. I thought they were a silly buy, but he had just asked me to marry him and he was in a pretty good mood so of course I did not want to argue with him about white breezy pants that surely looked nice on a beach.... but where else would you wear them? Turns out the man wears them everywhere.

Stella: I guess if someone wanted to marry me, I'd let him get away with such shenannigans too. But not for long....  I'd fake a "didn't-know-how-to-wash-them-and-they-got-crumbled-up-and-shredded-and-sadly-you-can-never-wear-them-again-but-maybe-next-time-you-take-me-to-Jamaica-we-can-get-you-some-more" accident. But that's just me.... Between his beach attire, your home-comfort-broom skirt and Baby Blue's never matching hair bows, you guys are one creative little family.

Loki: Yeah well, we do what we can. At least we arent dorky.

Comfort or Style?


  1. This made me laugh. ha/ha ha/ha! I can say I don't miss seeing that broom skirt either. I never thought it as "lounge wear" to laze around the house in...and, Yeah, it was funny to see you wear it as "comfort clothes". But as little Bell says, "it doesn't matter what you wear"... (which is so ironic she says it, as it totally does matter to HER!)

  2. Oh how funny. I love Stella's solution to the white breezy pants. I too would do something of the same..they would certainly get mixed up in the wash with red or the 'throw away' bag by 'mistake'. But I am so fortunate because I have complete control over what my husband wears. He used to match stripe slacks with plaid weird shirts when I'd catch him before leaving for work.This was the one time he went shopping at JCP by hinmself. After that I always looked to see what he wore to work. He usually had to change either the slacks or shirts. Sometimes socks. He can put one blue sock on and one black and can't tell the difference. I tell him now when he wears the blue plaid shorts he bought himself at Kohls' as long as you pick out a solid color shirt that is the same color as in your shorts you can wear it. If you don't see the color in them, you can't wear it. Sigh. I have always liked to put makeup on whether I go anywhere or not. Especially mascara. If I don't look good, I don't feel good. And sadly, I was raised to 'look good' so looks over comfort even now.

  3. well, as you probably all know by now, because mother chip loves to make fun of me, i think walmart is quite the outing these days and so i get all make up and style ready to go grocery shopping. but unlike choc chip, say i dont have make up won't prevent me from making the 50/50....a little style a little comfort