Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mini Me

Stella: Last night before bed Bella said to me, “I love you, Mommy… and I love Bitty (her baby doll)… and I love tooting…” Isn’t that wonderful? Nothing makes me feel more loved than knowing my child enjoys me just as much as she does tooting. But as her mom, I think everything she does is wonderful. Even when she's being ornery & disgusting.

Loki: How lovely. Don’t you like tooting yourself? It is a great relief. Scratch that… I am not going to continue writing about tooting. I do love how Bella says, “I love you...” She always says it at random times when I am playing with her. And I also like how she will give me kisses when I leave. I am sure this won’t always be the case. When do they grow out of that? Please Bella… Stay 3 forever. I liked age 3. I am sure 4 will be just as wonderful. She is starting to get a little bossy though. My baby doesn’t say anything cute yet.

Stella: Oprah says you should pass gas 14 times a day though so apparently it is something everyone should be doing a lot. Sorry, your daughter doesn’t say anything cute yet, but she does have some of the raunchiest farts I’ve ever, ever smelled. I was embarrassed when I was pushing her around Target and she let one rip. Everyone who came near us was probably thinking I was letting her hang out in a poopy diaper or that I was disgusting.

Back to my beloved Bella, I do wish she could stay 3. I think age 4 is going to be much harder than 3. I hate disclipling her 24-7 and she is getting to be very bossy and starting to pick up a lot of attitude. But in her defense, she has 4 different adults bossing her around every day so she just talks and acts like we do. I have said this before, but I didn’t ever think that someday I would have to discipline myself at age 3. Why did no one ever tell me that your child could quite possibly act just like you in every way possible? I just hoped that she didn’t come out with my nose (which she didn’t! Whew!) But still. She’s moody. She’s picky. She throws fits when she doesn’t get to pick out her clothes and I pick out the wrong ones that are TOO TIGHT!! Shall I go on?

Loki: Oh yes, we all know she acts JUST LIKE YOU. Now you will realize how super irritating and frustrating it can be when her switch flips! (Everyone that knows you, knows exactly what I am talking about!) Sheesh... it’s a rough ride sometimes! Poor dear Bella. Let's just hope Baby Blue only looks like me and doesn’t inherit my extreme case of overreacting. (I cant help it!!) Big T thinks this is something that can be disciplined out of her if she so chooses to take on this trait of her momma's. I just roll my eyes at him. Has he met me?? He thinks I do this on purpose? I am really not that bad, right? (I think Bella might have got some of my overreacting tendencies as well. Hopefully Blue won't get anything from her aunt, or her daddy will be very upset...) He also thinks clumsiness can be genetically passed down to Blue too. (How can clumsiness be inherited?) He seriously doesn’t think I am athletic and doesn’t understand how I was able to play sports all those years. Someone once asked me if I had ever had my equilibrium checked! Well, time will tell with Baby Blue… for now I get to enjoy watching you discipline your little “Mini Stella."

Did you ever wear matching outfits like your mom? This one is pretty....

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  1. Oh but I have to comment..and Loki will like this reference. The clumsiness part reminds me of Bella! Haha, now I am bringing in references to Edward and Bella too. What is wrong with me. My sister identifies with Bella and how she thinks too. And she also is very dramatic and histrionic. Oh but you should have seen her in her teens. I went and hid til it was all over. Perhaps that is where Loki inherited some of these traits. Can these be passed on like talking too much, love for eating and baking or drawing clothes outfits etc. Sad to say we can try our best but remember the proverb''train up a child in the way he should go and he will not depart from it" meaning the tree grows as it bends according to it's nature. Anyway. love from GmaModern