Friday, July 30, 2010

Love Bites

Loki: I don’t understand people who allow themselves to get hickeys. That’s right- those big bruise looking things on your neck caused by breaking the blood vessels in your skin. I say “ALLOW” because that’s exactly what you are doing. No one just "accidently" gets or gives a hickey. It is a meditated idea; it is not an act of passion. I’m rather replused when I see one… especially on the neck of my baby brother. Yes, I realize that he is a man of 19 now and no longer a baby, but in my eyes he will forever be 4 years old. (Stella at least has him frozen in time at 10.) Actually, both of my brothers have shown up at family functions with big bruises on their necks, and there was no turtle neck wearing either trying to hide it! I think they were displaying their love bites proudly. At least Batman is married so I guess that makes it slightly better that it was his wife sucking on his neck. But The Man Child doesn’t even have a girlfriend (that anyone is aware of anyway.) I think The Man Child was just trying to prove to everyone that he is no longer a baby! But that’s what I think he is, and really it’s just like allowing a baby to suckle on your neck. Seriously, my Baby Blue tries to give me a hickey all the time!

Stella: First of all, did you just say SUCKLE? How can you not like saying breast, but are okay with the word suckle? Gross. And that’s exactly what this whole thing is to me- GROSS. In my head, my baby brother is still in the 5th grade, like Loki said. And 5th graders should not have hickeys on their necks! Being the classy person that I am, I would never want to give or receive a hickey. And I am 26! So I think we are in agreement here. When you get/give a hickey it is your intent to show to others off that someone has found you so appealing that they wanted to suck on your flesh. I laughed at the use of the word “meditated” though. That just makes me think you’re planning a murder or a serious crime. And hickeys are not a crime… But maybe they should be!
Loki: Yes, they should be! So who is this girl sucking on our brother’s neck? (I’m okay with the word “suckling” because it just makes me think of vampires, and vampires make me happy!) And I also hear it was his "friend"..ya know the bad vampire, Victoria (Sorry, I can’t help it that I reference Twilight so much.) But I no longer wish to discuss my brother’s neck or his vampire friends. The Man Child does tend to do everything Batman does so maybe he was just following suit. You know how they are all little clones of our father. But I don’t remember Dad ever sporting a hickey. Eww, let’s not go there either. I’m done with this topic... NEXT!
Do you let your loved one (or random Vampires) suckle on you? Please don't really answer.

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  1. Ba ha ha ha ha! This one made me laugh all the way through it! TOO FUNNY~!