Friday, November 12, 2010

You Give Me Fever

Stella: I think I'm experiencing second hand pregnancy. I'm craving things like a mad woman... Especially frozen yogurt twists from Braum's. I just salivate thinking about it. What is wrong with me?

Loki: I have no idea. Maybe my question from our last post regarding sweets and how you think about it every 3 seconds has something to do with it. On a side note, guys think about sex every 45 seconds. Just wanted to correct that.... Although I don't know where they come up with such statistics. I also love frozen yogurt twists from Braum's--They are 94% nonfat, right? I always pretend I am eating air and that no calories are consumed when eating them. Big T would always go and get me one when I had a "craving" back when I was pg. That is the part I do miss about being pregnant... Big T pampered me like I was a glass doll. I am starting to think it wasn't me he was pampering but the baby inside.

Stella: Pamper Shhmmmamper. No one pampers you after you have the baby. It's up to YOU to pamper yourself. And then you feel guilty! Especially if it takes time or money, which Hello- it does. I think I have what is known as "baby fever"... Dun, dun, dun! It is a new strange feeling for me... This fever has even given me a headache the past few days. Everyone on facebook has been announcing the name or gender of their little unborn children... And if it's not that then there are daily status countdowns about how many days the pg mommy has left. Everywhere you go or look it's about new BABIES! Plus I've had to get out my old stroller/carseat/bathtub etc to clean up for little Saucy to use, and I just keep thinking about how I'll probably never even need them back again. Maybe I really will have to adopt black children and give them authentic
African names. Because I've never seen a little black girl named "Maggie"... Should I opt for a Chinese baby instead?

Loki: I thought you were just having cravings... not actual baby fever. Please adopt a little African baby... But please do not name her Maggie. I personally like little chubby black baby boys the best. Please get one so I may eat him up. I do not have baby fever. I have one already... She may be getting older, but I am enjoying each phase more. I don't get jealous seeing or hearing about new babies.... not yet, anyway. Can I also mention that I have been hanging with a mother of 3 young babies and it appears to be much harder than just this perfect ONE child I have? There are things that she does that I think are weird... but I always chalk it up to her being in charge of 3 kids rather than one. I am sure the dynamic changes with each kid... Although Bella is practically a KID now and she can be super helpful... but she would turn green if you were to have another baby.
Stella: Bella has told me that she wants me to have a baby boy... I think she has figured out that if she were to have a baby sister she would have to share all of her girl stuff, but if it is a boy- he gets all his own stuff. Yes, this is the age of noticing gender differences. Plus it has been 5 years since I was pregnant ya know. It's sad. Every time I see Saucy, I go home and look at my pregnancy pictures to see how big I was. (Sorry, but right now you look about 2 weeks bigger than I was... but you are probably still MUCH smaller than Loki was. haha) Her baby shower is this weekend too! Yeah! It's a good thing I lost my job- and income- or I would have probably tried to buy the whole store when we went shopping for her. I also watched the new episode of "16 & Pregnant" on MTV a few days ago. Why, oh why, does this show suck me in? I want to go give a lecture to every girl on there!!! (And what's the deal with naming your little boy "Liam" ?) This is very boring. Tell me something interesting.
Loki: I don't know about interesting, but Blue, (she is my only source of entertainment these days,) likes to crawl up to me and grab my t-shirt and then lay her head down on me while she sucks on her thumb. It is the sweetest thing ever. I love it. I hope she always randomly comes and snuggles with her momma. I wonder if it has the same effect when she no longer fits in my lap. Perhaps I shall crawl up to NanaBess and see how she feels... She also has discovered that while playing on the couch she can throw herself backwards and land on her back....making me laugh. So she did this over and over while giggling too. I have created a monster... She will probably do this off the bed or something and I will regret ever laughing at her. I hope the next time I am pregnant you don't tell me how huge I am. Thanks for waiting until after the belly had gone down. (Side note: Stella wanted to get family pictures this month and when I said I wasn't ready because I felt I still had some weight to lose, she replied "Well, you've lost a lot of weight since last time this year!" Well duh, I was 7 months pregnant then! I would hope that I was smaller. She just doesn't have the same encouraging tone as our mother.
Stella: That was supposed to be interesting? Do you want to know something interesting? I found out yesterday that I was the first unwed mother our church has ever had. I guess I never thought about this at the time I was pregnant because it never bothered me. (I knew I wasn't the only person in the world who had ever "sinned" and ended up pg. But I guess all the other single women who might have gotten pregnant before me ended up getting married or quit coming to church by the time they had their babies.) So yes. I was the first official single mom who still attended church all throughout her pregnancy... so much that the church felt whatever they did for me would set the precedence for those after me (per Bess.) Not exactly sure how I feel about this...

Loki: At least you got to go to the diaper party at the church! I was an outcast from the church at the time so I didn't get invited to partake in all of the free diapers. By outcast I mean I did not attend church reguarly. Or ever at all. And then they wouldn't even marry me. But I guess I don't want to go into that since my mom will just tell me I'm was living in sin... which is why my husband won't go to church now. But why are we talking about church! Argh. I'm just glad my daughter gets a sticker with her name on it. That's all I have to say. This is long enough for a posting. I have to go paint my mother's door red for the party tomorrow. I have no idea WHY she has to have a red door. Someone (ahem, Choc Chip...) told her it was dirty so she thinks she needs to paint it before anyone else comes over to see it.
Please note we will try to come up with better material... We are a little cooped up at the moment. Suggestions for banters??


  1. Ha ha Loved this banter today! Stella is in such a cheerful mood! I have baby fever too, I am suuuuper excited about the shower tomorrow. I don't want to wait 7 more weeks for W T. But, I don't want him to come to early either. Also, I think little cuban babies are sooooo adorable, girl or boy! If I was say.....10 years younger I would get pg too!

  2. ^^Choc Chip : if you were ten years younger you would NOT get pregnant again. Then I would no longer with the youngest and favored by you.

    And Stella, that is EXACTLY what the doctors told me. They said at my 30wk check up that he looked more like a 32wk i was blaming him for my largeness. so i was happy and cheerful, going about my day, when i had another appointment wednesday...well....she told me i was TWO POUNDS over the recommended weight gain. (and i still have 7 wks left!) and she told me to just "keep walking and doing what your doing" ...i just nodded and smiled secretly making fun of her for thinking i've been walking this whole time??

    Anyways, I loved this banter. it entertained me! I have no suggestions at this time, but i will see you all tmorrow!! yay!

  3. I loved the banter too! What a great day it was. The shower was wonderful! Saucy, you got a lot of goodies, didn't you? I'll bet you and Cookie are busy right now decorating the nursery! That is so much fun to do!! I liked your little round ball tummy. It is cute. Grandbabies are the best thing ever for me! I don't ever have the 'want' to have another baby myself. I used to want another all of the time. Not now. I have my sweethearts to spoil, play with and then send home! I love it!!!

  4. Just in case anyone was wondering, I now know of 6 baby boys to be born.. and the jury is still out on baby #7... CRAZY