Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

Stella: Aren't heaters supposed to kick on when it is cold outside and keep you warm inside your house and therefore, protect you from nature's harsh elements outside such as the artic blizzard we are experiencing today? Yes. This is a no-brainer. Well, OUR heater does the opposite. If it is too cold, it stops working. Bess has an explanation for why this happens, but the bottom line is that the heater is now blowing out cold air into this already freezing house. This is why I have been buried under 2 blankets all day long... Not to mention I'm already wearing layers of clothing including a hat and gloves. But no one else seems to mind but me. It's so cold that I can't think of anything else except for how cold I am. Bella is running around as happy as a clam, begging to go outside and play in the wretched snow. The Computer Man has actually detached himself from his beloved seat at the computer to lay in bed beneath the covers and watch "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." And Bess is holding on to her New Year's resolve to not complain. On the other hand, I did not make such a stupid resolution and that is why I am voicing my opinion about how ridiculously cold is every 2-3 minutes so that everyone can feel my pain & not forget that I am unhappy.

Loki: Oh Stella! I heard about the excuses as to why this heater purchased to heat that home does not turn on when it is below 30 degrees. I am sorry to tell you that it is supposed to get to 2 degrees tonight...that's right- 2. I do feel sorry for you as I am in a toasty house but still have a blanket on because it's cold outside. Big T won't even let me open the blinds it is so cold. (Apparently leaving them shut will heat the house more). I was excited for snow and would love to go play in...except it is single digits out there. Hopefully later on in the week it will  warm up and we can play. Although Blue doesnt have any "snow gear". Maybe we can come sled later. My retard of a husband is currently driving around in this. Yes, he is off work, but he had to go see if the gym is open since this is a work out day. (He is about as much as a nazi as you when it comes to working out.) I told him to call the gym because I was 99% sure they would be closed. There is no life or death situation to open a gym so the crazy meat heads have a place to work out. No, he didn't call, but only because it's fun for him to drive in this and "play." I secretly hope he gets stuck and gets really cold before he finally makes it home. He gets restless in a house all day... go figure. And he thinks he could be a stay at home dad!!

Stella: Well the tables have turned. Nana Bess is the one freaking out today. She is currently wearing a robe over her clothes, a scarf, hat and gloves. Oh and a blanket wrapped around her waste. She looks ridiculous. She has been irritable and crabby all morning and I think her and Computer Man are about to get into it. I have been busy clean, clean, cleaning! So I am super toasty and plan to work out soon to keep my little bones warm and keep this old bod moving! I did hear that Eyes of Blue & mother woke up with NO  heater at all this morning so they are probably much colder than we are. Bella overheard Nana Bess telling C.Man that they lived in the "Branches" and Bella said, "Oh, they live in a tree house?" hahah. Too funny. They are currently being rescued by Choc Chip I hear. Not fair as they have that precious baby at their house to stare at all day. Although according to Saucy, the only thing going on over there is her milking every 3 hours.

Loki: Milking? Sheesh... she doesn't need to be called a cow! Speaking of though...I wonder if the pump ever worked for Saucy so she could catch some extra zzzz's while Cookie got up with meatball. Yes I am sure you are all very lost at that last statement... I was needed for my expertise recently. I couldn't shut my mouth with the overflow of information I was spewing. Anyway I am looking forward to no longer "milking". In fact I am counting down the days... I guess I better start weening her instead of making her go cold turkey. I wish you werent snowed in and you all could come entertain me. I am in desperate need of some entertainment. Maybe you could work with Bella and her Toddler and Tiara performance that she is going to put on for me.My house is nice and toasty. I want to go play in the snow really badly but we dont have any good snow gear for the little one or me for that matter. Maybe tomorrow the roads will be good enough I can drive out there and we can all go sledding. I am sure Bella has some old snow gear we can duck tape Blue in. Quite a different venture from last year... I better not still fit in C Man's old bibs.
And I am pretty sure NanaBess is cranky due to the lack of carbs. She needs her whole grains to thrive.

Do you have cabin fever yet?


  1. I ADORE the snow and ice!! The more the better!! Reason?? NO WORK!! GoldenBoy is off too so we're all bundled up at home with our bulldog hogging the space heater...
    I visited Saucy and Meatball this past weekend and observed her using those wretched milk sucker thingamajigs. I laughed my head off! I've never seen anything so absurd looking. Very practical of course. And the milk that comes out is white!! I don't know what color I assumed it would be. Never really thought about it before but it's white! Just like the milk I drink! So CREEPY!!!

  2. HAHA!!! That is too funny Curls!
    You heard right...We slept with no heater and woke up to the house being 35 degrees! We, of course, got in HUGE TROUBLE by choc chip, so I promised to call her next time it happens before we try to be big girls and sleep frozen. I had the best day ever with them, so I thank the heater for breaking(that is fixed now)! :) I loved what Bella said about our neighborhood. She is such a funny girl! You all should go play in the snow today and have a dandy ol time!

  3. I hope by now Computer Man listens to Grampa and gets a new thermostat. It is supposed to regulate heat. Period. I too would be grumpy without carbs and a warm house! It's a miracle if I can go without carbs for a week. I'll even sneak tollhouse cookies in the freezer and eat them if I need something sweet and chocolate. The crispier the better. btw some breast milk looks like 1 percent milk. Kinda blue. So maybe Saucy's is rich. That could mean a chubby baby. It's in our genes.