Wednesday, November 17, 2010

OIL Spill

Stella: Having other-in-laws (OIL) can be just as weird/annoying as MILs. Having a sister-in-law (SIL) especially confuses me.... because I already grew up with a sister so I know all the unspoken rules of a sisterly relationship. For example, with your real flesh & blood sister (FBS) you can pretty much say anything you want to.... because you two already established how you fight and make-up many, many years ago. So in expressing your honest opinion to your FBS you are pretty confident that she won't take offense to what you've said (because she knows how you are or what you really mean....) or just that eventually she'll get over it and forgive you (because SHE has to! Or at least that's what your mother always said.) On the other hand, you still have to walk on egg shells with your SIL. Especially if they didn't grow up learning the codes of brother/sisterhood within their own family. Plus, they could be way more sensitive than your FBS...

Loki: Don't worry the SIL we share doesn't read the blog... She told me that she doesn't need to because "she already knows everything!" (I guess this means we don't say anything of interest to her?) Oh well. Of course, at the mere mention of Blondie's name, TMC will surely run and tattle... (The Man Child, for those of you who are having trouble keeping up with all of the acronyms on this post.) It's strange for me having a brother who listens in on his FBS's conversations and then states that he likes his SIL better than his FBS.

I am not really around my other SILs a lot...but I used to live next door to one of my SILs. I don't think we ever fought or had any problems. Of course, that SIL is the most laid back person you will ever meet... and I can be pretty laid back myself so we get along grandly... Now the BIL is another story! Yes, we got along fine but you have to realize that everyone comes from a different family dynamic. Their values are different and not everyone was raised as we were. I was happy to move from the house that was ajoined with my OIL because I was tired of having drunk brothers in my house or next door. Those two boys could put down more rum than anyone I know. Big T used to keep a gun by his bedside and I was always afraid Drunky, (Big T's brother,) would come in the house in the middle of the night for some bonding time or just because he was confused at which house was his and Big T would shoot him. Please note that Big T always tells me if a robber breaks into my house I am to SHOOT TO KILL. It's rather ridiculous. Anyway, I have a rather odd relationship with my SIL Blondie myself. I don't think she likes me too much... so it makes it hard for me to bond with her. Please also note that when I make fun of her and my brother's relationship it is only because I find it humorous...

Stella: I wish we could have named Drunky something else like "the guy who played that weird guitar solo at your wedding..."
I was not surprised to hear that Blondie is NOT a fan of our blog. She refuses to engage in any conversation that includes our blog in it. I think Batman will probably ask us to censor this one as well (even though we are only stating facts.) That or he'll just say mean things to me... I'm pretty sure the wrath will fall upon me and not Loki. I am also pretty sure that Batman & Blondie still skim our posts just to make sure they are not mentioned in them- or they probably ask TMC to do it for them & report back. Also, I was never so mad at TMC as the day he betrayed our sisterly alliance. He is a TRAITOR! He even had the nerve to tell us that Blondie was a better cook than all of us combined. I don't know what she puts in those chicken & dumplings, but Loki & I were appalled at such blasphemy. I do threaten him with the blog quite often. "I'm gonna write a blog about that!" I will tell him in order to get him to stop whatever it is he is doing at the time to annoy me. But perhaps someday, TMC will have a little wifey that will enjoy our blog... and maybe even someday she will want to contribute as a guest banterer...
Loki: Oh yes, let's hope our next SIL will be fun to play with and will like us both.(Is it possible to like us both???) I told TMC this weekend that he should grow up. That he will have a better chance at finding a suitable mate if he didn't live at home with his mommy and doesn't have any responsibilities to show maturity. He swiftly told me that his IDOL, Batman, did not move out until he was this seems to be the pattern for TMC--to follow in each & every footstep of Batman. (Not that this is news to anyone...) Although I'm surprised that he likes Twilight and any other girly books that I throw at him... because I am pretty sure Batman does not condone the Twilight. So our chances are that TMC will one day find the clone of Blondie... and then we will be outnumbered.

Stella: NO! I've never thought about that. Then they would get together & make snarky comments about us!!! What a bunch of punk brothers we have. I've also instructed TMC on what things he needs to do to obtain a companion.. First of all, I said "what skills do you have? Can you fix the sink? Tend to the livestock? Fix the carborator?" And then we all decided that I have no skills either other than being domestic. Yesterday B&B went with TMC to get a tattoo by the way.
Also, it's not like I talk about Big T like I am a big fan of his either. It's just that Big T doesn't get his panties in a wad over nothing. I say all the time that I think he is a super duper big weirdo & I could NOT be married to the man. This doesn't offend you because it's not like you want your sister to be attracted to or think the man you are married to is terrific... That would NOT be normal.

Tell us your family secrets!


  1. just a side note to all readers... Both Stella and Lokie LOVE their SIL, Blondie, as well as I. This is the true test of love that they can blog about her so freely as they do their brothers. Alas, she is FAMILY now! (and let the brother, sister, sister in law, brother in law banter continue! :)And I am glad that Blondi is different than BOTH Stella and Loki! I mean, would they really want their brother married to someone exactly like them? NO! :) Yes.. SIL can be quite different and you must get used to them.. but over time..they can become just as close! I know we are super blessed in that area already! :) gush gush to all my kids! :)

  2. Good P.R. Nana.
    Next time you should talk about something more entertaining- like the wack-a-doodle you have for a SIL. The one who was abducted by aliens. That would be far more interesting than trying to make nice to Mr. & Mrs. Sensitive.

  3. Oh my!!! Yes, Bess, you COULD out-do anyone w/ your SIL antics! Was she really abducted by aliens? I mean, I would not be surprised at all. This would make perfect sense and explain many things about her. I have great OIL's. Do I think they are odd and different? Oh sure! I'm sure they think it of me too. They are wrong, of course, but they probably do think it.

  4. Shoot to kill huh?? Lol. What if they just broke in to steal your tv set or something and are unarmed?? Will you be charged with murder if you kill an unarmed intruder? I guess intruder is the key word here. How are you to know if he's unarmed right? I see Big T's point. Also, GoldenBoy says if the judge asks just say "I was in fear for my life" and you'll be just fine. Haha!! I know that has nothing to do with the overall blog topic but it stuck out to me because that is a big fear of mine. Someone breaking in and trying to get me. What the heck does snarky mean anyway??

  5. SNARKY :
    –adjective, snark·i·er, snark·i·est. Chiefly British Slang .
    testy or irritable; short.

  6. I always wondered what I'd do if someone tried to break into my house and I was home. Still not 100% certain, but someone did break into my house in Feb. and I was not home, thankfully. But, I can say they took a lot more from me than my possessions. They took my security. I was terrified! So much so that I decided to sell my house the next day. Sad.

  7. I currently have a bit of an obsession with saying snarky and referring to all things as such. Congratulations to Curls for getting the internet & joining back in on the banter. Hip hip!

  8. Loki: I dont know what the law says but Big T (who thinks he knows everything) says that you can shoot an intruder. He says to shoot more than once because obviously if they are armed than they can shoot you back. However I do remember seeing things about burglers suing someone for an injury that happend and them actually winning. Makes no sense to me.

    I am pretty sure this will never happen and secondly I dont think i could shoot a person anyway...I just dont think about it. Big T has gotten out of bed after hearing a noise and gets his gun to investigate. I am more worried about him shooting someone.

  9. I have a few sil's also. One I am especially fond of because she was a mentor to me..and more mature and not a sanguine. I learned from her that sanguines are shallow...oh my gosh. I then started taking note of my 'senseless conversation' and began to read more books. I am the kind of person that talks about what I see or read. careful what you put into your mind. (Guess E.C. isn't the best thing to be reading. So glad I've finally finished reading them at least for now). I hardly ever saw my CA sil and then after nearly 20 years, I had to get used to another one, due to divorce. Never saw #1 Sil again. Nor the kids. It takes a certain temperament to be tolerant of others, period! No matter what kind of inlaws they are. We are all raised differently so therefore we are expected to get along, regardless. I married into a great family, even better than my own so can't complain. Love my BIL'S and get along with my SIL probably because I was so different and entertaining. Becoming a Christian was probably what kept us intact. For those who grow up with no brothers or sisters, they have no understanding of the dynamics of fighting or making up. Or loving while not getting along.It's actually a good preparation to marriage. Unless you are lucky enough to marry Batman who has unending tolerance and love for his beloved Blondie. Love beats all. I could say the same thing about my beloved. Mr Mechanic. He gives me lots of leverage. Thank goodness. God knew what I needed. Oh yeah, I love the term Snarky. I wish I could use that term. It seems to fit so many situations. This is long enough so will end now.