Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Sick Day

Dear Sister Banter Lovers,

Loki is out sick again today so there will most likely be no post unless I find time and energy to come up with a story for you. Nana Bess has rushed to Loki's bedside while I am busy at work and overloaded with trying to catch up on Loki's work for the past 2 days... Perhaps later I shall write a blog about what a nice, loving, kind person I am since we don't hear about that very often.

Goodbye for now,

P.S. Did ya feel the earth movin?

1 comment:

  1. Yes, you are a nice loving person most of the time I see you. And no, I did not feel a thing yesterday but most everyone else I've talked with did. I feel sorry for Loki as a sore throat is the worst if you like to chatter and it hurts! And of course Nana would come to your rescue at a drop of the hat nice she is able to help out making your day at work lonlier. Is that a word? the spelling looks off. If you get bored we'll welcome your banter of course. I'll keep you and Lokie in my prayers today.