Monday, August 9, 2010

A Strange Change

Stella: What is up with all these people changing in my life?! First of all, my dad goes outside and exercises DAILY! He never exercised once when I was younger. And at night, he’ll sit down with a cup of green tea, and I can't help but think to myself, "Who is this person? Since when did he become a healthy Englishman?” Then there is my tight-wad mother who will take my daughter to the store & buy her anything she asks for… It goes something like this… “Nana, Can I have this pink milk?” and Nana says, “Sure!” (Now, why does Bella need pink milk?! Are we too lazy to add our own strawberry syrup at home?) But Nana Bess just adds it to her cart. I’m telling you, we never got anything extra when we were kids! We would go to the store & not even be allowed to get a 33 cent candy bar! We only got to eat at McDonald’s if it was our birthday, and I’m sure even then we weren’t allowed to get a Happy Meal. Even my sister is acting like this coo-coo crafty person and making all of these girly crafts and doing all these girly things that she's never done in her whole entire life!!! (See previous post on such matters.) And last but not least, my grandparents, who are old-fashioned farm folk, have a little fancy dog that they dress up in bows & take to the vet to be groomed. They would have never even allowed a dog into their house before this or spent money on such frivolous things. Well, maybe I should try to join the club and start doing something drastically different as well... ?

Loki: Maybe you should tell Bella no! That would be drastically different! Ha, I’m only kidding.. I witnessed you telling her no just yesterday. Maybe you could die your hair… red? You’ve never been a red head, right? Or stop editing me? Or how about you wear glasses for a year? (Oh yeah you already have to do that because of the conjunctivitis!) Hmm.. my ideas aren’t very good… (And you didn’t think I would get the word conjunctivitis in one of these posts, did you? OH I DID!) Yes, it is weird to see how much our mom, Nana Bess, has changed concerning her spending habits. But to be fair, she does have more money now. She is the grandma, and grandmas are supposed to spoil their grandchildren. However, she still can’t go shopping with us without commenting about the price of everything we buy. She hates that we pick something out to buy without even looking at the price. (Well, gee it’s just a spool of ribbon, Mom! How expensive can it be!) And the little rat dog that Gma Old-Fashion and Gpa have really weirds me out. Especially when they want to tell me about what the dog did like it’s their kid or something! They must have a delayed case of empty nest syndrome.

Vote now. Which change is more strange?


  1. Drinking tea at night and jogging in the morning is more strange to me. And if Nana Bess knew how much sugar is in the strawberry milk, maybe she'd think again...alas..I wanted to spoil all my grandkids too..especially Stella and Loki who was first..only thing that saved me going broke was having 7 grandkids in 7 years...two I could have done for awhile..and I hope I never take to scroungy 'tinker bell type dogs' when I am old..note I'm not so old now...especially since I have Grmpa for company. I think Cookie and I have had some influence on Bess enjoy..and practice saying for important things like being disrespectful, disobedient or dishonest..ahh be sure it's not her imagination..guess that would be telling you that someone else did something...I'm more lenient than Bess is on this one...maybe by kindergarten they know right from wrong? Love you both my little sistersbanters.

  2. Thanks Grandma "Modern" :) We like reading your input too... I think we both still felt spoiled by you too (when it was our turn to be of course!) Nana only has 2 so we will see what happens when there are more!

  3. what have i not changed at all! why am i the only one in the house not mentioned! it positively hurts my fragile feelings to be left out like this...

    The Manly Man.... im not a child! haha