Monday, September 27, 2010

Swim Suits in January

Loki: Ahhh! Am I going to have to get in a bathing suit in 3 and a half months!?!! As you all know, we have planned a family vacay to go skiing this winter… but now Batman has to have yet another surgery which may hinder his ability to ski. We will have to cancel the ski trip and will probably go to the beach instead so that Batman can participate! Our father now has access to some cheap trips so a new booking may be in order. But this means that I will have to lose about 50 lbs and get 50 shades darker in a very short time. Can it be done? Stella just walked in with a weight loss shake and we both brought lettuce for lunch.

Ahhh! Another dieting post. Well it can't be avoided. Yes, I will need to start doing arm lifts and leg raises from here until January if I’m going to be anywhere near being ready to wear a swim suit in public. I always start out doing so well on Monday mornings, but usually by Monday afternoon I have a headache and then I lose all motivation. I’m not so worried about being tan… you can get a decent tan in about 3 weeks. You cannot get rid of a massive amount of glub glub & chub chub in that time. And dieting in December? This is unheard of… All that wonderful baking… All the delicious treats that everyone brings & gives to us at the office… I am being tortured already by the thought of it!

Loki: I forgot about the festivities of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Although I have dieted through those holidays before. You can always allow yourself a cheat meal. I recommend it. Except my cheat meal turns into cheat day which turns into cheat weekend….then Fridays are included. You see how it goes. What is the best way to lose mass weight? I have done several diets, and I guess I will just have to go back on one of them and yes, start working out. I am admitting to not working out in a long time. I will just have to do it after Blue goes to bed. I was hoping to avoid that because I don’t want to wait all day long to work out… You know, have to think about it and dread it all day. Also I am exhausted by the time the baby goes to bed that I just want to relax on the couch and watch some shows. Maybe I need to take a picture of myself and blow it up on the wall by the TV… and the kitchen to motivate myself. Gross, I wish we could just go skiing… You know bundle up in many layers and hide all this loveliness.

Stella: Yes, working out cannot be avoided. Bess & I joked that we should pretend we are on Survivor and only eat what we can find on the island. So mostly fruit… We could catch a chicken… They give you rice…

Loki: Well, didn’t you and Bess work out for a long time and even got up at the butt crack of dawn and neither of you lost weight? I was a hard core gym member, and I didn’t lose mass amounts of weight either. I think the tv show, The Biggest Loser, has scarred me. You think you should drop 5-10 lbs a week like they do and that just isn’t going to happen. Speaking of which, I didn’t start watching the new season again…

Stella: Yes, I don’t have time for The Biggest Loser anymore. I’m a busy little person (hah) and I already have a very packed tv schedule this fall. (Did you watch the new Survivor though? Jeff was getting a little angry at Tribal. Funny funny.) Plus, you aren’t 400 lbs so that might have to do something with why you can’t lose 20 lbs a week. By the way, did you happen to bring me some yogurt from your stash for when I’m melting away over here around 2?

Loki: Not that yogurt is that filling, but yes, I brought you some. Big T went to the store for me 2 weeks ago and I had yogurt on the list… He thought he would be funny and bought EVERY flavor they had. (Fat-free of course) So he came home with 30 different flavors! Can you imagine my surprise when I open a fridge to see a whole shelf dedicated to yogurt? He just asked me if I was ever going to eat it because it I still have like 15 left. Umm, yes, honey I am eating the yogurt- one a day! I cannot choke down anymore than that. I am afraid they are going to go bad so I am going to be the yogurt supply woman for me and Stella. Perhaps I should up my intake to 2 a day. And I don’t care what flavor it is, I cannot trick my brain into thinking I am eating a piece of pie.

Stella: Same thing? I think not.

Attention: The Eclipse DVD will be released on December 4th!!!
The DVD Extra’s include:
*Audio commentary w/ Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
* Audio commentary w/ Stephenie Meyer and Wyck Godfrey
* Eight deleted/extended scenes
* A 90-minute, six-part making of documentary
* A picture gallery
* Music videos from Metric and Muse

So put it on the calendar!

Tentative watch party hosted by the Bantering Sisters on Saturday, December 4th! Which was more interesting today? The Eclipse news or the dieting post? (We already know the answer.)


  1. Party on December 4th!!!! Woo Hoo! It shall be so much fun! I can't wait!!! (can we make this a "cheat day"???) And yes.. we must pretend to be on the island... more walking/running as well... no more cake, cookies, icecream.... We can do this!!!! Either way a family vacation will happen! :)

  2. Of course there will be no dieting on Eclipse Day! I will have to decide if I want to make a cake... Quite a large task. Cupcakes might be just as festive. We could do fang prints on one & wolf claws on the other? Just an idea...

  3. Do I have to admit Eclipse post was more interesting to me? Just when I decided to go cold turkey with the books and dvd's? Alas. I have dieted all my life and always thought I was fat..'thanks Mom' but I just have a big appetite so it's not my fault. Thank goodness raising 5 kids who also helped in eating anything I baked helped tremendously...and just lately I had my thyroid checked and lo and behold I needed to increase it.Do you suppose this was the reason I never could lose more than 2 lbs in 2 weeks before? Or was it the weekly hamburgers and fries every Friday night? Sorry Loki and Stella maybe it's just in the genes...I hate to exercise too and only walked on the treadmill so I could eat on Fridays (at least 4 x a week at 6:30 am watching taped Rosie or Oprah shows) Only if you work out for 8 hours a day will you lose more than 5 lbs a week like on Losers. I am not watching that show..I can't stand to watch 200 - 400 lbs try to work out and eat nothing...I want to say go to Weight Watchers and learn how to prepare and eat for a lifetime. I think that is the only thing that works..less calories over a long period of time. Dancing would be fun but not at my age. And yes...I can be extreme for about 1 week, than I have to cheat. Guess I can't offer advice in this area.

  4. I think you are fine with the Twilight stuff grandma. I went even crazier-- googling news stories about the actors and reading and watching every interview they did (on youtube). hello did you read my obsessed twi-hard post? Yes and it will begin again once the movie comes out on DVD and then the NEW ONE!!(but not for another year) Sheesh... its a roller coaster ride with these guys.