Thursday, October 14, 2010

Which Sister Are You Like?

Take our quiz to see which Bantering Sister you are most like!

1. I prefer a man who is _____.
a. tall and lean
b. short and sturdy
c. at least 3 feet away

2. If I turn on TLC it will be to watch ______.a. Intervention
b. Say Yes to the Dress
c. American Choppers

3. If I could get a new car, it would be ______.a. a nice, new Lexus SUV
b. sturdy & dependable.
c. a pick up truck

4. I will only spend ______ dollars for a concert ticket.a. 100
b. 80
c. Zero. I will only go if it is free.

5. My favorite kind of icecream is ______.

a. Frozen Yogurt twist
b. White Chocolate Almond
c. Homemade

6. How often do you read books?a. As much as possible
b. Never, unless it is highly recommended.
c. What is a book?

7. What is your favorite type of food?
a. Mexican
b. Anything when I’m hungry
c. Steak & potatoes

8. I usually check my facebook ______ times a day
a. 10
b. 5
c. 0

9. The thing I hate most about my body is my ______.a. Sides/hips
b. Gut
c. Legs

10. What is your favorite alcoholic drink?a. Wine
b. I never know what to order unless I see a picture first.
c. Beer

11. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?a. Diet Coke
b. Lemonade
c. Mountain Dew

12. Pick the hobby you do the most often:a. Read celebrity gossip
b. Watch tv
c. Work out

Now total up the number of a's, b's, and c's that you have and scroll down!

If you have mostly A's... then you are most like LOKI!

You like to be in the know & enjoy a good book with a glass of wine at the end of the day. You like to work hard to buy nice things. You secretly like to watch others in pain, which is probably why you are up to speed on your celebrity juice and local facebook gossip. But you better work on those side crunches if you want to eat more Mexican!!!

If you have mostly B's... then I am afraid you are the most like Stella!

You are a little indecisive and paranoid. You want a car that is dependable, much like your man. You like to splurge a little when you have time to break away from the tv, but you don't like to waste time on silly things.

If you have mostly C's, Congratulations! You are Big T!

You love yourself and your hot bod. You are a man's man... You like your steak like your woman, well done! There's no time for fun and games when there is work to be done! But sorry to say, you're a little cheap and thrifty when it comes to spending that hard earned dough.

Now be sure to leave us your results & thanks for playing!


  1. Ok. I am mostly a except for a couple of b's but never c's. However I am more like B's reasons..go figure. Except for silly things. I can waste time doing nothing and be perfectly happy.

  2. Did Big T REALLY take this quiz? ha/ha... so funny. I have more B answers than A answers so guess that means I am like Stella? which is weird cause I think of myself more like Loki - I do love Mexican, wine and Diet coke... but that was it for our simiular answers. I think the correct answer for this quiz is Loki and Stella are BOTH like Nana Bess.. but since Stella is around me more, perhaps we rub off on each other a bit more than me and Loki...hum... funny quiz girls.. I enjoyed taking it. :)

  3. I was forced to take this quiz under duress. Unfortunately, there was no option D. None of the above. Therefore, I scored mostly B's and a few C's. I guess that makes me like Stella. Oh joy!

  4. Yes, Big T was present & participated in the making of this quiz.

  5. Uhm, I tied between Loki & Stella....Now what do I do?? I'm both?

  6. Well, i had 8 bs, 1 c, and only 3 as. So are you saying I am the same as nana bess. I think not lol. So I guess I am like Stella. Of course we already know that me and stella both have equisite taste,a great sense of style, and we are both high maintenance.

  7. A's=7
    C's=1== #9
    I'm a Loki......who'd a thunk it? lol..... I wouldn't mind being like either of you actually! I'm not as creative as either; would NEVER think to make a cami from a suitcase like Loki and can't decorate a party like Stella.

  8. Stella! I'm Stella! haha Perfect. :)

  9. I'm more like Loki! I do love my mexican food and so do my hips!