Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Favorite Things

Stella: Do you ever use those 'Biore nose strips' to pull out the black heads on your nose? Wow. Nothing makes me feel more disgusting than peeling off one of those suckers. But I really like to use them! They are one of my new favorite things. If I were Oprah, I would hand them all out to you to use & try for yourself. Although my list of favorite things would probably not include high-end items like ugg boots or Coach purses. Hmm.. What would be on your list of 10 favorite things? As a frequent painter of an impatient 4 year old girl's nails, using a nailpolish that dries fast is a huge must! So I'm a big fan of Salli Hansen's 'Insta-Dry' nailpolish. Although making Bella sit there being still and not touching anything is a great way to teach her patience... But little kids can only sit still for so long (what do they say? Like a minute for how old they are for time outs? So that's only about 4 minutes to get those nails filed & painted & have them dry.) But I personally like to use 'OPI' nailpolish for myself... Mostly because I like the names of the colors.... such as "Lincoln Park After Dark," "I'm not Really a Waitress" or "I'm Suzi and I'm a Chocoholic." Let's see.. what else do I enjoy? My two favorite scents at the moment are from Bath & Body Works (go figure!) 'Dark Kiss' & 'Twilight Woods.' Blondie bought me some 'Twilight Woods' lotion last year for Christmas & I have been using it ever since. I like both scents because they are pretty strong & you can actually smell them on you. Loki used to yell at me from her desk whenever I'd put some on because she would instantly be able to smell it. Loki: My favorite things? I haven't been into things lately, but I love me some good sweat pants. I also bought 2 maternity t-shirts from Old Navy, (when I was pregnant and needed them,) but they are still the most comfortable shirts I own. I like to wear them... and one has several holes in it. (Bess tried to throw it away the other day. Big T was encouraging her too, but I wouldn't let them.) But I love them. I don't care if I look like a sack. Those Boyfriend t-shirts from Target are really good too. I wear them alot... and those you can actually wear out in public. I am all about comfort nowadays! I'm in love with this new hair stuff too. It's 'Catwalk, Curls rock, Curls Booster.' It gives my hair the "boost" it needs and doesn't leave my hair crunchy. I hate crunchy looking curls. Stella used to use the 'Catwalk Curls Serum' back when she had curly hair just to help her get a brush through it. haha. I also love Moroccan Oil, which my hairdresser talked me into buying. I like it, but probably not for the $30 I spent on it. (This was back when I had a job of course!) I also recently found this new wine called "Barefoot." It is really good and cheap! I even bought some for Bess for her birthday! I've also been on a hummus kick... Try "Sabra Hummus." We just tried the Spinach & Artichoke Hummus flavor. Superb. Also, I use "Stacy's Pita Chips" with my hummus- it goes great together. *On a side note, do you think it is okay for this baby to play with tampons? (clean ones of course.) Oh, oops.. she got it out of the wrapper.
Stella: I'm all about comfort too. I love the boyfriend pants from Victoria's Secret & the boyfriend t-shirts from Target too. The pants from V.S. you can cut to the exact length you want, which I think is great for me as a shorter person & Bess thinks is great as well, as a rather tall person. (Although you do have to convince yourself that it is okay to spend $40 on sweatpants.) The t-shirts on the other hand are just comfortable v-necks that only cost $8 (sometimes $6 if you wait until it's a sale week for them.) I think I own almost every color... And even though they are short-sleeved you can throw a thermal longsleeve tee underneath & voila. You can dress like me.I have a huge obsession with playing the new Just Dance 2 game on the Wii. (No one EVER plays with me- except Bella for a few songs- so I mostly play by myself. But it is still great FUN!) If I were into snazzy new technology I might have something to say about the new Xbox kinect games that you don't have to use a remote with, but I'm not. So let's just say- I love this game.
Loki: I have been watching Oprah's favorite things the last couple of days and I thought that she used to introduce new things that we could actually maybe buy. It has been all about how much and how much money she can give away. I cant afford a cashmere sweat suit or a new car. Not to mention the cruise and diamond earrings she gave as well. I guess when you are Oprah these are the same things as hummus and biore strips.

Stella: The last thing I have to add in that I like, which is.... Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things! Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes, silver white winters that melt into spring... these are a few of my favorite things! When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad... I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel so bad! Another favorite thing- The Sound of Music on dvd.

What are 10 of your favorite things?


  1. Oh goody goody, I must comment on this. Lets see, first I must agree with Stella. Again great minds think alike. I too have both scents twilight woods and dark kiss, or bliss whatever. My favorite perfume is Fancy by Jessica Simpson. Saucy loves it too, but I hide it from her. I use the 3 minute miracle by Aussie. It is a deep conditioner. I use it everytime I wash my hair. I have 4 fitted soft three quarter sleeve t shirts that I absolutely love. Pink, purple, army green, and charcoal gray. I am sure you have seen them on me, and I will probably wear one thanksgiving. You can wear them by themselves, or under things. Lets see what else.......Oh yes, my favorite jeans. Hydrolic jeans that I always get from Maurices. They fit my shape better than others. Ya know they give me a really big booty! hahaha

  2. It's good to hear from Choc Chip again. Well.. a lot of my purchases these days are cost-driven. But I am a loyal fan of many products, Caress Soap, Personal Touch razor, St. Ives lotion.. my formula for smooth legs. I love Neutrogena lip gloss (in the silver container). I also like my brown sugar vanilla scented hand soap (Bodycology.. walmart knock off of Bath & Body works). Other favorite things include Crisco shortening sticks for baking, Lysol wipes for cleaning, and lounge pants and hoodie I bought this summer at Target (actually long enough!). How's that for random things... Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings...

  3. Small Town, where or where can I purchase a Personal Touch razor? I've been looking. Mine broke! I think I got it in very early 80's! (seriously) I can still find refills at Wal Mart, but I can't find the razor handle! I like my really thick knit woolen slipper socks. They are so grand to wear on the cold tile floors during winter. I so enjoy my Keurig Coffee maker. I use little pods and Wild Mountain Blueberry is wonderful! I love my thick, soft, comfy bed mattress. I am trying really trying to think of something else, but cannot come up w/ anything.

  4. I would check a Walgreens or CVS? Some Walmarts don't even have the blades. I hope mine never breaks!

  5. 1. My grandma Reusser's homemade peanut brittle (just made my first batch of the season
    2. Starbucks coffee
    3. My purple fuzzy house boots
    4. Bathrobes of all sorts and colors
    5. Frozen grapes
    6. My front porch
    7. Pizza (anykind anywhere)
    8. My 3 tankinis (finally I can feel good in a bathing suit)
    9. Digital camera (can take a photo anytime!)
    10. My waterbed

    Pretty random but those are what came to mind. You know me. .I could care less about name brand products and don't seem to be "married" to any... and SISTER BANTER is my favorite web page to visit!!!! :)

  6. Gosh, where do I start? Java Dave's or Starbucks coffee, Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chamber and Pursuit of God by Tozer, two of my all time favorite QT books. Oh yeah, Ruth Myers two devotionals too. From there I go downhill...licorace, dark chocolates, Russell Stovers or See's from CA that my Step mother sends me every Thanksgiving (yes, girls it's here!) also love long and short bathrobes, every color slippers to match, pizza with everything but black olives, mushrooms or pepperoni. Homemade or Papa Angelino's in Bethany. Love pink gel nails...hot dogs with mustard and relish or sauerkraut; Chick Fil A or Ted's Escondido. Curling Irons, Chloe or Intuition perfume, love name brands and hate Best Choice brands at Grocery store. Love Homeland Store on 104th and S Penn because it has everything. I used to love rib roast, rare, and yorkshire pudding. I haven't eaten that since I left home in 1961. Oh one thing more, how could I forget, my All American Dolls...I must have 9 by now and always want to get 'just one more.' What a bad example I am. (Can I mention I loved the Twilight Books? sigh. Now I'm reading Jan Karon's books which I also love and they are at least Christian ones. Finally!)

  7. What a fun blog!! Here are ten of my favorite things:

    1. Spotless clean house with my bed made
    2. Homemade white bread
    3. Twilight. Duh.
    4. Cain's coffee with french vanilla coffeemate
    5. Yoga pants
    6. 5:40-6:30 When Matt gets home from work. Gush Gush.
    7. Listerine and vitamin c pills. They taste delicious!!
    8. Like Gma Modern: My american girl dolls!!
    9. Chain necklace with heart and mommy charm.
    10. Dark chocolate Doves candy

    I liked reading everyone's favorite things. Good christmas lists huh??

  8. Curls, #1, #3, #6 (change name to Bus Barn Man) #10 all remind me of your momma! :o) ...like daughter, like mom!