Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Loki: I’ve been waiting on Stella to play with me all day... She has spent all day writing her pen pal and then checking the weather report every 5 minutes. (I can see her computer screen from my desk.) I thought she was writing me back! But nope, the pen pal got the love today. And I don’t know what it is so interesting about the weather. I am much more entertaining!

Stella: I was checking flights dumb dumb.

Loki: So the love has not returned on the Sister Banter… Maybe we should get Franny and Sveltlana to come back. They were full of sunshine. Today Stella started telling ChaCha all about her horrible bully of a sister earlier, and I am sure scarred the girl with her exaggerations.

Stella: You’re just pushing it. Quit pushing it.

Loki: And here is the example of how Stella is EXACTLY like our father! I guess I should come up with a “Please write me back! Please write me back… Say YESSSSS!” song.

Stella: You want bread? 3 dollars!

Loki: Sigh. Well, I tried. Readers, I tried. Try again tomorrow... This is a roller coaster! One week we are a go... And then the next.... stalemate.
Comment the first word you think of!


  1. Maybe you should take a break.. a day or two of no blogs to just clear your minds and think. I know the readers will suffer and complain..but after 52 posts, it is hard to come up with interesting and entertaining banters. Why not ASK your readers for subjects they would enjoy hearing you banter over... suggestions anyone???

  2. That was the first word that came to mind?

  3. It'a hard to be bored and no one to entertain you besides the boring co-workers, I forgot their names. But I agree with NanaBess, though I do look forward to reading no matter what you say or whom you say it to; perhaps Stella needs a rest. She will just retreat further if you pester her. You both need some new material, hard to do working at the same place week after week. You could post favorite Halloween's or do we call it Fall Festivals now? I loved going trick and treat and getting candy - for sure my mother wasn't going to buy me any and I had no money then. (Maybe why I buy it now and stash it in my cupboards for when I really need some). Then there is Thanksgiving coming - always a challenge to prepare a wonderful meal and find places for everyone AND decorate so things look beautiful.I suppose we should think more about what we are thankful for. Of course there are deeper questions like what did God impress us with in our Quiet Times. Hard to share if can't find time to read our Bible. But there, I've offered some ideas. Meanwhile..I love you both Stella and Loki. Let me know next time you eat some BTT.

  4. Oh yeah, the way Stella is like her father is she says nothing! No comment. Same as my father did. Was that because he wasn't interested or didn't want to start something or was he just avoiding confrontation! Aha! That is it. Let the women in the family make all the decisions. I'll buckle down and pretend I'm somewhere else. Can you tell I have some issues with this?

  5. Effluvium

    that's my first word means 'a disagreeable smell'

  6. I have a suggestion. It's more for my mother, choc chip. I think a banter about coming to terms with again would be very encouraging for her. I myself already get alot of out the breastmilk and MIL banters. Or a 'NEW MOTHER' banter....all the things i can look forward to...or dread.....but you guys have already done most of that. I stick with 'coming to terms with old age'.

  7. *coming to terms with AGING

  8. Oh Silly Saucy, I can't write about something like aging! I am too young & youthful! haha. But I am sure we can do a new mother post for sure!