Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fluff and Frill

Loki: When I found out I was going to have a baby girl I was so excited. But at that time, I had no intention of getting excited about dressing her up. I was a little nervous about that so I tried to steer clear of everything pink. In fact, I would mock other women who put gigantic bows on their baby’s heads. So I never thought that someday I would get excited about tu-tu’s and matching flowery headbands.

I guess mommy-hood has changed me. Now I find myself dressing Baby Blue in dresses with matching bows rather than the plain comfortable onesies that I used to think were more practical. (I still have a problem with the enormous bows that are oversized and larger than my own head, but I do admit to putting larger than necessary bows on her.) I have recently been thinking about her 6 month photos a lot and how I just want her to wear a dad-gum tutu with a big feathery bow to match... What’s even more shocking is the idea I have to make it myself!(Those who know me personally may now pick their jaws up from the ground.)

Mommy-hood has also made me become quite crafty. I made a hanging wall decor to use for her bow collection last week. I really hope I am not creating a monster… (ahemmm.. like her cousin Bella!) and hopefully, she will be whatever kind of girl she wants to be! I wasn’t hoping that she would end up a tomboy, but I was just never a girly-girl myself. (I think Stella was a little nervous I would dress her like I dress myself, but what’s wrong with that?!) If she doesn’t care in 2 years whether or not she has matching clothes on or if she wants to run around without her shirt on like boys do, well then, by golly! I will let her! Because that is how I was! And if she does care about being fashionable then she will have her cousin Bella’s stylish hand-me-downs to wear.
Stella: Everything about this makes me smile and fills me with much pleasure & joy. I LOVE anything & everything girly… And if it is pink then I love it even more! I don't think I've influenced Bella to be a girly-girl. She can't help it. It's in HER BLOOD!!! I've been trying to decide which Bitty Baby to buy Bella for her birthday. When we asked her which baby she wanted she pointed to each and said, "This one and this one and this one!" But don't worry... I only bought ONE baby... (And then 3 new outfits for my American Girl dolls, but who has to know about that?! Besides Gma Modern who will surely appreciate my dolls getting new outfits!)

Loki: Yes, Stella... We all know how girly you are so we knew how girly your child was going to be. I really hope that this stops with tutus and bows because I just don’t want to have 30 baby dolls in my house… and Barbie dolls and eckk- I’m getting a headache!

How do you feel? Does this picture terrify you, excite you or just give you a headache?


  1. Aha..I'm going to try this see if it works..maybe I'm supposed to click on the above boxes to do what it says...testing...

  2. ok I'll try this again. I said before that I love girly girly pink but my mother never allowed me to have my own choices in clothings or anything else for that matter. And also I think it's ok to wear whatever when playing outside and be able to have free choices to experiment clothes options..or maybe just be comfortable and not worry about keeping things clean..also Gma Modern loves Bitty's and 3 outfits are not too many.