Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Burned Out

Stella is feeling very unmotived to blog lately. Our posts will be fewer until she feels better. Loki continues to hound her and submit subject matter for approval. However Stella finds everything Loki wants to talk about boring and uninteresting. Loki cannot blog by herself, you cannot banter yourself. I think Bella's birthday party has zapped all of Stella's creativity. Hopefully it will return soon, as for now she will continue to scour the internet for new winter clothes and halloween costume ideas. Feel free to re-read our old posts. Perhaps they are better the 2nd time around!


  1. But myself and everyone i know has already reread all the posts haha now what!

  2. Perhaps it's time for Loki to have a guest banterer.

  3. Like you don't want to get spiritual but we are studying the Prodigal God...the parable in Luke about the prodigal son..and the elder son who is furious about the Dad welcoming the spendthrift son back with welcome arms. Are we the self-righteous elder son..or the unworthy son who feels as though he doesn't deserve his father's love. Carlon/author Tim Keller says the father is really God and the sons both don't want a relationship with the Father but only the material things He gives them. Mmm..something to think about. Are we the elder son...or the non-religious young son who doesn't care about a relationship with God.