Thursday, November 11, 2010

Job Hunt

Loki: Well, it is Day 4 of the job hunt for me (I used last Thursday as a free day.) And I must say that I am not very motivated in this job search. Also, it is rather hard spending time in front of this computer while my little monkey runs (okay- crawls) around and stuffs things into her mouth constantly. I am too preoccupied playing, feeding, changing diapers and sticking my finger in her mouth to pull out random fuzz balls and pieces of paper (and hoping that she doesn't bite it off.) I guess I am experiencing the real stay-at-home-mom-ness. haha. What a word. I like it... I don't have to shower if I don't want to... or do my hair and make up. I have been wearing pajama pants for the past 2 days as well. On top of that, my house has been clean all week. Baby Blue has also been able to stay on her "schedule" as far as naps and eating go. I even made pancakes for us this morning too. This is Big T's day off, but he has busy working on his Christmas Lights venture so I am left home alone. He keeps calling though and asking if I found a job yet. Umm... No. But I am working as a mom right. So there.

Stella: I feel ya. Except this is Day 4 of me NOT looking for a job. haha. I am used to having days off, but it's also been 2.5 years since I was off ALL week... It's very strange. I've been having lots of deja-vu moments. I'm glad you get to experience being a stay-at-home mom. I remember BEFORE you were a mother and you would give me crap all the time about not working. "What do you do all day?" you would say with that snarky little attitude of yours. "You just wait until you're a mom someday oh yee of little knowledge or experience!" was probably my reply.
Loki: I am taking this opportunity.. err, week to try and figure out what it is I want to do. No one loves their job, right? Why do I think it is possible to find a job/career that I will love and not resent time away from my kid? Hmm... I also am only searching for part-time employment, which limits the field dramatically. I have found a few secretary jobs available part time...and I guess if it comes down to it I will go back to doing that. I just don't want to be stuck doing the front desk work again... It's like starting over. Maybe I should just go work in a flower shop. (I've always thought that would be a fun job...but why?!)

Stella: I thought I should take this opportunity... err, as long as I want, to enjoy life. And Really? I've never thought about working at a flower shop. I don't really have a green thumb. One time I even killed a plant of Uncle Don't Throw the Wrapping Paper at Christmas! (We might need to work on a shorter name for him, but I'm pretty sure everyone knows who it is.) It was like I murdered his child... I felt bad. It's a good thing I'm his favorite niece. (On a side note, I'm excited to see what Christmas decor we will have this year at Gma's... The paper balls made from recycled plastic bags were a big hit last year.)

Loki: I don't have a green thumb either. It's not about that. I just think it would be a happy place to work. Surely when you are around pretty things all day you should be happy right? Just think of all the pretty arrangements you could make! I doubt they pay more than minimum wage and you do not need a college degree I am sure... but it would be fun. I think I am so scarred from my previous employment that I hesitate to get another office job.. I mean really what else is there?! I will no doubt end up in another office...and it makes me extremely nervous. Hopefully this time I will get out quick if I decide its not a good fit for me. I just read about applying for a company and they went through the hiring process... phone interview, testing, another interview with a recruiter, and then finally a "team" interview to see if you fit with the team. thank you. I hate interviews. I clam up and get red and stutter. I don't know what happens but my intelligence and confidence level vanish. I once equated my greatest accomplishment to graduating high school. (I was only 18 at the time... What else would I have had accomplished?) Besides, what kind of question is that? Do they want a personal accomplishment? (Like making this baby) Or a work related accomplishment? (I helped train and install a new work program) Whatever ...interviews suck. I hope a job just falls in my lap as well. I shall pray for that.

Stella: Graduating high school? I am pretty sure you can't use that as an accomplishment unless you grew up in KY and no one else in your family has ever graduated high school before because they all ended up having to drop out and work in the coal mines to support the family.. and those who didn't just got pregnant and had to live off welfare and couldn't even afford to go to the dentist for their rotting teeth from drinking so much Mountain Dew....

I don't think you can list having a child as a greatest accomplishment either, considering that 1 out of every 2 people throughout the entire world possess this capability (or a ratio close to that given the male and female population is the same...) Either way, you wouldn't be the first person to waltz into that job interview that has ever birthed a child. You could probably say something you did as a mother was an accomplishment (but you'd have to be more specific than just your diaper changing duties etc.) Not trying to be Debby Downer.. Just trying to prepare you for the corporate world.

By the way, did you read the book I gave you... "The Price of Motherhood" ? If you would like to just read the report I wrote over it then you can... You can also read what a brillant writer I am on the back page (per Dr. Cleary) She was always a big fan of my work.

Loki: Please give me your paper... That book was the worst thing I have ever tried to read in my life. I only made it through 2 chapters and that is because I was pumping at work and had nothing else to do but stare at the wall. Baby Blue is kissing the ground... I must go now.

Stella: I didn't read the book for leisure either. It was for my Gender class. Hence, the report.... But how could it be worse than the "Virgin's Lover" ? Have I ever mentioned that my sister AND my mother have read a book with this title? Well, I am off to watch the "Grown Ups." Hope it is better than "Letters to Juliet," which I watched last night. (Rather than read or use my brain, I've decided to catch up on watching some new movies during my free time.)

Quick! Interview time. Please describe to us what your greatest accomplishment in life is.


  1. Gee! Crumb, but I've always thought it was raising 5 children and they actually like me! I loved my mother but didn't like her so much. So you can see how warped I am because everyone else loved her! (Well, maybe not my Dad since they got divorced...after 27 years!) Now wasn't that scary when my marriage lasted 25 and I wondered what was around the corner. I never was challenged to accomplish anything anyway. That was my mother's, career and success (like getting your writing published) But mine was always to have children and love them and make them believe they were all great persons. Learning how to bake and cook and dabble in painting was a bonus. And how come I never got given The Virgin's Lover book? I love to read and I really need a diversion from other books I am reading. lol And besides, I encouraged both Stella and Loki to enjoy a few weeks of just 'being at home' now that they don't have jobs breathing down their necks. Then pray like mad for God to direct you to the job of His choice for you. That is what I will be doing.

  2. I think raising 5 kids who all adore you IS an accomplishment. I strive to be JUST LIKE GMA Modern or MOM as I call her! I like to think that just doing my job today whether it be typing out emails for my boss at my very part part time job or wiping my grand daughters booty and fixing some kind of new "healthy" meal is my accomplishment. ONE DAY AT AT TIME I SAY.. ONE ACCOMPLISHMENT at a time! I don't know how I feel about letting my mom read "The Virgin's Lover" ha/ha.. but it was a good book about people in the old old days *(under Henry the 8th). Interesting.. perhaps Mom, perhaps... ha/ha..:)

  3. My greatest accomplishment...... I have none. I have pretty much failed at anything i ever tried or wanted to be good at. Hm....I guess I'll just strive to have a baby that adores me as the rest of the fam! haha