Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Material Girl

Loki: I love me some Walgreens. I should hate that store because I can always find something to buy in there. I cannot get out of there without spending at least $50. I always go in with one thing in mind and then I remember 5 more things that I could use. My mother hates this and always yells at me for not paying attention. I will run by there to get something we need like toilet paper or dishwasher soap. Then I remember that I am almost out of mascara. This will lead me to the make-up aisle…Where I will inevitably try the “newest” thing- liquid eye shadow (for an instant smokey eye!) or new lasting-all day-smudge-proof lipstick and so on and so on. I have entirely too much make-up. I love make-up and it will all get used…eventually! Walgreens or CVS (they are equally fun for me) have everything you could possibly need. From laundry detergent to nail polish to popcorn! I realize Wal-Mart has such things too and is an all-in-one store. I am sure it is at a much cheaper price, but Walgreens and CVS are easier to access. They aren’t as crowded, and I don’t need a giant cart to push through. (I do get in the same trouble at Wal-mart Superstores too….which is why I never go.) I actually should push a cart at Walgreens because I usually end up with an armful of things that I can barely keep ahold of before dumping it all on the counter to check out. I am sure this happens to more than just me???

Stella: I don’t get it. I hate Walgreens and stores like The Dollar General. Those stores just smell weird to me & I’d rather not go in them. I much prefer Walmart or Target any day. I can’t leave Target without paying $100. It’s like admission to going into the store. Except I do come out of there with some very fabulous things. And I will say that there is such thing as TOO much makeup. I have a whole tub full of make-up that I have passed along to Nana Bess in the hopes of her using up. I have a new goal- to not buy MORE until I am all out of whatever I have. It’s a very hard concept for me. We are living in a material world. And I am a material girl.

Loki: Are you like a virgin too? Speaking of which, I want to see that new movie Easy A. But back on topic... I love some Target too, and I have the same problem there. I don't know what it is... maybe I shouldn't be allowed to shop anywhere. I guess it is a good think that I keep track of the finances in this household. Big T apparently spends all his dough at gas stations... that has to be worse than Wal-greens. I dont get what the deal is with energy drinks...and why he must have 3 of them a day.

Stella: No. It’s pretty evident to all that I am not a virgin. I’m glad we could talk about it on here though. My bff took me to see Easy A last night. (It was funny. You would like, but mom would not.) I love Emma Stone. And hello? Did you not pay attention to the sermon this week on consumerism?! (Actually I think he was just making a connection with how today's consumerism mentality can be transferred to how we feel we should benefit from the church and so on and so forth.) I don't think he said I couldn't go out and buy 3 pairs of new boots after church was over.

Loki: Yes, I heard the sermon and I wrote part of this blog before Sunday so I didn’t feel convicted. I just meant I get out of control buying things that I don’t really need. Yes, our society is driven by THINGS. It is a bit ridiculous, and I hate to admit that I suffer from that. You know, our high point in our week should be church! I do not think church is the high point of my week. I guess it should be. My high point would be spending time with Baby Blue. I can’t help it I want to be with her all the time. What is your high point? We are getting off topic here, but I was going to write a whole blog about the sermon and it since you brought it up…I might as well share here. Gma Modern would be so pleased… except she missed church yesterday so she probably has no idea what we are referring to.

Stella: The high point in my week is getting to come to work and be with you. Actually, it is usually on Friday nights when my boyfriend takes me out on a date. No wait, it’s when I get to stay home with MY daughter which means I get the Mother of the Year award for saying that. Can you tell I don’t HAVE a high point in the week? I only have low points. How’s that for deep? I can’t banter spiritual matters or analyze them for you. I have a headache & it goes against my personality and everything within me to write about something profound that people already know & could just read about themselves in a book or some other blog. Bess or Gma Mod can write something encouraging back to you or you should just write a solo piece on such thoughts if you feel you need to express them to the public. I prefer to cover up my emotions with a thick layer of sarcasm. And ranch dressing.

Would someone else please talk to Loki so I don't have to? I'm too busy thinking about what I could dip in this Ranch dressing fountain I found... It's kind of disgusting & tempting at the same time..


  1. Wow, I am so surprised. A blog to read at 9 30 in the morning. I am so proud of you two. I would love to talk about the serman with Loki. I think the sermon was for me. I have thought that the last few sermons that I have paid attention too. I am awful. The highlight of my week is not church, although I wish it was. I am in a bit of a spiritual slump and I can't get out of it. If I were not raised with such wonderful teaching I wouldn't be so aware of all the things that I should be doing. I use to have a quiet time everyday rain or shine. Now, I have filled that time with my obsessive running and working out. Shame on me!!! What good is it going to do when I get to heaven. None I tell you, and I know this but I can't stop!!! Help. Now, on to the Wal green thing, I hate to spend money in there. I will only go in there in desperate situtions. It is outrageous! I am sure you are all shocked to know that about me since Nana Bess thinks I just blow money without even thinking about it. Dont get me wrong...I love to go shopping and spend money. Just not Wal greens!!

  2. I forgot to mention that the reason I loveWalgreens so much is because it is the only store by my work. SO I used to take lunch breaks and not have anything to do...so I would wander in there to waste time. This is what got me in so much trouble. Now however, I just eat at my desk and play on the internet for entertainment.

    I hear ya choc chip,... I hear ya.

  3. OK...to me, that ranch fountain is sick. Not the new term sick and in 'awesome sick'. No, I mean plain ole SICK. I think that as I age I get grossed out over odd things that used to never bother me. If I were at that wedding or event or whatever I would run far-far away from the fountain. Walgreens is neat for makeup and nail polish. Also photo cropping. I was poor for five years, so I really lost almost all interest in shopping of any kind: Mall, Target, WalMart, Garage Sales, Goodwill (YES! even Goodwill!!!) Sad.

  4. Ya, ranch fountain, ewwwweee! gross!! But....a chocoate fountain. Now we are talking. Now that is sick!!!! and I mean the new term!!!

  5. I think seeing your babies (or baby) SHOULD be the hightlight of every DAY and church the highlight of every week. :) And if it is NOT your highlight, then at least it should be something you look forward to and not dread or feel like you have to go. For me it has always been a blessing because church is also where I get to see my family. CCC in my opinion is the best church around because we get the WORD taught. And I have always been taught that church is where we go to worship each week. It is our heart attitude, we go to give thanks, praise and enjoy God and all HIS blessings and goodness with other believers (a getaway from the world for just a morning):)
    Now, Walgreens.... it can be a fun place to browse and shop..but lets only buy things that we need and are on sale! :)

  6. Preach it sista!!!!! I agree with you 100 percent. I love church too! I look forward to going as well. I was just being honest by saying it wasn't the highlight of my week. Gee, do I get a prize for commenting the most today

  7. I'm currently going to a "Mega Church". I enjoy the music very much. I really like the teaching a lot! But, I feel like a tiny plankton in a huge ocean. That part I don't like at all!!! I don't know what to do because my man seems to feel that the teaching and music should push all other feelings to the back burner. He also does not care for the large church either, but is happy w/ the rest.
    Chocolate fountain????? YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I will never EVER have TOO much make up! I don't have enough still. I can't wait til I get paid next to go get even more. Thats really the only thing i spend way too much on....well, that and food. But food doesn't really count. We need food to live. Church is not the highlight of my week. hey, just being honest like my momma. i think the music is ok when christin sings but other than that, i feel very uncomfortable and awkward when that other guy cries all the time.

  9. Yeah, Spaghetti. I agree with the being uncomfortable part...it's hard for me to remember I'm supposed to 'love one another, or my 'brother' or not 'complain' (especially in church. My highlight is usually my QT when I can be honest and pour out my heart to God and I know He hears and not judge me (I mean how many times does one have to ask forgiveness for really, really liking Edward or Rob Pattinson or wanting to keep reading Twilight! I mean maybe I have OCD or something and passed it down to Choc Chip but it shows up in a different area? Just saying we are all human and have foibles. Foibles. I like that word. Do you know what the word Flummoxed means? That was in our study book last week. Oh yeah...back to posting. I used to really like going to church when I was a teenager and now I look forward to seeing my fam there and hearing Carlon..music not so much - but read that if you are criticizing someone in church you are not in fellowship with God (which church is about) so am praying and working on not complaining..and works unless someone gets too teary,if you know what I mean. Now (this is going to be a long post I can see...Walgreens or CVS..Iv'e been told Walgreens has great coupons but I hate coupons so because I get all our meds there..I like CVS and hate shopping at Walmart and get my facial products at CVS..but after about 30 dollars I stop..even though I have more to spend...I get uneasy..maybe listening to NanaBess all these years..haha. Or maybe I'm grown up! But never push a cart in there..only what fits in my two hands. Oh by the way, Spaghetti, I do look forward to food..and thoroughly enjoyed an Indian Taco and Apple Strudel at the Fair yesterday. (Did not get an $8 margarita in a plastic glass when we all know Cheddars has an even larger amount for $3.50) But this has nothing to do with the theme of posting. So is my post longer than Choc Chips?

  10. Choc Chip- Yes, you get a prize. We will give you another name drop in the next blog! haha

    Gma Mod- I had to google "flummoxed." It's like baffled...Do you really ask forgiveness for liking Edward Cullen too much? Haha. That's the funniest thing I've heard.

    I don't know why everyone thinks this ranch fountain is so gross. Think of all the possibilities- Chicken fingers, carrots, veggies, pizza, wings.. haha.