Monday, October 18, 2010

Crème Brulee

Loki: Since I have been laid up this past week with sickness, I have been watching a lot of ridiculous TV shows. It is amazing to me how we can have so many channels with all sorts of shows. I just said all sorts... Let me explain. I have been watching a marathon on the BBC (UK station) and watching a show “Come Dine With Me.” I like to listen to them talk, and of course I am speaking like them now in my head. Anyway, it is a reality show in which 4 strangers have dinner at each other's house for the next 4 nights. Whoever serves the best dinner wins 1000 pounds. (I dont know what that is converted to dollars.) Anyway, it’s rather unusual watching them eat dinner with strangers... usually it is just 2 men and 2 women. There is always someone really weird in the group, and after they eat they always go and snoop through their host’s home. The people on this show always make the strangest foods. It is just strange to me how we cook different. What is common in the UK is not here. I can’t even begin to describe their dishes because they always have names that I can not even pronounce. A lot of lamb though... and sometimes its just roasted chicken but they have weird sauces for it too. They eat a lot of cream desserts--flan and crème brulee. I would love to travel someday and try all the different sort of foods (not just the Americanized version.) When we went on vacation to Jamaica, (Big T and I,) I was a little irritated at some of the restaurants... You could tell they were trying to make an "American" hamburger. But I wanted the real deal. Don’t worry, we did try the real jerk chicken and the amazing fruits. The best night of food was when they had an outside buffet with all sorts of smoked meats and side dishes. We tried everything. My co-worker went to Israel for 2 weeks and when I asked about the food, she said they found a McDonald's and ate there every day for every meal. She said when they tried to eat there it was just mush, but she was describing hummus. I think it is one of their main dishes there.

Stella: I would like to play that game. But I would like to spread it out over a longer period of time rather than just 4 days. And I wouldn’t like to go to stranger’s houses…. I think I would just like to be served fancy and exquisite dishes from people that I know. Oh, and that I like. Okay, I really just don’t qualify for this show at all. But I do like crème brulee. (It’s fabulous at Deep Fork.) And Crème brulee reminds me of Pnina Torna…. as I have been watching lots of “Say Yes to the Dress” & wedding shows. (Which you would know if you took our quiz! I especially like to watch the Big Bliss episodes. I won’t lie, it makes me feel good about myself.) This weekend I watched the new “Four Weddings” episode, which is the same premise as the show Loki described above except 4 strangers go to each other’s weddings and rate them. But these girls can be so annoying complaining about how there is “TOO much food at the cocktail hour” or how “there wasn’t as much bling as I thought there would be.” I also read a lot of wedding blogs… And look up the usual.. Wedding Ideas. Wedding dresses. Wedding pictures.. And I especially love when someone is tagged or puts up wedding pictures on Facebook…. Why, you might ask? Am I already secretly planning my wedding to Mr. Bradford? No. I just love them. And I don’t travel and eat exotic food or maybe I would be into that.
Loki: No, you are not an adventurous eater so I don’t think you would do well having other people cook for you. I am surprised I got you to eat hummus with me…Although you had a snear on your face until you decided it wasn’t going to make you gag. Next up: Sushi. Do you know it is an insult to salt or pepper food someone has cooked for you? It means it wasn’t cooked properly in the first place. Although I don’t take personal offense to such things… But in these shows they do. I like watching “Four Weddings” too. I make Big T watch it with me too… Just so he can know how good he had it. (And to torture him at the same time.) I hate how usually the girl that spent the most money on the wedding is the one that wins the big trip in the end. When, Hello! If you spent $56,000 on your wedding then surely you can afford a decent honeymoon somewhere. Do you think these girls go on a honeymoon anyway and then whoever wins just gets a second honeymoon? I would like a 2nd honeymoon please…to Tahiti or Fiji—those are my dream vacays. Why are you looking up wedding dresses? (Seriously I can see her computer screen and she is browsing high dollar wedding dresses.) I was in like 3 consecutive weddings… then we had to plan my wedding and then Stella’s wedding… and then Batman and Blondie’s wedding.. I am wedding’ed out. Even if it has been a year and a half since all the wedding hoopla…I am still not recovered. Please tell Sammy he has to wait to marry you.

Stella: We'll probaby have sushi, hummus, and crème brulee at our wedding... I don’t think Sammy and I will have a budget for our festivities so let’s go ahead and pick out what dress I should wear. It has to be one of these Pnina dresses. (But let’s pretend he had her design it just for me. By the way, these are not my favorite dresses. Just put some on here for fun. Loki was afraid to pick because she didn't want to insult me.)

Dress 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.. Click to enlarge!

Jello?! Why does he want jello?

Because he's comfortable with jello.. Jello makes him... comfortable! I realize, compared to creme brulee it's... jello, but maybe that's what he needs.


  1. i so don't know where that quote came from! You would be so impressed to know that I just recently came to know about hummus. I like it!!! I bought some and keep it at work in the fridge to eat with my carrots at lunch. It is super healthy and yummy. Its a dip you can eat without feeling quilty. I also go to Sushi Nikos with curly everynow and again. I feel so cultured. I get a california roll, and a captain crunch, they are absolutely scrumptious. I love to try new foods!

  2. I hate the see through corset wedding dresses. I have decided I dislike Four Weddings (although I did watch most of it on Friday)because really, all of a sudden when you become engaged, you have to throw this big event that will be one of the most memorable occasions of your life (or hire someone I guess). I have never been to a wedding like on the show.. but it would be fun to attend. Horrible horrible to judge other women's weddings.. it's their wedding and no they probably didn't want their food cold, or didn't want lame music, but you can't control everything unless you have tons of money And I agree with Loki, if they had such money to spend on the wedding, didn't they also spend on a honeymoon. Choc chip, think Julia Roberts.

  3. My mother has never seen my best friend's wedding. Or if she has it was only once and she didnt really like it. I think I like number 3.....and i HATE new foods. and other culture's foods are WORSE cause they have weird sauce or spices and its awful. I like sonic...wendys...subway.....or a steakhouse. good, normal food.

  4. I loved that movie! I need to watch it again and see if I still like it. Sometimes I watch a movie a few years later and think to myself..'what was I thinking???' I love, love, love hummus, tabouli, cabbage rolls and grape leaf rolls. There are a lot of Lebanese families in Bristow and that is where I learned about these foods. Wedding dress #3 is beautiful! I've never seen the shows you mention, so I can't comment. However, eating at strangers houses sounds both frightening and fun all at once!

  5. I also LOVE Indian. Ajanta restaurant on N. May is wonderful!!!

  6. Don't know the quote. Not interested in weddings that aren't normally priced...why spend it all on just one it for the honeymoon, right Loki? Me, however never had a honeymoon unless you can count my sister's in CA and we drove with her and spent the night in one bedroom and them in the other. Geez. I guess I was desperate back then. It was my mother's idea and she kept my 2 little kids, 19 months and 5 months. Maybe because she didn't give me a wedding in a glass church! didn't count. Everyone should go on a honeymoon cause it'll never be the same after you are married. Now about the food thing. I kinda like different foods but need a little encouraging. I have eaten hummas and love it! A Greek restaurant in KS. Not so sure about sushi. But if I didn't know I was eating it. I like to watch food shows especially Bobby Flay's Throwdowns..and Progressive Dinner's are fun,where you all go to someone's home to eat one part of the meal, the go to the next house to eat the entree, etc. ending up at the final place for dessert. Even Stella would like this as you would know all the people. And none of the wedding dresses look like mine...but I liked Stella's and Loki's dresses well as Curl's. Cause I'm short like them so I could wear them. Hah. Just kidding. And, Saucy, I like Wendy's too, and Sonic..but Ted's Escondido's is pretty fine too!

  7. Saucy, you sound like a typical pregnant girl. Craving only fast food. haha. How can she NOT like My Best Friend's Wedding? It's in my list of Top 5 movies!