Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vomit Induced

Loki: I usually bring my lunch to work with me. It saves on money, and I eat healthier that way. Besides I am always starving at noon and I don’t think I could wait to go to lunch at 1. Anyway, I usually tend to pack something extra for dear Stella. (When she packs her lunch, that just means she grabbed 2 pieces of bread and shoved some turkey in the middle)… So she usually rejoices in my fine cooking! This morning I told her I had extra meatloaf for her. Her reply? “I would rather eat vomit!”

Stella: Sometimes I just do not have a filter for my mouth. I apologize for comparing your meatloaf recipe to barf and then saying barf was better. What an insensitive person… Indeed your lunches are always better than mine. (Although sometimes I have time to put a little mayo on the bread, but most of the time I don't!) I just think everything about meatloaf is disgusting. The word meatloaf makes me have a gag reflux itself.

Loki: Meatloaf makes me think of the cartoon, Garfield. Talk about word-association. I don’t particularly love meatloaf, but Big T likes it (or claims too anyway.) When you have to plan meal after meal after meal… sometimes you have to mix in new things. We rarely eat it so it was different. I always have left overs… When cooking for just 2 people you always have leftovers! Big T doesn’t EVER eat them. But, I save them anyway thinking that I will eat them. I usually don’t either so we waste a lot of food. Baby Blue had meatloaf last night too and she liked it.

Stella: I think I read a statistic somewhere that Americans end up throwing away 60% of their groceries. Isn’t that interesting? I am just full of useful information sometimes. And you save food because you grew up in a house with Nana Bess who saves things like Ramen Noodles. (They cost 16 cents!!!! You can afford to buy more! Throw it away!) Why don’t you just start making smaller portions? Americans are so fat because we all think we have to have this huge full plate of food & know nothing about correct serving size proportions. On a side note, I tried to get Nana Bess to watch the “Super Size Me” documentary on McDonald’s, but I think she turned on House Hunters instead.

Loki: For real, have you watched it before? You will never eat at McDonald’s again! Yes, I know we are off on our portion sizes. It is just hard to cook smaller portions. I have always said that I will cook the same amount when I have a family of 4. I have a hard time because I was raised to clean my plate! Even if the portion is twice what I need, I will consume it. It's hard to leave food on your plate. Hence…my love handles.

P.S.- Nana Bess is addicted to House Hunters.

Stella: Did you know that after that documentary came out McD's stopped asking if you wanted items super-sized? Of course they did! The man gained 24 lbs in only 28 days. It then took him 13 months to lose that weight that took ONE month to put on!

And here is a picture that will make you never want to eat McDonald's again if that wasn't enough. That pink, goopy, snake thing is mechanically separated chicken, and it's used to make chicken nuggets and patties. And if you didn't think that was bad enough, it's crawling with bacteria, so it will be soaked in ammonia. The ammonia makes it tastes terrible, so it's then flavored with artificial chicken flavor. After that, it's dyed white so it looks like chicken again.

(Chicken nuggets are the only thing I ever get from McD's. I feed them to my precious baby too. I'll probably still continue to eat them. Isn't that disgusting?!)

By the way, while we're on this subject, reading "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair was the highlight of my senior year. It's about the meat packing industry in 1906 (for all of those who were not in AP English.) My friend & I wrote a parody about it called "The Bradley Story" and published it for the entire English class. It was a big hit. That's how cool I was in h.s. I still have a copy if anyone is interested. Poor Stanslovas got eaten by the rats...

Loki: Eww! Gross! I never get the chicken nuggets and I am GLAD. I watch this show on the BBC channel about fat people and how much they consume in one week. The host, Jillian, always makes them look at the stuff that is actually in their food... Sorta like those nuggets! Except she would show them a chicken head or a pig's snout with the hairs still attached. Talk about vomit inducing! I have vomitted enough for a lifetime when I was prego with Baby Blue. If you are interested I can give you a list of which things are worse coming up... I will never again it noodles. :)

I can't believe that we forgot to close this post without a picture of Lady GaGa's meat dress! We want to know what foods make you sick!


  1. All I have to say to this subject is My wonderful Gma saved EVERYTHING.. and I don't know why I feel like she is pleased with my efforts to be a good steward of my food and not be wasteful of it. And who knows when it may be a depression again and I will know HOW to save it all for that day! I mean we will never starve at out house even if I don't go to the store in a while... because there will be some kind of food in that there fridge!!!! And I will never eat a chicken nugget again so help me Hannah. (and why is THAT a saying?).... hum.... ha/ha...

  2. I can never eat there again. Thank you Stella! Since that is ALL i ever crave anymore! Are there fries that bad?? not as in how fattening there are i could care less how huge i get, but that chicken stuff is the nastiest thing ever! Where did you learn all of this! i dont know what to eat for dinner =(

  3. Can't believe Stella doesn't like meatloaf. She must have never eaten mine, which is deicious as I add mozzarella and other 'goodies.' But I never let my kids see me mix it as we all know what it takes for kids to see a meal in progress and be grossed out. And I gave up on Big Mc'D's a long time ago..and will for sure not eat there again. Though I never chose the nuggets when I could get a hamburger and fries...yes, fries are my weakness. And I like Sonic fries just fine and the value size is perfect, along with the value hamburger. Less than $4 but do I count? Hate leftovers usually but store then in containers then throw out a week later when I find them. I did not grow up in the depression years and I waste everything I'm sure. And Lokie, when you start cooking for 3 (or 4 in the future?) portions even out. Just don't finish your kids plates because they won't finish them. In American we are not desperate for any kind of food so eat and enjoy. I am like Stella though and eating comes after getting ready for work. I can wolf down a bowl of cereal in a minute and will take a peanut butter sandwich with me in the car on way to 1 pm art class, or drive through Sonic and eat the above mentioned already. My sister, who does not cook always appreciates whatever I make for dinner, either the night I fix it or the next day. She'll always take home leftovers. I prefer to start from scratch. Unless I eat a hotdog which I'm told has all kinds of bad things in it too, says Mr Mechanic. But having grown up in N.Y. and eating them every Sat night I grew to love and crave them. And at least once a month I have to buy them but usually eat the first 5 and freeze the others. I would probably even choose a hotdog over chicken nuggets. How about you?

  4. I knew I hated the chicken nuggets for a reason! lol Last time I went to Bristow, I drove through McD's and ordered a wrap, drove off w/ my delicious meal, got onto the turnpike and opened the bag ready to chow down and it was a box of stinkin' nuggets!!!! I was SO irritated! I do NOT like them and never have! I will eat most anything (as most of you know!) but I never even ate my kid's left over nuggets!!

  5. Gma, I just do not like meatloaf. One time I even baked a very fancy one myself and it was still gross. I also eat on the go and in the car a lot. Some mornings I will try to drive with a bowl of cereal. I can usually eat it all while I am still on the back roads. (And then I have to dump out the milk at a stop sign so I can put the bowl down...) Probably not the safest thing to do & it would probably be easier if I just got up 5 minutes earlier instead of hitting the snooze 3 times. I like hot dogs too, especially if they are nice & burned from the grill. Yummy!