Monday, October 25, 2010

Hair Care

Stella: I’m thinking about purchasing a wig. Thoughts?

Loki: Like for Halloween or because you want to wear one for a daily use?

Stella: For daily usage of course. We already established that I do not participate in dressing up for Halloween. This head of hair has become so unmanageble. It's like taking the 1st step... I have come to the conclusion that I am powerless over controlling my hair and it has become unmanagable.

Loki: Serioulsy? Well, I dont think your hair is that un-manageble. I think it is more to do with the fact that you dont want to spend time on your hair... or you would rather just wear a pony tail. I have been sporting curly hair for a long time only because I dont want to get out of bed 30 minutes earlier to straighten it. Please get a pink hair wig... or really blonde.

Stella: No, I think I shall get a blue wig and call myself Katy Perry. Or a pink wig and call mysef... Pink. Or red like Rhianna. I guess colored wigs are the latest fashion. I bet most of the men who come in here are color blind and wouldn't notice anyway.
Loki: I watched a "True Life" episode on MTV... and there was a girl who had several different wigs that she wore daily. I think she had a shopping addiction, but they were like accessories to her. What happened to your curly hair?
Stella: Yes, it went away when I got pregnant. Maybe it'll come back again someday if I ever get the chance to procreate and spread my genes again. I used to love having my low-maintenance curly hair. Even though someone once told me it looked like a rat's nest when I was younger. (I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU! You know who you are!) But now I just can't handle all this washing and drying and straightening. Then it just looks awful. Either too flat or too frizzy. Never just nice & calm....
Loki: Who said your hair looked like a rat's nest? One time when I was 16 I decided to try something new with my hair... I think I put moose in it or shomething. Anyway, my manager at work (at the time) told me it looked like a cat had licked my hair. It wasn't very nice and I have never forgotten that... In fact, I use that quote a lot to describe my hair. Oh, motherhood! I can't wear my wedding ring now because apparently pregnancy made me allergic to white gold. Is that not the craziest thing you have ever heard? I guess I am going to have to get another ring soon... maybe platinum this time. (Uhh... yeah right!)
Stella: One time Gpa told me it looks like I had gotten in a fight with a cat (when I was in my teens and had a break out on my forehead.) People should think before they say such cruel things to young impressionable girls. I will not reveal the name of the rat commenter, but I'm sure you can guess. Also, I found my FIRST gray hair this weekend. I was really stressing out. I even tried to get dad to help me pluck it out, but he kept ripping out the rest of my hair and not the gray one. "Your mom got gray hair when she was your age too," he said. So then I was in pure panick mode... I already know I've only got 4 good years left until I reach the dreaded 30... And now I'm going to have gray hair??? Luckily, Nana Bess maintains that she was in her 30's when her head turned gray, but I don't know if I trust her memory.
Loki: Yowzers! I hope I don't have any gray hairs! You know when you pluck one, two will grow back. You just said Panick instead of Panic... haha. Talk about freaking out... You lost your ability to spell... Maybe you are turning into Nana Bess!
Thoughts on getting old & gray?


  1. Baby Blue sure has some long hair! I love it!!!Stella, I didn't know that your curly hair was a thing of the past! I thought you just always straightened it! I've heard that pregnancy can change these things! Also, Loki, I always thought your hair was almost completely straight. That shows you how observant I am! I get accused of being the most unobservant person on the planet all of the time. Guess I am. The only thing I noticed that changed b/c of pregnancy is that I started liking tomatoes. I was prego w/ bull rider boy and I was at Choc Chips house and she made tacos. I DESPISED tomatoes up to that very day. I couldn't eat a hamburger if I ordered it and they put a tomato on it. Even if they took it off, I knew it and wouldn't eat it! Well, Choc Chip chopped up them there tomatoes and for some crazy reason they looked appetizing to me! I tried one and 'OH MY GOODNESS!!!' They were the best thing I had ever tasted in my life!! I still love 'em. A wig? Really? I would think that would be so uncomfortable and itchy. Not that I know. So...give it a try. Try that one in the pic at the top of the post that is just left of the woman's hand.....rrreeeeerrrrrr!!!!! One eye covered always looks 'naughty' to me! lol

  2. Hair is not a blessing! It's always either too curly or too straight. My curly (frizzy) hair was no more after my first pregnancy too. And now it is totally straight. I remember putting gelatin mixed with water in my teens to straighten my bangs. Then in my 40's I tried a perm. Yoweee! Talk about looking like a lion's mane. Never do that again. Why can't we just get a hair cut that we can wash and go? Aha. we could if we would just cut our hair really short. There are some cute looks in a recent magazine if you're in your 20 or 30's. And I understand criticism when young, Stella. It kinda implants itself in our brain and hard to ignore. I think a blue or pink wig would be fun to wear, and maybe it would shock your co-workers into actually noticing you behind the corner. This morning I did not like my hair and thus am wearing a sloppy ponytail debating whether to make an appointment to get some more cut off! Maybe we should just wear hats!

  3. I wasn't thinking clearly. The question was about being old and gray! Eeeek. Does that mean because I have gray hair I'm old? How about the fact George Clooney looks great with gray hair! haha

  4. Well..after my first baby.. my hair turned wavy. And not the all over nice wavy.. it was more curly wavy on the bottom half and less wavy on top. I did enjoy the low maintenance of it, but after being used to straight hair... it was a change. I now think (10 years later) that my hair is losing it's wave, which is fine with me. I do not enjoy blow drying it out straight. Everyone gets gray... thankfully we have wonderful coloring choices. I agree with Cougar in that I think a wig would be itchy.. but you could always try it. I also think of Pretty Woman where she wears the short blond bob wig and then reveals this beautiful mane of hair. Sigh.. wouldn't we all like that.

  5. Let me just say, that is an awesome picture of George Clooney! I don't concern myself with grey hair. i just keep getting it highlighted. I would look way older with grey. And since 40 is the new 20, I would look ridiculous at the age of 25 walking around with grey hair. I have always hated my hair. I had such hideous looking hair growing up, especially junior high and high school. Once when I was in 9th grade a boy, Muscles who I had a humongous crush on told my friends..." If she would just do something with her hair". What!!! So if I changed my ugly hair than he would of liked me. So, I have had a hang up with my hair ever since. I actually like it at this particular moment. Happy with the color and cut.

  6. Ps. Did I say how cute George Clooney is? Oops...sorry saucy. I am old not blind!!!!

  7. bahahah Choc Chip! 25 years old should not be walking around with gray hair (is it gray or grey...Im confused) .
    Yes swoon..George Clooney. he does look good with grey. Rob is like the younger George Clooney. haha well thats what I think anyway!

  8. I am the only person on the whole planet who doesn't think george clooney is cute, my gosh HOW OLD IS HE ANYWAYS!? Gross Chocolate Chip. I KNEW you were going to say something about that stupid 9th grade boy who dissed your hair. poor little you =( he's the reason why your so vain! haha kidding. I can't even think about getting grey hair....just like i can't think about getting wrinkles. as a matter of face i have recently began using olays firming night cream to keep from getting old skin. Thats my worst fear. Thinking about aging gives me anxiety problems! ICK

  9. I think your hair changes textures every 7 years...

    Saucy, you are weird. But please, let me know how well your firming night cream works.