Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Edward Love

Loki: I have written this post over and over in my head after reading Stella's banter yesterday.... I have come at it from all sorts of angles. Each time I fear I get a little too emotionally involved because I just want to defend the Edwardians. I am going to try and just make a few points and then be done with it. For the sake of this blog (and my relationship with my sister) we must move on...

Like most sisters would be, we are obviously on opposites sides. I do understand that not everyone wants the same things out of life or out of their relationships. I did take offense to the blog yesterday as I felt attacked on some level. I do not think my own personal relationship is based on control or that I needed a "daddy figure" just because I like Edward. I liked the story of Romeo & Juliet, but I hated the ending. Also, I don't know if I even believe in "soul mates" and sure, I like a passionate relationship...Who doesn't? I feel like you need to have both in a relationship. Why cant you also be friends with your lover? (Lover... That word grosses me out when I am speaking to my sister.)

I wasnt sure what Stella's theory was concerning why some people choose Edward and some choose Jacob. I don't think I agree with it, but she is allowed to have her opinion. Don't worry I am not going to post things like, "I married my Edward." Big T is far from Edward... and I have to remember that I am not Bella.

Here is my biggest problem with Twilight/Team Jacob. I do not think it is possible to be in love with two people. Regardless of who is "better" for Bella. I think it is absurd that the story even went there with Jacob. I have been told by other people that it is possible to be in love with two people... and if that is the case, I think it is wrong that you should allow yourself that possibility. When you are in love with someone, you don't put yourself in a situation to feel things for someone else. That's why you dont see a lot of married people being best friends with the opposite sex. It just doesn't work. Do you think if you had a boyfriend you would allow him to go gallivant around with another girl when you were away? I don't think so. Also, I do not think Edward is controlling. I think he is protecting Bella from serious things... (you know VAMPIRES trying to KILL her!) Jacob is just a 16 year old boy. What 16 year old boy is ready for that sort of commitment/marriage? I don't have a problem with Jacob... I am sure he is a nice wolfy boy, but he isn't Edward. Seriously.

I do think Edward is perfect... to Bella. I think when you fall in love at first you are blinded. They do seem perfect to you. Obviously no one is perfect, but haven't you heard that love is blind? I am not going to relist all the wonderful things about Edward because.. well, it would make you gag... and Stella has already given us a pretty good list. I don't know why she tried to make perfection a bad thing though! I think Edward is fun too. You might not see it in him until Breaking Dawn, but it's there. Hello!! Have you read Breaking Dawn? That is my FAVORITE!

I have never had a theory on why one is swayed to the side of Jacob. It still makes no sense to me. If you dont like Bella or Edward, how do you even like Twilight? For all you Jacob lovers out there... I do recommend re-reading the books. I hear that you come around to liking Edward more the 2nd time around. (although why you need a 2nd time is beyond me)

One more thing: Edward wins.


  1. Ok... today is a new day and I'm feeling better. Yesterday I was questioning my womanhood! Today I realize that I'm fine. I shall list my pros/cons for each beast:
    Edward pros;
    great looking
    Edward cons;
    Jacob pros;
    great looking
    Jacob cons;
    he may want to eat my food

  2. I don't have time to really answer right now and I haven't even read Stella's post but got caught up looking at Edward's picture. So for that, thankyou Loki...without knowing Stell'as viewpoint yet I seem to agree with you..especially about the control part..how about a strong leader who can make decisions based on being unselfish. that isn't bad. More another time..got to run. Now I've read Twilight 3x and am on Breaking Dawn for the second time.

  3. Just returned from the hub of the community...yes, WalMart! Was walking out the door and glanced into the Reading Center as I passed and guess what I found? Breaking Dawn in paperback. So, yes, I bought it. :o)
    Maybe this will be my ah-ha moment and I will make a final and life commitment to Jake or Ed.

  4. cougar- go jacob. just do it.
    i think me and loki are from two different planets. i just do not understand

  5. What in the world do you not understand?

    Cougar can be on whatever team she needs to be on...although its wierd to waiver back and forth. I have heard of the rare person who likes them both.

    Spaghetti- do you like Breaking Dawn? Are you looking forward to the movie?

    I think you feel the need to get more people on your team because lets face it.. Jacob lovers are the minority. (even though I am surrounded by Jacobys). I do feel like we are on different planets.

  6. Rare is good... :o)

  7. Loki you should really look into becoming a marriage counselor for a profession. You are right on about EVERYTHING!! I am 100% Team Edward!!! Sorry Stella:(((((

  8. Apparently me and my sister will have to part ways also.

  9. Curls! You are NUTS. (But I guess I already knew that. haha)

    Saucy, you'll have to come to our Eclipse dvd watching party so me & Nana Bess won't be so outnumbered with all of these lunatics! I bet we can sway the Cougar back to our side...

  10. an Eclipse watching party??? Count me in. What number is that? I've seen two movies so far. I haven't seen the last one. I have to finish the book first. I am about 1/3 through it now.

  11. Eclipse will be the 3rd movie. I will have to check with Loki for the Dvd release date. (She'll know that sort of thing.) You can definitely come :)

  12. The DVD release date has not been announced. Everyone is guessing that it will be sometime in October. However I would not be surprised if they held it off until around Christmas. Breaking Dawn has not even been filmed yet.. and that movie wont be released for another year. Sigh. But yes we will for sure have a massive DVD release party...after all Stella has already bought plates and planned a cake!