Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I hate that worm.

Loki: I wrote a blog… it was really profound. But I just couldn’t publish it. I knew Stella would make fun of me to no end and then that would be the end of our blogging career. It probably wasn’t really profound… just a bunch of my ramblings going in circles that no one would understand but me. You know when you are in middle school and you wrote notes to your friends? And you passed them out in between classes? I think those letters from me just talked about nothing over and over and bounced from subject to subject. However I was always a LONG note giver. I hated getting the ones that were only a paragraph long. We used to start notes with “Wuz up? NMH! (not much here)” and then continuing to write about what class we were in even though that person was probably sitting right next to you. We always gave code names for people …hmmm sort of like this blog! (ya know just in case someone saw the note that shouldn’t!) The note was then decorated with lots of scribbles of hearts or flowers or whatever you could possibly draw. When I got to high school I actually passed around a notebook back and forth between one of my friends ( I think Nana Bess gave me the idea!)… and we would write notes to each other that way. It is pretty ridiculous and waste of time but I am sure all kids do that… right?

So this is what kind of hoarder I am…. I have kept my notes from middle school! I even went as far as dividing them up and putting who they were from together. So I have multiple baggies with notes shoved inside and the name of the giver on the outside. It’s a little disturbing. I’ve tried to read them before but they are really ridiculous and never really about anything. You would think after I have moved… 6 times that those notes would get lost or thrown away!!! But No they are currently in my attic.

Stella: What could you have possibly written about that would have been profound? I am very
interested in knowing that. Are you sure it just wasn't a bunch of rhetorical questions piled together into one very long paragraph?
Well, I guess I will comment on the current subject at hand, although it is very hard as I am off today and keep seeing our faboosh mother in her fuzzy pink bathrobe playing "icarly" with Bella. (The way to play this game is to run around and call each other Sam & Carly.) Anyway, I win the prize for biggest nerd note writer or whatever it is you were getting at. I have written my pen pal, Tania, for 15 years. That is 15 years of snail mail from here to Canada. I have a chest in which I keep her letters, although I don't think I have the first few saved.. (tisk tisk for my 11 year old self's organization skills.) By the way, my notes never sounded like yours...

Loki: I was simply trying to give you a quick example of our notes. If you would like I could crawl up in my attic tonight and fish one out for your viewing pleasure. I know that your 11 year old self would love to snoop in my notes. You are quite the snooper… even reading all of Nanabess’ emails. We just gossiped about each other in my notes and of course boys… you and your weird little friends probably developed potions or rants about how you hated the world. You were like goth girls without all that make-up. Anyway I love your weirdness and your friends…. Now. Yes I find your pen pal relationship a little odd. I wonder if there are many other friendships that have lasted that long… over mail! It is quite an accomplishment. Please get her to come here so I can hear her say Abouuuut! I love accents… even dumb ones like Canadian! I had a pen pal once… she sent me stationary… she was from Japan. I think I only wrote her twice.. then Stella took over and wrote her for a year. I guess Stella felt bad about Yuko Yano because I wouldn’t write her back. Stella actually said this weekend… “I didn’t write her for very long… maybe a couple of years!”. Ummm that’s a long time for a pen pal!

Oh and it was a bunch of rhetorical questions—how did you know!

Stella: Why don't you just dazzle us all with your deep thoughts next time instead of picking me apart about everything I do that you think is weird and different? I don't think I'd ever want her to come here because you would just be mean to her and make fun of her for being my pen pal like you always have. You have always been such a rude older sister making fun of me for everything I do. Because I did not play softball & basketball like you did and I didn't write notes drooling over boys like you and your stupid friends did. And then in highschool I didn't drink & party like you so therefore you felt the need to grab the back of my hair and slam my head into the steering wheel over and over again.... You just shouldn't refer to your junior high/high school self ever again because I hate that little worm with a passion.

Loki: Someone is in a mood and a little sensitive! I wasn’t picking you apart. I just said that I had no idea what your notes were like with your friends..and yes I am aware you hated me growing up. Gee. How am I making fun of you? I think it is great that you have kept up a pen pal for 15 years. Hello! I just said I couldn’t write my girl back after 2 times! I don’t care if you played sports… and I never have. I always thought it was cool how you could do things I couldn’t… like buy the cool clothes, have a band , bake, write, and be creative. I cannot help it that my young self offended you so. I never meant to….and didn’t realize you held such hostility towards me. I just thought we were sisters…and different and we wouldn’t/couldn’t be friends until later in life. (at the time—mom telling me we would be best friends like her and Choc. Chip—I thought she was loco). Please let’s be clear… there was nothing wrong with my junior high or high school self. I didn’t “party” until my senior year. That’s one year out of 7 that you may have not liked me for my activities… none of my family did. We do not speak of the Senior Year.. whatever. I made mistakes… but it has made me who I am today. I cannot dwell on it…and neither should you. Next time I should just write a dazzling solo piece...that way my sister doesn’t bring up stuff that she has been burrowing inside her for 10 years. Gee. I am sorry I banged your head on the steering wheel. I don’t know why I did that…something about my temper. I try to not use physical violence. But for some reason we both seem to like to use our fists.

Blah I didn’t know that this blog would end so seriously—I was just talking about dumb notes.
Welcome to our Sisterly Love! Sorry Readers for that public lashing! Please come back tomorrow… and maybe there will be a much happier post.

What kind of weather do you enjoy?!


  1. Ah.. sisters.. enjoy your adult relationship and put the past behind you as far as the "challenges" you two had. Yes.. all your experiences made you who you are today. :) And I love you both and you both are so like me in many ways. Like Loki, I too, hoarded my notes (in boxes) in the shed for many many years.. and I too, tallied them all up once seeing how many notes I had from each friend. I was a mean lean writing note machine! ha/ha... and... if I did have a pen pal, I would STILL be writing her today, cause I am just loyal like that and I love to write and correspond like STELLA! :)I LOVE OCTOBER weather.... my favorite month btw!

  2. whew!!! If I drank, I'd need one now! lol.... I have pics of you two sisters happy and enjoying your youth together! (so proof is out there...!) I wrote many a note in my day. I would write several friends during class and basically, they all said the exact same thing. And yes, I decorated them also. I write my man often now, little love notes and such. It's fun!

  3. Mmm. I didn't write notes in school as none of my friends were in my class and we got together over the weekends.Well, that was high school and in grade school I spent all the time I could at my best friend's home rather than mine. However I did have a small (cigar) box of 'love letters' which I finally threw away sometime in the '80's - I don't remember. I figured I needed only my husbands' Mr Mechanic letters. But today I wish I had saved some from my first boyfriend when I was 13 and he copied phrases from songs that were on the top 10 on the radio..only because I would now know which songs were popular when I was 13..although some still come to mind. I always knew that Loki and Stella would be best friends when they grew up just like my sister and I. (of course it was better before her accident). We never fought as kids as I idolized her and only got upset with her when she let dogs walk with us to school. Hated that about her, and oh yes she would accuse me of wearing her panties and make me take them off! We shared blouses and skirts. I love to write and still do this day but usually in a prayer journal. I always wanted a pen pal, but alas we didn't know about them then in 'the old days.'

  4. I don't think anyone else in the world still has a pen pal... Just me.

  5. gma modern, if you google "popular songs of 19??" it will give you a list w/ lyrics. :o)

  6. I hate to write. Its amazing that I can even come up with words to post a comment. I have had a friend from birth that I still keep in touch with. The funny thing is she hates to write as much as me. So , it is amazing we still keep in touch at all. We will write once a year maybe at Christmas. I went to visit her last summer and we pick right up where we left off. I do have a box of love letters that T bone and me wrote to each other when we were first dating and I was at college. They are nauseating to read, but I am glad I saved them.

  7. Ps. The reason I called Juggy, Bearded man is because I thought I had to use a name not already given. Of course we can refer to him as juggy. I first typed cocky boy, but then thought he might not like that( he reads these sometimes ya know) So, from now on I will refer to my wonderful amazing good looking boy as Juggy!

  8. I think we will keep Bearded Man Choc Chip
    I have a feeling me and Curls would be best frieds. But she met "i dont know what we call him" and left us all. Therefore....I have no comment on all this "sisterly bonding relationships" . Mine ran away.

  9. How about Eagle?

  10. Eagle? I don't get it... I think Curls referred to him as "Golden Boy" in her one comment on the blog.

  11. because of his hair...or lack of hair.