Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Stella: Wow, people! Where is the sisterly love? I regret to tell you that Loki & I have parted ways because of our Twilight differences and shall no longer banter together…But I would like to announce that I will be taking over the blog myself. Kidding. Actually, the Twilight posts have been very stressful for both of us to deal with. So let’s try something different today! Like talking about 2 people that we both LOVE & ADORE! What? You mean we are in agreement on something? Yes, it’s quite a novelty. And I think we can both agree that you couldn’t choose one over the other.

You see, we have two grandmas that are as different as night and day. On one hand, you have Grandma Modern, who knows how to use an I-pod, will text me about reality tv shows that we are both watching & has even read Twilight… (She is also a frequent commenter on our blog.) On the opposite side of the spectrum, you have Snapper. She doesn’t even own a cell phone, only watches CNN or Westerns, and would probably bark at you if you even mentioned the word “vampires” in a discussion of any sort. (This is a true fact: Snapper & Grandpa do own a computer, but they only use it to play Solitaire on. I had to even show them how to find the game one time after it “disappeared.” Basically, I pointed to the Start menu & showed them how to scroll up to open the program up. Haha)

Loki: I love that people really call my grandma “Snapper.” It’s not just a nick-name we came up with for her. I also love that Snapper tells our Grandpa to “SHUT UP” every 10 minutes, while Gma Modern gushes about Grandpa like she is still in high school! I watched McLintock on TV the other day because it reminded me of Snap. By the way, the other day Snap made a reference to Lady Gaga, and I almost fell on the floor. So did she start watching TMZ or has Gaga’s outrageous wardrobe choice of the week made it to CNN? Seriously! Gma Modern dresses so cute! In fact, I think she has better fashion sense than me and if I were shorter, I would probably want to borrow her clothes. But poor dear Snapper, she has been wearing that same jump suit for 10 years now.

Stella: Yes, I think my fashion sense/decision making skills were certainly passed down from Gma Mod…. That and my love for all things navy blue. Loki & I both shop for things without looking at the price tag (Gma Mod) and will just pick it up & buy it if we like/need it (Gma Mod)… Also, if you find two things that you like/could use, then just go ahead & get them both & save yourself the trouble of having to decide which to buy (Gma Mod’s philosophy)…

Unlike Gma Mod, Snapper is a pant suit enthusiast! I like her matching wind-pant pant suits & fancy pant suits. Why not! They say Snapper to me! She still gets all dolled up with necklaces & earrings & lipstick. But if you were to shop like Snap, then we would probably have to calculate each item against each other to see which is the better bargain. For example, yesterday we bought a 24 pack of coke for $4.98. Snap bought a 20 pack for $4.99. Her & Gpa sat down with pencil & paper to see who got the better deal. Hmm… You do have to take into account that they get a 50 cent senior citizen discount too. But she's very generious. Just think- we have had a life-time supply of free coke compliments of Snapper.

Loki: The major difference was Gma Modern used to take us shopping for clothes and Snapper would just buy us clothes (or give us her old ones.) Sigh. I have 3 white shirts hanging in my car that Snap gave me last week that I am pretty sure were made in the 80’s. They are no longer bright white, and I am pretty sure she bought them at an estate sale. This is another example of Snapper making sure you do not leave empty handed. It's like she has a box of stuff to hand out in case we visit. I leave every Wednesday with an armful of something or another (usually vegetables from the garden.) And I’m sorry, but I just don’t want to eat the old candy in that box....

Stella: I’m always suspicious of the candy as well. (Why does she keep it up in a cabinet in the bathroom? I’ve never understood that.) Snap just loves to feed people. I would not slave over that stove for 20 people every Sunday. She’ll offer you seconds and thirds until you can’t even move… But Snap can’t bake. One time she cut up some frozen cookies & put them in the oven, but that was it. I think they came out burned. (That's probably why I have to make Gpa's Apple Dapple birthday cake for him every year.) Gma Mod is famous for her baking skills… I'm glad to have inherited that. Although I do love fried squash just as much as I do cherry pie. And on that note, Snapper will tell you when you are getting a little soft around the middle. (Okay, she’ll just say Fat!) Gma Mod will just give you a new recipe to try or tell us about a new diet she is trying.

Loki: I don’t think Snapper knows what a diet is… She eats like a bird. Snapper also pinches hard! Watch out! Gpa & Snap will come to every single game/event you ever play in/participate in no matter where it is. They will even be there an hour before game time! Gma Modern was our Sunday School teacher and writes us notes and letters of encouragement & sends us clips of things when she thinks of us. Their houses are totally different as well. Gpa & Snap are very proud of their home, (you know the one they designed themselves,) and it’s a big deal when they get a new couch (after 40+ years.) Although I do believe they still have a chair from before I was born! Don’t get me started on the collection of knick-knacks or her wall décor. Gma Modern’s house could be featured in Home and Garden magazine. She likes to stay current and is always changing her décor.

So you can see what a difference our two grandmas are. They do share some similarities (like being short,) but the rest of the things are all gushy mushy love things that aren’t funny... We are truly blessed to have them both. I will say that Snapper is 10 years older than Gma Modern so maybe that’s why her antics seem a little “older." Although I have a feeling Snapper has always been Snapper!
Does everyone have grandparents that are opposites too?


  1. Wow, I am the first to post. I had two grandmas . One grandma, the other YaYa. They were very different as well. I am sad to say I didn't know my YaYa as well as my grandma. Although we knew that when we got a present from her it was toys that came by packages in the mail. Our grandma always bought us or made us clothes. Yuc. I think her and snapper have a lot of the same similarities, although my grandma would have never said shut up. She was always happy, she never hardly ever sat down. Always doing or getting something for someone. I have so many good memories of her and I miss her very much. I would have liked to know my YaYa more. I am looking forward to memories with my own grandbabies. I hope I have a whoooole bunch!!

  2. Nice post, girls. I love both women too, of course, and it cracks me up HOW opposite they truely are. Wasn't God good to give you such wonderful grandmas (and grandpas). You are blessed. I liked this blog. I hope that Baby Blue and Bell refer to me as Grandma Modern one day! heh heh... :)

  3. I had different G-mas as well. One died when I was 10. We used to visit her and she had a small house so the kids slept in the living room. I LOVED it because she would push two big stuffed chairs together I got to sleep there. I pretended it was like a baby bed because it had sides. She was very old fashioned and a farm wife. She was always gentle and kind. My other G-ma died when I was about 30. She smoked like a train, lived in government housing and had six kids w/ three different men. However, she remarried her first husband when I was a baby, so he was the only g-pa on that side I ever knew. She always bragged of how awesome she was at doing the Jitterbug. Go granny go! She was diabetic and gave herself shots daily. I always liked to watch. Neither had much, but both would share what they did have.

  4. How cool to be a Gma Mod. Yes, I don't look at prices and because I don't make decisions well, the answer has always been 'get both.' And of course you always try two items on at the same time..why get a new top that doesn't match anything in your closet? My Grandma Y baked toll house cookies (choc chip) in the morning and would let us eat them for breakfast. Unheard of by my Nana who reminded me of my mother because she was HER mother. Talk about a control freak! I was scared of saying or doing anything wrong the whole time I grew up there,in N.Y. So, my goal was to be like my Grandma Y which was a good thing since everyone told me I reminded me of her. Baking, out shopping being busy, talking and chatting always with a big smile. However my Grandma Y had the biggest lap to sit on and smelled so nice I always thought I would eat anything I wanted to be just like her. Oops. My hubby said no he liked me just the way I was. But I never said bad things about YaYa until everyone was married..she was a great person, very smart and wanted to be a career person, not a mom stuck home with 4 kids. My Dad was never home or had a say in anything we you can see why I was lacking a male Edward..must be why I am attracted to him..Jacob's were unpredictable and scary. How's that for analyzing. Good job at that Stella and Lokie. Hope you keep up the banter cause since I don't get to see you every Sundat at Snap's house this is a fun way to stay in touch. Love you.