Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Man's Best Friend

Loki: I was laying in bed at 6:30 a.m. feeding Baby Blue on my day off when I received a phone call from some 800 number. They left a message telling me they found my dog Bear (the microchip people.) First of all, my dog is not named Bear.. Although unbeknownst to me, Bear happens to be my dog's middle name. I didn’t realize dogs had middle names... Secondly, I didn’t realize my dog had even been missing. But after searching the entire house and yelling outside, we realized that yes, Boomer Bear was missing. Apparently, Big T forgot to let him back in after his nightly bathroom break, and the windstorm blew open our gate that night. I guess it is a good thing that we spent the $40 to get him chipped. (Boomer has gotten out before without being chipped and we have spent many hours yelling “Boomer!” up and down streets… I am sure people think we are some nutty Sooner fans trying to get people excited! So I guess it’s a good think we didn’t name him ChooChee or something else you wouldn’t want to be screaming out loud.) Anyway, the microchip place connected me with the guy that called in, but he didn’t have the dog. He said he just knew what area he was around. What??!! Why would you take the time to look at the dog's coller and call into the missing dog place, but then let him wander off?? So after a brief search, we did in fact find Boomer. So then I had Baby Blue and a wet, muddy dog in my car. I ran out of the house without grabbing a leash so I had to pick the dog up… and gross. I couldn’t carry them both in the house! So one at a time we went inside. It can be quite difficult trying to lug stuff in when you have a baby to carry as well. (Off topic but there is no running in the store real quick either!) Next I had to give Boomer a bath before he could jump up on my cream-colored couch and put muddy paw prints next to the baby drool (that has already ruined the couch.) Baby Blue laughed and laughed at Boomer in the bathtub. She really likes baths…Boomer does not! It was quite a hassle trying to keep him from clawing his way out without him knocking over the baby (who was standing at the tub trying to help wash the dog) and to keep myself from getting soaked. I managed 2 out of the 3. Don’t worry the baby is fine. Haha. Just kidding… She didn’t get knocked over and only got splashed once…which she found quite humorous.
Stella: It sounded (before I edited your wording) as if you were bathing both the dog and the baby at the same time. Please tell me this isn't so. I am just NOT a dog person, no matter how hard I try to be. The idea of a dog is very appealing to me.. You know, man's best friend... Someone loyal... But then the reality of having a dog... smelling a dog... taking care of the dog is just appalling to me. Sure, they can be cute in pictures & as puppies. But then they just grow up into big, disgusting ANIMALS! I'm sorry to burst your bubble, people, but animals are NOT people. I have tried to change my ways and even before I had a child I just could not force myself to like them. Why should I? Is it a crime that I don't like dogs? My daughter will tell you that the only kind of animals I like are "stuffed animals." People look at her like they are worried she is being raised by a crazy person for saying such things, but I think it's terrific. On the other hand, my daughter is IN LOVE with dogs. I'll probably have to break down and buy her one someday. But maybe I'll have a dog loving man that will take care of it so I don't have to. Until then we have my mother's pug. The only real thing I do like about dogs are naming them. The names of our pugs have been: Beulah Marie, Gertrude Eleanor (Gerdie) and Stella Louise.

Loki: I knew you would love this topic! No, I was not bathing them both at the same time.. I had Boomer in the tub and Baby Blue was standing by me (outside of the tub) You forgot to mention our other dogs' names: Snow Flake, BoDoodles, Walkerdoodle, and Poopsie. I feel the same way about cute puppies that just turn into stinky dogs. That’s why I wanted a little dog… because they remain small and puppy-like. I still call my dog a puppy at times, and he is not a puppy at all. But he is a good dog and very well trained (in the potty area). He jumps on visitors and gets a little too excited for my liking (or others entering my house.) However, he is really good with Baby Blue… And they play all the time. It is SUPER cute. I think she will be a dog girl like her cousin Bella. Even though Bella loves dogs, she does not love my Boomer. We always have to leave him outside. “Don’t let that dog in!” says Bella. I do not like the shedding of my dog, but what can you do? Big T treats him like a child sometimes and told the dog to "go to mommy!" …Um No!! I did not birth that dog!

Stella: I personally hate your dog because when I walk in he claws my legs. On top of that, I have cleaned your house several times and seeing that black hair every where makes me want to scream! I also have major issues with people who treat their PETS as CHILDREN. One friend of mine has more clothes for her dog & takes more pictures of that dog than I do of my own flesh & blood child. *Okay, that's a slight exaggeration but you get what I mean.* I just don't get it! My ex-relations would spend hours upon hours watching their dogs & talking about them to me when I was pregnant. And since I didn't know them that well I had to sit there and pretend to be interested in what they were saying. It was PURE torture. I didn't keep up that charade very long...

Loki: I think people who do not have children to talk about just liked to talk about their pets. I used to talk to our co-workers about pets all the time… But now, not so much. I have more interesting stories and things to discuss than about how my dog got scared of the thunder last night. Nana Bess used to love her Stella (the real dog, not you) and now she doesn’t care so much… because now she has babies to love on. At least there are no cats around.

Help control the pet population. Have your pet spade or neutered.


  1. Loki, lol...for a min I thought you were bathing both at once too!! lol... Gross! But the child would love that tho' AND the dog, I'd bet. Stella, I used to despise stinkin' dogs! Now, I like them. Big ones that is. I have a friend and he and his wife have two BIG dogs and they sleep w/ them...he says they spoon! Well! No wonder you have no human children, only dogs! That makes me ill. Also, when they go out on weekends, they go to friends who also have only dogs and they bring theirs for 'play dates!' COULD YOU JUST VOMIT? They are not young couples either, they are 45-50! Loki, I remember when you lived over close to where I lived at the time and you lost your dog. I was w/ Nana Bess and she was on the phone w/ you. You were walking up and down the sidewalk screaming "BOOMER!" It was sad, but humorous. One more thing; when I was a wee one, my dad coon hunted all of the time. We had hound dogs and when we traveled for Christmas or such, I would have to set in the seat w/ the dog in 'my' floorboard (cause I was smallest) and he would 'toot' the entire trip! Horible, stinking, dead skunk toots!

  2. Oops! I meant horrible..not horible.
    Oh! I'm sorry that I have such long posts! I'm just chatty.
    OK...I have a joke for you...

    What do you get when you cross an insomniac, atheist, dyslexic?

  3. play dates for dogs? Gak!

    Is it a dog walker? I dont know!!!

  4. NO DOGS ALLOWED!!!! Especially in the house. Dogs belong outside and people belong inside. Dog hair, smells, pee, poop, ticks, fleas, slobber....belong outside!!! Now, I will tell you how I really feel Baha!! It drives me crazy when people treat their dog like a human, and call each other Mommy and Daddy! Yuck!!!! Ok, there is my comment about dogs

    "Someone who stays up all night wondering if there is a Dog!!!!" Am I smart or what?

  5. ding! ding! ding! And the winner issssss...Choc Chip! :o)
    I must also tell you that I have a new relative that takes her dogs to Doggie Day Care while she works! AND PAYS FOR IT!!! Stupid! Stupid that she utilizes the service and stupid that there IS a service!

  6. WELL, I guesss I have no comment, because i am no dog hater

  7. I never have liked dogs. But growing up we did have a beagle which was my mother's dog..but my sister took care of it. We all treated it like the 5th child in the family and I mainly ignored her except when I broke up with a boyfriend and she'd keep me company in my room while I cried. My mother would stand in front of 'her chair' until our dog "Pixie" slowly climbed down. She also gave Pixie a bath in our tub, but back then it was my mother's house and I didn't think for myself...and would never have told her what I really thought. You didn't argue with my mother.She loved debates. I think my mother was a control freak. I don't like cats either. And I don't like other people's dogs or cats..but I try to be nice unless they bark or are big than fear takes over. I even stayed in the car if people I came to visit had a dog that barked at me, waiting til they claimed their dog. Choc Chip's husband had a dog named "Bear" that scared me and he knew to come save me. I think Bear would have bitten me. I do have a tender heart though and don't like animals hurt..it brings out the nurturing side of me. And I am like Stella too, and only had dogs/cats in our family after NanaBess wanted one. I survived, Stella.