Thursday, September 16, 2010


Stella: Woe to me. I think I should go into hibernation for the winter. I don’t have any winter clothes. Now that summer is ending so is my joy.

Loki: That is the difference between you and I. I like the winter better. I love snow days! Yeah, no work!!! (This place frequently shuts down due to ICY roads..gotta love it) I love sipping coco by the fire while bundled up in a nice blanket.. ok maybe I never sip coco by the fire. But I do like a good fire. I’ve got some winter clothes that I didn’t get to wear last season (since I was in the maternity clothes last winter—and just rotated the 3 sweaters I had over and over) so surely it will feel like I have all new clothes. Hip Hip Hooray. (Can I still wear the maternity sweaters if I run out of things to wear or am having a "fat" day??) I have bought some fabulous boots that I am sure I am going to get lots of wear out of them. You will hate them by February I am sure.

Stella: If I ever need help falling asleep, I will read this over and over to myself. Actually, I’d probably just have to read it once. Although wanting to correct your spelling of coco to Cocoa would probably keep me awake.

Loki: You have turned into a mean old hag. You have been nothing but RUDE to me this week. SNAP out of it. Where am I supposed to go with 4 sentences, especially when it starts as WOE IS ME? I think of Joey Lawrence: “WHOA!” What am I thinking of Coco Channel? Coco as in the dog? Anyway I don’t know what the winter fashion is either. I feel like if I wear leggings I will look like I am trying to be 16. I cannot wear skinny jeans… because I think you need to BE skinny to wear them. I am thinking that I will just be a grunge this winter. Maybe I will just mimick what you wore all last winter….black and grey pants with black and grey tops. How festive! I feel like we are always 2 years behind the “hip” style. We as in Oklahoma or we as in You and I… either way. Its hard to look at fashion in magazines or online because I do not have a model's body therefore those clothes will not look the same on me. I tried buying a dress once from online... I thought it was sorta baggy so maybe it would fit me the same way it did the model. Ummm it came looking like a big garbage bag (a teal one at that). I promptly returned it back to the store. I am tired of talking fashion-- who cares?! I dont need to impress anyone.

Yes I realize you are going to continue to think I am boring. You are not the only person I am talking too… besides, maybe the readers have more to comment about you hibernating for the winter.

***Stella fell asleep while reading my response.. and gave up on this blog.

Do you think Stella should dress up as the old lady above or this fashionista for Halloween?!


  1. I don't dress up for Halloween. But thanks for the suggestions.

  2. Oh funny funny funny. You two just crack me up. Stella DOES need to snap out of it! Come on... winter of change! A new season to be fabulous and enjoy the good life! We get to go skiing! A family vacation! I love winter clothes.. I love to wear sweat shirts.. hoodies..jeans! Yes yes.. bring it on! :)

  3. Oh Stella we always have an office party and i am the only one who ever dresses up. Please play with me!

  4. Stella, I suggested to Nana Bess that you and I should go to the mall and critique every person that passes us by. Not quietly, between the two of us, but more like 'up in their face' critique! Sound fun? OR... the fair is upon us and that annoying mean clown man that you toss balls at to dunk him in the water is there. We could pretend to be kind, compassionate, and caring while we kill over listening to him haggle everyone that walks by. I know, I know... "how rude and obnoxious can a grown woman be!"

  5. oh well, I am all about fashion so I understand Stella living in 6 months behind NY or CA with fashion. Of course there is no where to wear these delightful new styles...however boots are in! I think even a GMA can wear boots in the winter. And I've bought a pair of thin leg jeans but will have to turn up the hem..but hey! Loki you have nice legs so go ahead and buy those skinny jeans and wear a nice tunic type shirt - you'll look great..but who for? Your co-workers? Oh yes, but Stella will appreciate you. go shopping and get some fun stuff to wear to look forward to winter. I agree with NanaBess...sweaters...hoodies...comfy cocoa though...maybe tea. Ah..I can't wait. Tired of this 90 degree weather.

  6. Cougar- Let's do it. And let's be sure to be stuffing our faces with funnell cakes at the same time.

  7. I agree with nana bess. Snap out of it Stella. Why are you skipping right to winter. Hello, Fall, I love the crisp beautiful colors of fall. Its so nice to run in the cooler temps. I love getting back to wearing jeans, and I adore hoodies. I would like one in every style and color. I think you crankie pants should all go home tonight and watch pollyanna. And Stella, lets get back to this whole banter thing. I want a super great banter to read everyday. It is one of the highlights of my day. Loki, you did great today. I give you and A+. I will add that going to the fair in the past with the cougar and listening to the crabby ole clown is very entertaining and amusing. Great memories cougar!!!!

  8. ...Choc chip:
    "Hey Susie Hairspray! Can I count your polka dots?" ...remember?? I had on that hideous purple top w/ black polka dots and BIG hair!)
    Oh yeah! I'm in!!!